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Jarret Brachman's Photos - I did a wordle on the 2083 manifesto. I think it speaks for itself.

Jarret Brachman's Photos - I did a wordle on the 2083 manifesto. I think it speaks for itself.

Remember That "Eurabian Civil War"? If someone mentioned terrorism in Europe, you would probably have an idea about the size of the threat and who's responsible. It's big, you would think. And growing. As for who's responsible, that's obvious. Gaming Election Day, November 25th. For all the razzmatazz going on about the election, it is safe to say that little is likely to change when it comes to actual electoral campaigning. The truth is, the only political power with complete mastery of the demographics, gender and income distribution is, and remains, the MI (Ministry of the Interior) first because it is near impossible to get hold of precise data, and second, and unless it can be proven indeed, there is little incentive on behalf of MI officials to release it on public outlets (if not outright withholding intent) and how could a modern political party conduct a modern electoral campaign if even the basic data is lacking, or needs to be extracted from its reluctant source? Knowledge is power they say, and that holds particularly true for Morocco. An average of 16,414 votes per seat for FDIC, 24,353 for Istiqlal and 25,393 for UNFP. - Psion's Community The new Global Psion Solutions Guide provides in-depth product information and serves as valuable tool to help you find information and put Psion ingenuity to work. This all new solutions guide is now available in a digital magazine format by clicking the link below. You may also download a copy of this guide and save it to your desktop for future use offline.

China Soft-Power Watch: the Yang Rui 'Foreign Bitch' Factor - James Fallows - International [Update: please see this very useful explanatory piece by Brendan O'Kane in China, and a followup by me.] This story is all over the China-hand blogosphere, and is so strange that at first I was sure it was a joke. But apparently it isn't. It involves the man below, shown in a WSJ screen shot, and here is the background to understand the fuss: DR-LuxuryRealEstate - drestate Samedi 7 janvier 6 07 /01 /Jan 13:17 From our company base in Cabarete in the very hub of activities in the North coast of the Dominican Republic, we offer our personal direct real estate services as well as a centre for information for our global web service. We bring together years of real estate experience with first hand local knowledge. We offer our services in Spanish, English and German as well as being able to bring together professional translators in French and Russian to ensure client satisfaction.

Norway suspect Anders Behring Breivik 'admits attacks' 24 July 2011Last updated at 08:37 Live coverage from Oslo's cathedral of the memorial service for the victims of the terror attacks in Norway on Friday The man accused of a massacre at a youth camp in Norway and a bombing in the capital, Oslo, has admitted responsibility, his lawyer says. Anders Behring Breivik, 32, described his actions as "gruesome but necessary", and said he would explain himself at a court hearing on Monday. At least 85 people died when a gunman ran amok on Utoeya island on Friday, hours after an Oslo bomb killed seven.

09RABAT237 C O N F I D E N T I A L SECTION 01 OF 04 RABAT 000237 SIPDIS DEPT FOR NEA/MAG AND DRL/NESCA E.O. 12958: DECL: 03/19/2029 TAGS: PHUM, PGOV, PINR, KDEM, ECON, MO SUBJECT: THE OTHER MOROCCO PART 2, ECONOMICS: MISERY IN THE TREES REF: A. RABAT 234 B. RABAT 79 C. RABAT 65 D. PsiXpda Android MID could use Psion Series 5mx keyboard design An innovative hinge design more than 14 years old could give Android MID enthusiasts a QWERTY keyboard worth typing on, if niche computing firm PsiXpda has its way. The company - which tested the UMPC waters in late 2009 with a Windows XP based unit, reviewed by SlashGear - intends to channel the design of the much-loved Psion Series 5mx in a new, Android-based model. PsiXpda founder Paul Pinnock told Reghardware that while the original Atom-based UMPC was "not fast enough and not good enough" and failed to live up to the Psion comparisons made in promotions at the time, the new model will be altogether more interesting. The design will be based on the Psion Series 5mx, which used a clever folding-sliding hinge so as to fit a large QWERTY 'board (with surprisingly decent key-travel) and a 5.6-inch touchscreen into a pocket-sized palmtop.

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