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Studio Likeness-About We compose and capture innovative visual stories. Studio Likeness, that´s Julia Classen and Magdalena Lepka - a creative duo working on unique concepts for still life photos and videos. We share a passion for colorful compositions and the ambition to reveal the essence of every thing we capture. Our collective skill set Increateble - The world's incredible creatives Always wanted to be a pilot! This is the first "superhero" painting I have done :) Illustrations based in Temeraire novels.

Sculpting with paint Equanimity 48x48 acrylic sculpture Justin Gaffrey Poem: Equanimity Balanced by the grace of fearlessness, Sprinting through monolithic judgements, Empty Confidence, Whimsical Animal Illustrations (12 photos) Bradford, UK-based graphic design student Matt La'Mont has created a very beautiful set of animal illustrations that make us feel like a kid again. They all have that retro modern feel to them, don't they? We caught up with Matt to ask him about this project. Read that short Q&A below. Is A-Z of Animals a personal project? Why did you create it?

Andrea Krizmanich Andrea Krizmanich office(at) Phone:+43 699 192 36 477 Surreal Paintings by Mike Davis San Francisco, CA. based artist Mike Davis painted surreal, religious and symbolic narrative paintings with classic elegance of the medieval world. Davis is also the owner of Everlasting Tattoo. Yet, his tattoo work is very different from his paintings, deriving from different influences and subject matters. view the websiteview the website

15 astounding examples of photorealism These illustrators, painters and artists have an unfathomable talent. Creating photo realistic portraits and landscapes using only a pen, pencil or brush, the attention to detail and photo realism is absolutely awe-inspiring. Take a look at our picks of the best of the bunch. 01. 2010 Grain Edit Holiday Giveaway Bash Weekly Vector Inspiration #123 « Advertise Online: [...] Ben Newman [...] On design… | Kimtastic Enterprises: [...] Happy weekend everyone! | Antonia Heil Blog: photography journalism art design food love blog cape town: [...] by Ben Newman Myth & Moor: The fantastic imagination "Technically, all fiction is fantasy. It hasn't happened in 'real life'; it has been invented. But there is a divide between fantastic literature and other, more realistic fiction. "Most fiction is like a pane of glass, a window that we look through to see another view of the world outside ourselves. It is not a tale of real events, but it looks real. Fantastic literature is not merely not-real, it is aggressively not-real.

3D Artworks by Soa Lee Soa Lee is a 3D artist based in Yongin, Korea (South). She uses 3D Studio Max to create beautiful CG portraits and digital female characters that are lifelike and stunningly detailed. View the website Animated GIF – 3D Spinning 8-bit Sprites Animated GIF – 3D Spinning 8-bit Sprites Some awesome animated GIF created by Cezkid (deviant art) around famous 8bit sprites like Mario or Link from Zelda in spinning 3D. via Albotas Die Illustratoren - Portfolio - Turine Tran About Impressionen Interview Turine Tran, a Vietnamese born artist, takes inspiration from nature and companionship. Illustration by Linda Bergkvist Closeup of Autumn Whispers Linda Bergkvist is a freelance artist from Sweden. Linda loves the visual element of fairytales. Her work is a mixture of fantasy and horror with a little twinge of romantic idealization. All that I loved is gone

101 Nintendo T-Shirts For The Ultimate Nintendo Gamer To say that the Nintendo Entertainment System was a part of my childhood is quite an understatement. The original NES was in fact a big part of my childhood. I recall countless hours playing Super Mario Bros., Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!