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Aubrey Beardsley Art Images *** V L A D I M I R's Portfolio student project illustration, layout design *story ~ Danica JovanovicGraphic Design, Illustration, Typography2009 Kay Nielsen Art BAKEA 4 | How To Collaborate With Your 4-Year-Old: A Mother/Daughter Art Experiment One morning, when illustrator and graphic designer Mica Angela Hendricks noticed that her four-year-old daughter was absorbed with her markers, she decided to grab a little creative time of her own. She began to draw a woman's head, but within minutes, the little girl proclaimed that she was going to draw the woman's body. The little girl completed the picture in a way that the older, professional artist may not have considered: she gave the subject the torso of a dinosaur. And so began a collaboration between Hendricks and her daughter that produced a series of unexpected portraits--with mother creating lovely drawings of women's faces and daughter completing the picture with all manner of bodies and fantastical flourishes. "At first I balked internally," Hendricks told us, "but I ended up being fascinated by the results. Hendricks hasn't quite figured out how the child's creative brain works. Meanwhile, Hendricks' daughter is still learning that collaboration works two ways.

Paloma Valdivia Ilustraciones Jed Henry Illustration Did you miss us? It’s been a while, but Dave has completed a brand new video (yay!): The Making of ‘Flight of Fantasy’.You can order your own handmade print at our website: atelier-sento: Mizuka exploring the island’s harbourDetail from a scene of The Coral Cave, our watercolor videogame set in Okinawa. I’m excited to play this game! THAT DATA! Finally found the time to finish these pieces! Follow this link to see more print designs. Kanji explanation: Image 1: The bottom-left cartouche features the kanji 鳴戸, which is read naruto, meaning ‘maelstrom’. The top-right cartouche contains the kanji 古祟翻恵, loosely meaning “An ancient curse becomes a blessing”. Image 2: The top-left cartouche contains the symbols 龍毬, literally meaning ‘dragon’ and ‘orb’. The bottom-right cartouche features the kanji 不憩奮励, meaning ‘Never resting, striving higher’. Image 3: The left cartouche features the kanji 末撓気師, literally meaning “the last bending air master”. YES!

Beware the Weeping Devil American illustrator and artist Jon MacNair has a unique style that is grounded in surrealism and Gothic whimsy. Sticking with a mostly black and white palette, his creations are crammed with so many ghoulish delights: woodland spirits resurrecting the dead, battles with mythical monsters, and trees growing out of the back of mysterious animals. Here you can also get a glimpse into MacNair’s process with some behind-the-scenes images. All images © Jon MacNair Ryohei Hase Untitled Document Disparity: quando o seu prato se torna paisagem A arte que brota da imaginação e do saudosismo do artista Christopher Boffoli, de Seattle, EUA, celebra sua fascinação pelas formas, tamanhos, cores e texturas ao nosso redor. Assim criou o universo lúdico “Disparity”. © Christopher Boffoli. Quando eu era criança, minha avó materna sempre cantarolava uma música para me fazer dormir. Foi este momento cantarolado de minha infância que recordei quando vi “Disparity”, do fotógrafo Christopher Boffoli. Boffoli, além de fotógrafo, é jornalista gastronômico. Desde pequeno, Boffoli nutria particular fascinação por tamanhos e formas, o que o levou a imaginar um mundo de pequenas pessoas com enormes objetos ao redor delas, como aqueles que só víamos quando crianças, em desenhos e programas de TV. Como toda boa arte, a série também intriga. “Disparity” é mais do que uma série de fotografias, é um admirável trabalho que combina a fantasia com a crítica social.

Souvlaki – Joao Ruas Фото и рисунки, арт и креативная реклама