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Москва-сан и Петербург-кун. Если бы российские города были людьми Художница Екатерина MagnieMakoyana стала известна в рунете благодаря серии артов, в которых превратила российские города в персонажей японского аниме. Человеческое обличье получили Москва, Санкт-Петербург, Пермь, Челябинск и родной город художницы — Екатеринбург. Свои работы Макояна публикует в твиттере . Девушка рассказала TJ, что не имеет художественного образования и работает преподавателем английского языка. Питер и Москву персонажами аниме рисуют довольно часто уже несколько лет подряд. Макояна говорит, что вдохновляется разными художниками, но не ставила перед собой цель кого-то копировать. Почти всё моё творчество состоит из моментов: «Вот! Среди работ Макояны есть и Земля-тян, которая в прошлом году стала популярным экологическим мемом. Если вы нашли ошибку, пожалуйста, выделите фрагмент текста и нажмите Ctrl+Enter.

Netherlandish Proverbs Netherlandish Proverbs (Dutch: Nederlandse Spreekwoorden; also called Flemish Proverbs, The Blue Cloak or The Topsy Turvy World) is a 1559 oil-on-oak-panel painting by the Flemish artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder that depicts a scene in which humans and, to a lesser extent, animals and objects, offer literal illustrations of Dutch language proverbs and idioms. Running themes in Bruegel's paintings are the absurdity, wickedness and foolishness of humans, and this is no exception. The painting's original title, The Blue Cloak or The Folly of the World, indicates that Bruegel's intent was not just to illustrate proverbs, but rather to catalog human folly. Many of the people depicted show the characteristic blank features that Bruegel used to portray fools.[1] History[edit] Netherlandish Proverbs Context[edit] Proverbs and idioms[edit] The Blue Cloak, the piece's original title, features in the centre of the piece and is being placed on a man by his wife, indicating that she is cuckolding him.

OBRAS DEL PINTOR VANGUARDISTA MONDRIAN Mondrian, Composition #4 Mondrian, Tableau 11 1921-5 Mondrian, Composition in black, white & red (#9) 1939-42 Mondrian, New York City 1942 Mondrian, Composition With Red, Yellow, & Blue 1921 Mondrian, Composition With Grey & Light-Brown 1918 Mondrian, Composition 10 1942 Mondrian, Composition 1 1930 Mondrian, Blue Rose 1922 Mondrian, Tavola I, composizione con rosso, nero, blu e giallo 1921 Mondrian, Tableau x Mondrian, Plus & Minus 1915f Mondrian, Pier & Ocean 1915 Mondrian, New York City Mondrian, Compozitie cu joc de sah in culori inchise1919 Mondrian, Composition Mondrian, Composition With Color Panes & Gray Lines 1918 Mondrian, Composition No. Mondrian, Composition in Mondrian, Composition #12 Mondrian, Composition #8 Mondrian, Composition #8 1935 Mondrian, Broadway boogie woogie 1942 Mondrian, Besset71 Mondrian self-portrait 1918 Mondrian Composition with Gray & Light Brown 1918 Mondrian, Victory boogie 1942 Mondrian, Composition in black, white & red Mondrian, Self-portrait

Jakub Rebelka – Concept Art World Jakub Rebelka is a freelance illustrator, comics creator and concept artist working in both digital and traditional mediums. He has created illustrations for animated cutscenes for games such as The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and Shadow Warrior. Jakub is currently working with writer Yohan Radomski on a fantasy graphic novel titled City of Dogs. Link: All images used with permission by the artist. © Jakub Rebelka or their respective copyright holder. The Photographs Behind Norman Rockwells Iconic Paintings Here is a selection of the photographs behind Norman Rockwells iconic paintings… Norman Rockwell Museum Voici une sélection de photographies derrière les peintures emblématiques de Norman Rockwells…

Pawel Kuczynski - Strona główna / Home Graphic Art News | Graphic Design Inspiration Powerful Pictures Three sisters pose for photographs taken years apart. A Russian war veteran visits the tank that he fought in which has been preserved as a monument. A child gives a gift to riot police in Bucharest. Retired Police Chief Captain Ray Lewis is arrested at an Occupy Wall Street protest. A monk prays over the body of an elderly stranger who died suddenly while waiting on a train in China. A dog named Leao keeps watch by the the grave of his owner who was killed in a landslide in Rio de Janeiro. Tommie Smith and John Carlos raise their fists in a gesture of solidarity at the 1968 Olympic games. John F. Christians protect Muslims during the 2011 Cairo uprisings. A North Korean man waves his hand as a South Korean relative weeps, following a luncheon meeting during inter-Korean temporary family reunions at Mount Kumgang resort October 31, 2010. A dog is reunited with his master after the 2011 Japanese Tsunami. A mother comforts her son following the 2011 tornado in Concord, Alabama.

Pierre Huyghe at Centre Pompidou, Paris / MOUSSE CONTEMPORARY ART MAGAZINE If you walk to the Centre Pompidou in Paris from the direction of the Seine, you will most likely end up in a little public square that stretches between the Beaubourg and the church of Saint-Merri: Place Igor Stravinsky. Here, in a shallow basin measuring 580 square meters, sixteen sculptures made in 1983 by Jean Tinguely and Niki de Saint Phalle entertain onlookers with their entirely whimsical demeanor, surfing along and spraying water at each other. The bright colors of the kinetic statues, the joy and lightheartedness of their movements, make the whole composition look like a sculptural spin-off of Disney’s Fantasia. The exhibition, which is to run in Paris until January 2014 and will later travel to the Ludwig Museum in Cologne and LACMA in Los Angeles, features about 50 of his projects, spanning some two decades of his career, and eloquently demonstrates the artist’s recent obsession with “live situations.” Nicola Ricciardi at Centre Pompidou, Paris until 6 January 2013