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Eleanor Davis

Eleanor Davis
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Amélie Fontaine Polinko Motives of Batman villians Web app per infografiche Per chi PMI che hanno bisogno di visibilitàPMI che hanno bisogno di fare velocemente ed economicamente infografiche In un mondo sempre più tecnologico anche le piccole medie imprese devono mettersi al passo coi tempi, e con la prepotente incursione dei social media nella vita di ognuno di noi anche le aziende non possono farne a meno. Ma qual’è il modo migliore di creare visibilità in un social o per rendere il proprio sito più conosciuto? Le infografiche presentano dati in ottica grafica, rendendo un’informazione potenzialmente noiosa o difficile molto più attraente. Ma più precisamente di cosa si tratta? Vediamone alcuni – semplice ed efficace. – non serve neanche registrarsi, appaiono subito i template, si possono fare grafici di vastissimo genere ed è piuttosto semplice. Mi piace: Mi piace Caricamento...

Hugleikur Dagsson laureline mattiussi Water Wigs on the Behance Network We just finished shooting a new project we call Water Wigs. The concept is simple and it is another visual exploration of something new and totally different. We found a bunch of awesome bald men and hurled water balloons at their heads, to capture the explosion of water at various intervals. The result a new head of of water hair! We chose to work with triads of colors to create images that are arresting and amusing at the same time. Our favorites are "The Don King," "The Conquistador," "The Jesus" and "The Friar."

Photo editor online / free image editing direct in your browser - Ahora hay más razones para usar Pixlr para todas tus necesidades de edición de imágenes online. Tanto si te apetece el clásico estilo de edición de fotos de escritorio como si prefieres algo más moderno, te tenemos cubierto. Tanto Pixlr X como E son editores de fotos online potenciados por la IA que te permiten dar rienda suelta a tu creatividad con un solo clic para lograr ediciones de fotos profesionales de forma más intuitiva que nunca. Elimina los fondos con el eliminador de fondo o crea una imagen transparente para tu diseño con un solo toque. Se trata de hacer que el diseño sea más inteligente, más rápido y más fácil para usted con nuestras funciones de edición de fotos de IA de nuevo nivel. Pixlr X El editor facil de usar ¡Empieza a diseñar con impresionantes plantillas! Editor de fotos moderno perfecto para pricipiantes. Pixlr E Poderoso editor de imagenes para pros Entra en el mundo de la edición fotográfica avanzada. Pixlr M Editor Pixlr M móvil Pixlr BG Eliminar el fondo por Pixlr AI

Evgenia Barinova Wilderness Linocut: white on white, black on white. La Vérité Sur l’affaire Harry Quebert - Joel Dicker A Hologram for the King: A Novel - by Dave Eggers Myst for Prime Russian Magazine. helkarava The Art of Onfim By Paul Wickenden of Thanet Introduction One of the most fascinating archeological finds in Russia has been the discovery of hundreds of "birchbark documents" (messages written on the bark of birch trees with a sharp stylus) that were created from the 11th to the 15th century. The birchbark documents of Novgorod are a major source for information about life in Medieval Novgorod because they are not the writings of church theologians or political leaders, but rather, personal messages, IOUs, love letters, shopping lists, and so on. One of the most fascinating items, in my mind, is a collection of children's drawings that have been unearthed. Children's drawings in the Middle Ages?! But birchbark was a different story. The drawings from Novgorod that we have found appear to all come from a Russian boy named Onfim, who lived at the end of the twelfth century or beginning of the thirteenth century in the city of Novgorod. Onfim Learns His Letters Onfim's Friends and Family More People

Downloads PhotoFiltre 6.5.3 / January 2012 English version with setup installer (2 Mb) PhotoFiltre 6.5.3 Portable / January 2012 English version in zip format (2 Mb) Portable version for USB drive for example. This version does not have to be installed. Language files for PhotoFiltre Copy the contents of the zip file into the installation directory of PhotoFiltre. English / Anglais Helpfiles by John Corliss / July 2004 / 51 Kb Português / Portuguese / Portugais Translated by Luis Valente / July 2004 / 44 Kb Deutsch / German / Allemand Translated by Hans Wrobel / Helpfiles by Heinz Koefinger / July 2004 / 52 Kb Nederlands / Dutch / Néerlandais Translated by Henk de Jong, JanC and Jeroen de Bruijn / July 2004 / 54 Kb Cesky / Czech / Tchèque Translated by Skoda / Charset Windows 1250 / July 2004 / 51 Kb Helpfiles updated by Julius Faltus Español / Spanish / Espagnol Translated by Tugui / July 2004 / 43 Kb Swedish / Svenska / Suédois Translated by Lars Carlsson / November 2004 / 43 Kb