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V Ling Blog — Paul Braddock I wanted a new project to put the Ultimaker2 through it's paces, and try a few techniques to part the model up for molding and casting resin pieces. There's a number of other reasons why cutting up models into smaller parts is a good idea, such as, prints often fail for one reason or another, so if you're only printing parts at a time, it's not such a huge setback if one fails. Another reason is that the size of your model is not limited to your build envelope. One particular challenge in using an FDM type printer for a project like this, is how to handle overhangs, and oddly shaped parts that do not have flat bottoms. While supports allow you to print odd shapes, the surfaces where they attach are typically less than desirable, so I'll be using a few tricks and techniques to optimize, and minimize the negative effects of these requirements. I'll document the process as I go.

Michael Peck Фото и рисунки, арт и креативная реклама - StumbleUpon Posted on 29th December ‘10 Translators: Vanessa Michal Dziekan — иллюстратор, дизайнер персонажей, аниматор и режиссер польского происхождения. Michal Dziekan — illustrator, character designer, animator and director of Polish origin. Seanyoodesign Tribal Frog by Paul Braddock | MOLD3D SHOP Meet the Artist: Paul Braddock With over 12 years experience in the feature film VFX and animation Industry, Paul has always had a passion for creating. Difficult to categorize, Paul's creative interests span multiple genres and styles, from creatures to machines, from toys to jewelry. With the rise of 3D printing, Paul can now explore and share his work on a whole new level. Paul lives in Sydney with his wife, Skye, and Chihuahua, Willis.

Ingrid Siliakus - Paper architect/artist МАЛЕНЬКИЙ ОДЕССКИЙ БАЛАГАНЧИК: 35 Funny Illustrations by Tiago Hoisel - with Exclusive Interview Today we have the special honor to discuss about digital art and painting with Tiago Hoisel. Besides the great collection of humorous illustrations that he has provided for us, Tiago also gives precious advice and shares interesting information in the below exclusive interview. Amazing creativity, detail and fun are the perfect words to describe his artwork. A: My name is Tiago Hoisel, I’m graduated in graphic design in Universidade do Estado da Bahia. “Chico Bento” Q: Your illustrations are so funny and expressive! A: I always liked humor and realism, so when I started to draw I tried to bring these two thing to my work. “Teenager” Q: What software do you use and which is the feature you couldn’t live without, of that particular software? A: Nowadays 100% of my work is produced in Photoshop CS3, with A Intuos III Tablet. “Meeting with Girlfriend’s Family” Q: We have heard that you are implied in a new project: Techno Image. “Maria!” Q: Which is your favourite thing in the whole wide world?

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