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Cats in the Snow - AmO Images: Capturing the Beauty of Life - AmO Images: Capturing the Beauty of Life "When I play with my cat, how do I know that she is not passing time with me rather than I with her?" ~ Montaigne "Forever in my heart..." by sabine rath Test King Website is a great way to prepare you perfectly and effectively for real 642-999 exam. ISC CISSP Certification dumps from 000-454 can help you much better for final exam. Computer based training online and updated PassForSure 000-176 mp3 guide can help you much better than any other online exam preparation sources. interactive - National Film Board of Canada At the NFB we like change. For 70 years we've experimented, innovated, and produced a legacy of technical and creative firsts in cinema, animation, and documentary. Think McLaren, Lipsett, Brittain, and Jutra; Stereoscopic 3d, VTR, and participatory media. Today, the way we create, consume, and connect with each other changes by the minute. And this evolving collection of stories reflects that reality.

Jon Burgerman I was invited to draw revellers at the launch of Citizen M's first boutique hotel in NYC. Full article → An exhibition of original works, prints, soft sculpture and video at the Southbank Centre in London. Full article → My installation 'Portrait of The Artist as a Young Doodle' is part of Art Across The City, an international public art festival in Swansea, UK. Full article → Yuchung Peter Chan Visual Development A crop of a painting I did for How to train your dragon 2. another still life and pleinair study combo. A pleinair and a still life study of my toys some people ask about my pleinair set up so here it goes… Level 5 toughpainter apprenticea. shae-finder ( rare ) +50 better composition b. spray bottle ( $1.50 at daiso ) 95% dry paint revivalc. jar of water ( $1.50 at daiso ) paint water works better then coffeed. fong-tape ( blick ) +90 clean edge / -10 torn papere. yellow trucker hat ( legendary ) 10% chance to make better paintingf. paint box ( amazon ) carry 30% more colorsg. old brush ( rare ) 50% chance of cool texture / un-downloadable h. mixing tray ( $2 at daiso ) +20 mixing surface area

18 Hacked Digital Road Signs Road signs are pretty boring, albeit important. They tell us where to go, what to do and what we should avoid on the road. Road signs don't usually make us laugh -- until people figured out that they could be altered in a number of ways. Photo Particles This is photo particles. I wondered what would happen if I broke an image down into particles, and had three centres: red, green and blue. Each particle would be attracted to or repelled by the centres depending on how much of each component colour they contain. Jeff Soto Art Jeff Soto art about blog

Art of Nico Marlet You guys. Go see How to Train Your Dragon 2 this weekend, then come to the How to Train your Dragons 2 show next week!! It’ll have a tonne of artwork by artists from Dreamworks, including the above by James Baxter, Nico Marlet, Johane Matte (who made a badass comic you can get at the gallery), Megan Nicole Dong, Le Tang, Joe Pitt, and myself. OMG, LOLTATZ! Tattoos run the gamut from the utterly ridiculous, to fail territory, to the sublime. It’s the job of Toby at LOLTATZ to capture stupidly awesome tattoos for posterity. The captions are delightful too, have a look at some of them after the jump. And see many more at LOLTATZ. [via OIJOZI]

The magical world of Andy Kehoe Andy Kehoe ’s world is pop­u­lated with all sorts of beasts and crea­tures that live in an almost never end­ing depres­sive autumn. {*style:<i> </i>*} {*style:<i> Dash Shaw Nice Google translation of a French review of New School: This should hit you at the opening of New School, the last BD Dash Shaw and published by Editions That There is of course the graphics. Detonates New School and impresses primarily through the shots and markers impressive colors of the author. It even feels physically, so the smell of the book (full of ink) is particularly strong. And it is a fact, the strength of this comic is mostly found in its inventiveness and rich graphics.

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