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MIZUMA ART GALLERY : KONOIKE Tomoko / 鴻池朋子 鴻池 朋子 ⁄ KONOIKE Tomoko Born in 1960 in Akita, Japan. Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. Received B.A., in Japanese Traditional Painting, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Worked as a toy and furniture designer. Solo Exhibitions Dash Shaw Nice Google translation of a French review of New School: This should hit you at the opening of New School, the last BD Dash Shaw and published by Editions That There is of course the graphics. Detonates New School and impresses primarily through the shots and markers impressive colors of the author.

[appropriately witty title] theartofanimation: Alexander Wilson I don’t usually re-blog anything as a rule, especially my own work, but I love the collections that The Art of Animation put together and couldn’t be more flattered to be featured! I highly recommend giving them a follow if you don’t already, they make the best inspiration posts. Thank you! -Alex Michał Dziekan Illustrator and character designer Michal Dziekan was born and raised in small town in south-western Poland. He moved to city Wroclaw where he attended Architecture on University of Technology. After three years he left school and moved to Warsaw to work in post production studio Platige Image as a concept artist and matte painter. He stayed in Platige Image from 2007 to 2011, where working on animated commercials and films he got opportunity to gain experience in such fields as vfx compositing, motion graphics animation, animation direction and directing. During that time he was developing as an illustrator and character designer. At the beginning of 2011 he moved to the creative studio Ars Thanea but half year later he decided to star working as a freelancer.

loui jover loui jover jour de pluie Jan. 28 2015 #Loui Jover #artist on tumblr #Illustration 150 notes in the forest of love Art of Nico Marlet You guys. Go see How to Train Your Dragon 2 this weekend, then come to the How to Train your Dragons 2 show next week!! It’ll have a tonne of artwork by artists from Dreamworks, including the above by James Baxter, Nico Marlet, Johane Matte (who made a badass comic you can get at the gallery), Megan Nicole Dong, Le Tang, Joe Pitt, and myself. June 21 @ Gallery Nucleus.

zimmer404 ___ Awesome things happened, and I didn’t even share the news! I had some pretty stressful weeks with a lot of work, but now I catch up on it. In august I participated in this contest from Adobe and Dance (RED) save lives. I submitted my work and forgot almost instantly about it and didn’t think one second about the possibility to win this… But in the last week of september (RED) sent me an email telling me I’m the winner and that I need to get everything organised to travel to New York City only one week later to design the Dance (RED) save lives 2 album cover with the legendary street artist Futura. I was completely overwhelmed, almost shocked but also happy and excited. So I spent an awesome week in NYC, met Futura and Steven Charny (on the pictures above you can see us in the Apple Store in SoHo.

diaryofinhumanspecies Dec My new book is available here : ETSY SHOP English & French texts Two editions, a regular edition and a drawing edition with a sketch in it.