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Joao Ruas

Joao Ruas
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Mondo: The Blog Sarah's Sketches Sean Cheetham: Oil Painting To achieve accuracy and harmony in his alla prima figure paintings, Californian Sean Cheetham stresses drawing and a system of mixing colors based from “mud” mixtures, as he calls them, that govern shadows, midtones, and highlights. He recently offered lengthy demonstrations of those techniques during a five-day workshop. by M. Even though he is not yet 30 years old, Sean Cheetham has already established a strong reputation with art collectors and students in Southern California. In addition to having an exceptional ability to understand, draw, and paint the human form, Cheetham relies on a palette of colors and a painting technique he learned from Mike Hussar, his professor and friend at Art Center College of Design, in Pasadena, California. This system has several distinct advantages, especially for inexperienced painters. Cheetham dipped a filbert-shaped bristle brush into a jar of Turpenoid and rubbed it into the mud color on his palette. M.

shotopop COUSCOUSKID Designchapel March 21st, 2011 Selected Works: Illustration Labels: Designchapel, Work in progress I’m have started to prepare some stuff for an exhibition this spring in Stockholm. Two of the prints will be modified versions of my nun illustrations from 2001/2002. These illustrations where never planed to be used bigger then I had them on my original website from 2002, but they have been printed up to 140 x 140 cm which is insane when all details looks pretty bad. This is still work in progress but it will end up pretty close to this I think. Size 50 x 70 cm, 300 dpi. The original illustration was never mentioned to be bigger then 800 pixels high.

Vanesa Carosia The Haven for Scofflaws, Roustabouts, and Ne-er-do-wells: Search results for yoo hoo This is my cat Skeletor, or "Skelly" as he's commonly called. As you can see, he is a great lover of literature. I post this picture of him because he's awesome and also because I include him as a recurring character in lots of my stories. In "Finnigan's Last Resort", Skelly is a companion and friend to the main character. In my stories, I use him as a device to connect the audience with the happenings of the story. This scene below depicts the main character on his surreal journey out of the grey world of depression and loss toward a more primal and basic land full of strange and almost mythical things. But amidst all this, Skelly, the cat is showing a concern for his friend as this journey takes place. Made in Adobe Illustrator and then colored in Photoshop.

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