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Deja View Elysium Artwork We've finally been cleared to show some of the work we produced for Elysium! So here are some of my favourite designs from the thousands we at Weta created. Fashion model robots: eric guillon le vide-grenier de Polyminthe: More development on "Little Rikke" More CN development designs I found in my files. Here's a selection for "Little Rikke" by the great Rikke Asjboern, that we develloped back in 2008. I've already shown the backgrounds and the title sequence we've made back then, but not these drawings. We explored different directions for the characters but the final versions reflected Rikke's own designs, which pretty much always proves more natural and better in a creator-driven show. It was then a matter of working towards that.

Salesman Buck ! The Fun Filled Artistic Adventures of Lyle The Dracopedia Project Thank you to everyone who submitted to the Dracopedia Art Contest. I am overwhelmed by the imagination and creativity of the entries, especially the diversity of so many great dragon enthusiasts. I am very excited that we are able to bring together young artists from all over the world to share their ideas. Below you will find the galleries in each of the two categories. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I have, really great work by everyone! Enjoy! William O'Connor *All images are copyright to the respective artists. Sarah Baker Title: Dragon Age: 7 New York, USA "The dragon is based on two different lizards. Samantha O'Connor Title: Dragon-Dooddleo Age:6 NewYork, USA*not eligible for winning "He talks like Johnny Bravo, eats minnows, lives in drago-funland, plays 'duck-duck dragon' with his dragon friends in his cave outside of town." Kaitlin SmithTitle: Purple DragonAge: 5Australia " 5 year old daughter Kaitlin who was very excited about the idea. Elizabeth Buller Title: Dust Dragon

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