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Street Art Current Issue On sale now at newsstands or on screen May 2014 - Issue #160 All year long, Juxtapoz is celebrating its 20th Anniversary by showcasing the pivotal figures in contemporary art over the past two decades. Some artists are blue chip, some are underground heroes, others are behind-the-scenes legends. This month, we honor one of the great artists from Los Angeles during our existence, Alexis Ross, who has been monumental in various landmark exhibitions including "Street Market" at Art In the Streets. Fine Art Collector Blog of an Art Admirer Stephan Balleux - They shoot horses don't they They shoot horses don’t they This section displays the works I produced during my stay in Melbourne, at the Wardlow Art Residency ++ Long time no see, a limited edition book/catalogue was also produced:Constructed as a pictorial diary on my australian journey, it was conceived in close collaboration with the folks from South-SouthWest , a Melbourne based graphic designer studio.The book features an interview holds by painter Sam Leach ++ A review by Tony Lloyd at & a bunch of informations and a video interview at Paintingpainting#24 200×150cm oil on canvas 2009 paintingpainting#26 paintingpainting#25 paintingpainting #27 140 cm x 110 cm pastel on paper 2009 Father 150 cm x 110cm pastel on paper 2009 Mother 150cm x 110 cm Pastel on paper 2009 The Midsummer Mariage #2_420x150cm_pastelonpaper_2009.jpg 420 × 150 cm pastel on paper 2009 Freddy 24×20 inches oil-on-canvas 2009 Georges 24 × 20 inches oil on canvas 2009 Paulie Ferenc Matthew 24×20 inches oil on canvas 2009 Sigmund Roger

Thé au Jasmin The Florence Academy of Art - Blog Congratulations to Nick Alm for winning the First Place Prize for Two Lovers, and to all our other graduates for their success in this year’s International Art Renewal Center Salon: First Place Prize Nick Alm, Two Lovers Finalists in the Figurative Category Maureen Hyde, Winter Stephen Bauman, Daydreamer Stephen Bauman, Alone Together Cecilia Thorell, The Smoker Tanvi Pathare, Lone Andreas Birath Transfiguration Jennifer Gennari, Something Borrowed Finalists in the Imaginative Realism Category Teresa Oaxaca, The Dream of Pierrot Gustav Sundin, Transcending Ron A. Finalists in the Still Life Category Carla Paine, Susan’s Shoes Michael DeVore, Copper Kettle with Peppers and Shallots Chairman’s Prize Frøydis Aarseth, The Journey Best Social Commentary Runner Up Teresa Oaxaca, La Vie En Rose Finalists in the Sculpture Category Cody Swanson, Corpus of St. Cody Swanson, Angel Playing a Lyre Alicia Ponzio, Claudia Regina Del Fiume Lori Shorin, Lady Lotus Honorable Mention in Imaginative Realism Category

Cuded denudees | Au travers de la peinture EYE-LIKEY Figuration Feminine