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Official website of the artist Alejandro DeCinti. Online art gallery. Paintings and drawings. Isabelle Arsenault illustration Fresh From The Dairy: Painterly Realism This week’s The Design Milk Dairy picks marry abstraction with realism. Where drips and splashes and abstract shapes morph into real images of faces and nature. This Thing Called Art is Really Dangerous by Agnes-cecile Bright Pink – Part 2 by Jenny Liz Rome Pour Deux by Marc Allante Koi – Life in Watercolor by Budi Satria Kwan BONUS: This week, Society6 is offering FREE Shipping, worldwide through 1/27 (excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases and Throw Pillows with insert). In an ongoing effort to support independent artists from around the world, Design Milk is proud to partner with Society6 to offer The Design Milk Dairy, a special collection of Society6 artists’ work curated by Design Milk and our readers.

Keinyo White SCHIERKE Artists - Damien CUYPERS illustrates for Glamour Germany HELLO : Ellie Cryer Illustration Sculpting with paint Equanimity 48x48 acrylic sculpture Justin Gaffrey Poem: Equanimity Balanced by the grace of fearlessness, Sprinting through monolithic judgements, Empty Confidence, Where is my ego? They can’t hurt me anymore. Love by the grace of evaporating moments, No more bondage of intellect or ignorance, No pride or humility, Equanimity, By: Justin Gaffrey

illustration LOCASTRO - Geometry David M. Bowers|Welcome to Illustrator, Animator, Designer • Miki Mottes • Illustrator for Startups • Designing Growth Charts for kids, illustrating Childrens books, Street Artist Otto Bjornik's Pen and Ink Blog 15 astounding examples of photorealism | Illustration These illustrators, painters and artists have an unfathomable talent. Creating photo realistic portraits and landscapes using only a pen, pencil or brush, the attention to detail and photo realism is absolutely awe-inspiring. Take a look at our picks of the best of the bunch. 01. Based in Cheshire, Rob Hefferan is an exceptionally talented figurative artist. 02. Juan Francisco Casas Ruiz is a Spaniard visual artist. 03. Halim Ghodbane's attention to detail is breath-taking. 04. Michael's work has been the subject of five solo shows in London. 05. Jeremy Geddes creates other wordly and abstract photorealistic paintings. 06. Focusing on hands, water and sculptures, Rodriguez's attention to detail is astonishing. Creating each picture using colour pencils, other work by Rodriguez mimics oil paintings. 07. Italian-born Roberto Bernardi is one of the most well known photorealist artists, with his art displayed around the world. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Like this? - illustration - graphic design