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Illustrissimo, Agence d'illustrateurs et de graphistes internationaux à Paris - Michel Lagarde, Nicolas Pitzalis

Illustrissimo, Agence d'illustrateurs et de graphistes internationaux à Paris - Michel Lagarde, Nicolas Pitzalis

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Kevincyr An on-going series documenting vehicles from various cities across the U.S. Newell II, Oil on Panel, 20" x 30" Hester, Oil on Panel, 20" x 30" Alexis Beauclair VOLCAN (LAGON#2) ORDER HERE / COMMANDEZ ICI : Comics anthology Revue de bande-dessinée 17 X 24 cm / 216 pages / June 2015 / 400 copies 17 X 24 cm / 216 pages / Juin 2015 / 400 ex. Risoprinted 16 couloursSilkscreen cover 3 colours Imprimé en risographie 16 couleurs Couverture sérigraphiée 3 passages Here is the summary of Volcan : Volcan réuni 30 auteurs internationaux : JEAN-PHILIPPE BRETIN, CARLOS GONZALEZ, HUGO RUYANT, SAMMY STEIN, TOM LEBARON KHÉRIF, FLETCHER HANKS, STEFANIE LEINHOS, LÉO QUIEVREUX, ALEXIS BEAUCLAIR, AIDAN KOCH, ROXANE LUMERET, LASSE & RUSSE, NOEL FREIBERT, LOUIS GRANET, C.F., NACHO GARCÍA, AMANDINE MEYER, AMANDA BAEZA, LÉON MARET, LEON SADLER, JÉRÉMY PININGRE, OLIVIER SCHRAUWEN, JEREMY PERRODEAU, BAPTISTE VIROT, ANTOINE COSSÉ, ACACIO ORTAS, STATHIS TSEMBERLIDIS, JONNY NEGRON, BETTINA HENNI, YÛICHI YOKOYAMA.

Jenny Saville JENNY SAVILLE The Mothers, 2011 Oil on canvas 106 5/16 x 86 5/8 inches (270 x 220 cm) Jenny Saville was born in Cambridge, England in 1970. In 1990, midway through her BA course at the Glasgow School of Art, Jenny Saville exhibited in Contemporary '90 at the Royal College of Art. In 1992 she completed her degree as well as showing in Edinburgh and in Critics Choice at the Cooling Gallery, London.

Oliver Daxenbichler Design, Inc. Oliver Daxenbichler, Art Direction and Graphic Design. about contact +49 172 6569000 studio(at) fb oliver.daxenbichler represented by Schierke artists Nadja Benaissa, art direction and graphic design Compliment card, graphic design Neue Mode 7, art direction and design Neue Mode 9, art direction and design ( Super ) スーパ Anonymous asked: Can you teach me about shutter speeds on a film camera?? Answer: amberasaly: riikkalaakso.tumblr I have been illustrating a christmas story for children in the past few months. Here you can see two spreads of the book. for Psychologie Heute 01/15 My publication Museum des Kummers is available again. Just write me a mail if you are interested :) Brochure for the international literature festival berlin 2014

HUGUES OPTER It’s out tomorrow ! 32 pages of original drawings. This picture was a supposed cover for the zine I did in collaboration with the flûtiste team. 7:38 pm | March 4 2015 | 9 notes 2 final backgrounds from a film I would have liked to make this year alongside of my graduation movie. Community Available for Freelance Part Time Kate Pugsley illustration + painting Kate Pugsley portfolio | illustration | patterns | shop | etsy | about | ask • 11 March 2016 • 367 notes • 10 March 2016 • 397 notes Charles Burns Monday, July 25, 2011 Charles Burns You can purchase a variety of Charles Burns books from Fantagraphics and Last Gasp Books. elliotfreeman1.tumblr I was lucky enough to be a part of Secret7″ again this year, all in aid of Nordoff Robbins charity. My cover for Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer. 12:38 pm • 4 May 2015 • 65 notes My London drawings project has been shortlisted for the @editorreportage award and will exhibited at UWE Bristol from the 8th - 15th May. 7:37 pm • 26 April 2015 • 261 notes

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