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Animation Physics

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Principles of Animation "Not only do sympathetic characters need appeal in their design, but villians and comics should have just as much. Appeal is the pleasing and fascinating quality that makes a person enjoy looking at any drawing" John K Stuff blog is a really useful blog site for gripping the basics of these principles. Vancouver Film School - Results Matter 2010, 2011 & 2012 Computer Graphics Student Awards 3D World Magazine Students come from around the world to Vancouver Film School's Animation & Visual Effects programs, where they learn how to create life out of thin air in one year or less. Beautiful British Columbia, Canada, is home to leading animation and visual effects studios and game developers, and VFS is right at its heart – the perfect place to launch your career.

10 Manliest Guitars ever - (cool guitars) The Wangcaster: a guitar with balls The manliest guitar of all time. Show your virility on stage with the legendary Wangcaster. It started out as a Cort Stratocaster copy, but the hormones were too much for this baby. The body is made out of Cherry wood, headstock is maple. Pose to Pose Organized Keyframe Animation Article So what's the Problem? In my first animation tutorial that I wrote over three years ago, I outlined a fairly common (but under-documented) methodology for managing one's keyframes in CG character animation. The point of that tutorial was never to declare that it was the only path to great animation, but was merely a suggestion for one way to approach your animation in a sensible, organized fashion that hearkened back to our traditional animation roots.

Vancouver Film School - Results Matter Request Information 3D Animation & Visual Effects - One Year Classical Animation - One Year Digital Character Animation - Six Months You are creative and passionate about animation. Seth Casteel / Underwater Dogs / Underwater Puppies Underwater Dogs blu_source/gallery.php?curr_page=1&sec_id=144&gal_id=22&gal_type=&gal_name=Underwater+Dogs 4/featured/Underwater_Dogs/22

The Animated Cartoon Factory's Animation School Welcome to the The Animated Cartoon Factory In this new section of the website you'll be able to access some really neat free learning materials that will assist you in your studies. If you're already enrolled in an animation school somewhere, this information will suppliment the stuff you're getting in class from your instructors. I've been teaching animation now for 23 years at Seneca, Humber and Sheridan College so I know how it works when you're in school.

30 Seconds to Mars' tofu sacrifice 30 Seconds to Mars ''sacrifice tofu'' before their shows because they are now vegan so would feel uncomfortable ''sacrificing goats''. 30 Seconds to Mars "sacrifice tofu" before their shows. The rockers insist their vegan diets don't lend themselves too well to a rock 'n' roll lifestyle, so they often have to improvise when performing pre-performance rituals. Frontman Jared Leto joked: "Well there was a time when we used to sacrifice goats but then we all became vegans so we've been sacrificing tofu before the shows!" The group - also consisting of Jared's brother, drummer Shannon Leto, and guitarist Tomislav Milicevic - also claimed to enjoy relaxing mud baths before they go on stage.

Kryptos - Beyond K4 Translated it becomes: I stole this table off of Gary Phillip’s Realm of Twelve Kryptos site. I think you can see why I recommend these people so much. Hope you don’t mind Gary! I’ve made another acquisition, this one is from Monet Friedrich, pictures of the morse code on the rocks from Jim Gillogly and their orientations by some sketches. photo by Jim Gillgoly

The 11 Second Club Blog: getting the basics I had a body mechanics piece planned for this challenge, but its on hold till after xmas. Instead, this fortnight's challenge is written by Cosmicfool. Hoping it helps people who maybe struggling to find a good way to build a pendulum. Those who are familiar with this exercise, may have the freedom to be creative.