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Animation Physics

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2011 à la carte Tour d'horizon des meilleures cartes de 2011 par l'auteur du site anglais de datavisualisation Spatial Analysis. Des connections sur Facebook aux collaborations scientifiques, tout se cartographie ! Alors que 2011 touche à sa fin, il est bon de revenir sur cette année déterminante pour la cartographie et l’analyse spatiale. Les données géographiques se sont massivement ouvertes, et ont été rendues largement accessibles, conduisant à la production presque quotidienne de cartes inédites et intéressantes. L’usage croissant de technologie telle que les Google Fusion Tables a rendu la cartographie des données plus facile que jamais. Le nombre de cartes affligeantes est malheureusement également en augmentation – en grande partie en raison de la préférence du web pour la projection de Mercator et les “push-pins” (“punaises”). Pour trouver l’inspiration pour une nouvelle année de cartographie, et sans classement particulier, voilà le Best Of 2011 de l’analyse spatiale. Voyage dans la galaxie

Principles of Animation "Not only do sympathetic characters need appeal in their design, but villians and comics should have just as much. Appeal is the pleasing and fascinating quality that makes a person enjoy looking at any drawing" John K Stuff blog is a really useful blog site for gripping the basics of these principles. An obvious example would be to look at the Disney Princesses, as the protagonists of the film, eg. From a brief look at the Disney Princesses, their physical appeal is similar through out - large eyes - heart shaped faces- symmetrical faces are thought to be the most appealing - usually long billowing hair (free loose hair has sexual connotations linking back to the 1800s) - petite waist - further emphasising their femininaty - clothes tailored to exentuate breasts Again the physical appearance is the initial appeal of these characters, aswell a personality traits (will discuss later). Good night!

Vancouver Film School - Results Matter 2010, 2011 & 2012 Computer Graphics Student Awards 3D World Magazine Students come from around the world to Vancouver Film School's Animation & Visual Effects programs, where they learn how to create life out of thin air in one year or less. Beautiful British Columbia, Canada, is home to leading animation and visual effects studios and game developers, and VFS is right at its heart – the perfect place to launch your career. Our Educational AdvantageVFS delivers a comprehensive, hands-on education in one year or less. Led By IndustryAt VFS, students are guided by a faculty of respected, award-winning industry pros – Advisory Boards of industry leaders help to shape the curriculum so our programs are always cutting-edge. In this video, experience a sample of work created by students in the one-year 3D Animation & Visual Effects program. In this video, experience a sample of work created by students in the one-year Classical Animation program. Download your very own VFS Viewbook!

Pencil - a traditional 2D animation software 10 Manliest Guitars ever - (cool guitars) The Wangcaster: a guitar with balls The manliest guitar of all time. Show your virility on stage with the legendary Wangcaster. It started out as a Cort Stratocaster copy, but the hormones were too much for this baby. The body is made out of Cherry wood, headstock is maple. Angel Sword Guitar: plays Iron Maiden songs, slays teen pop stars O Lord, bless this thy Angel Sword Guitar, that with it thou mayst blow Christina Aguilera and A-HA and Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias to tiny bits, in thy mercy. Gun Guitar: Play and Kill at the same time Play and kill at the same time with the Gun guitar. Ibanez Tripleneck If you thought Jimmy Page's double-neck was the manliest, you were wrong: meet the triple-neck. Gladiator Triple Omega: some things just aren't as sharp as this The Gladiator Triple Omega is the guitar you need to make a statement, there ain't nothing sharper than this babe. Ultra Zone Guitar: for the reptile in you Pikasso: play this 42-string guitar, if you're man enough Pose to Pose Organized Keyframe Animation Article So what's the Problem? In my first animation tutorial that I wrote over three years ago, I outlined a fairly common (but under-documented) methodology for managing one's keyframes in CG character animation. The point of that tutorial was never to declare that it was the only path to great animation, but was merely a suggestion for one way to approach your animation in a sensible, organized fashion that hearkened back to our traditional animation roots. Well, Smart Guy, How DO You Go From OK animation to Great animation? Thanks for the Personal Testimony, But You Didn't Answer the Question....After a thorough analysis of my work up until that point, and then another analysis of of the work that I admired, I started to note a trend. OK Sparky, So You Wanna Share Your Fancy-Dan Checklist? Arcs: Check to make sure your motions have good clean arcs. 1. wrist- you need to keep an eye on these to fight that marionette feel 4. head- the most obvious motion hitches will show up in the head.

Vancouver Film School - Results Matter Request Information 3D Animation & Visual Effects - One Year Classical Animation - One Year Digital Character Animation - Six Months You are creative and passionate about animation. Fast and Focused Our intensive curriculum packs years of training into one year or less, so you get working right away. Instructors Who Know the Industry Department Head Marianne O'Reilly is the former President of Rainmaker Visual Effects and brings over 20 years of experience and credits to the program. 100% of our instructors have substantial experience in animation, so you're learning from award-winning industry professionals who have been there and know what it takes to succeed. Stunning Facilities Our brand-new, state of the art 42,000 square foot animation facility has everything you could ever need, including a lightning-fast render farm, two surround sound theatres, and a 280-degree green screen studio. Located in Vancouver, Canada Career Development and Guidance 3D Animation & Visual Effects

Free Chroma-Key Green Screen Photo Editing - EASY When you take a picture with a green screen or a blue screen background, some photo editors have a feature called "chroma key" to allow you to replace the green or blue color with any background picture of your choice. The photo editor used here is Paint.NET with a free plugin enabling the chroma key / green screen - blue screen cabability. The chroma key feature has adjustable sliders to fine tune the amount of blue or green that is keyed out. To use this in a computer lab or a technology class, install and test the photo editing program and chroma key plugin in advance. Example: The "Before" pictures shows some people in front of a green screen background. Things you will need: 1. 2. 3. Install Paint.NET. Read the requirements, you may need to download an additional supporting program from Microsoft called the .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 (Free). Install the Green Screen- Blue Screen / ChromaKey Plugin Place the following two pictures on your desktop: Here is the result. Final result:

Agence de communication Nantes B17 : votre agence de publicité The Animated Cartoon Factory's Animation School Welcome to the The Animated Cartoon Factory In this new section of the website you'll be able to access some really neat free learning materials that will assist you in your studies. If you're already enrolled in an animation school somewhere, this information will suppliment the stuff you're getting in class from your instructors. I've been teaching animation now for 23 years at Seneca, Humber and Sheridan College so I know how it works when you're in school. In this section of the website I want to try to give you as much stuff as you can take. Dig right in. (If you have any suggestions about stuff you'd like to see here, let me know with an e-mail to: Index