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/home : magalidulain Digital Showcase Of Tomasz Wysocki 2011 The Art Of TwitchFinger TwitchFinger, aka Adrian Majzrak is currently working on that unannounced Bungie title following a stint at CCP that lasted nearly four years. During his time with the company he had a chance to contribute to Dust 514, EVE Online and the upcoming Cthulhu filled World Of Darkness. He's got some amazing scifi work, and what's even more amazing is that he started his game career as a QA tester at EA back in 2002 before transitioning into concept art. And yes, I know the image I chose for the header isn't quite scifi, but more of one of his rare fantasy pieces that he cranks out from time to time.

A Journey Round My Skull AquaSixio (Cyril Rolando) - DeviantArt AD Avenue - Stratégie & Marketing Internet ADCE: Illustration Le Mangeur d'étoiles "Une cellule se transforme en petit garçon et veut dominer l’univers.. Mais à toujours vouloir plus, on finit par ne plus rien avoir". ( Livre d'illustration en linogravure - 40 pages ) Illustrations pour la chocolaterie Artisanale Chantale Florent Illustrations Alles Gut — design graphique, Lyon Ana Albero / ILLUSTRATION Amaël Isnard - illustrator & animator

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