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Top 10 luxury Australian experiences Australia offers a vast array of incredible attractions unique to the country. But when you visit Australia, don’t just follow the crowds – take your experience to the next level by selecting the VIP luxury option at each destination. Here’s a top 10 list of Australian VIP luxury experiences. Smartphone Bot Case Study: The Google Smartphone Bot On Holiday In Australia While Google’s new smartphone bot has been announced, it does not appear to be widely deployed yet; at least that is what I said during a recent presentation in Sydney, where I had the pleasure of meeting Alistair Lattimore (Al). Al does CRO, SEO and agency management for Mantra Group, which is the second largest accommodation provider in Australia with over 100 hotels, retreats and resorts throughout Australia and New Zealand. Al was at the talk in Sydney and let me know that the smartphone bot had visited some of the sites he is responsible for and told me about the initial results. is the site we discussed most; iPhones and Androids are now showing the mobile-optimized urls instead of desktop urls in some (not all) searches. While I am writing this case study up, Al gets most of the credit for his keen observations about the behavior of the bot and its impact on search results.

Howard Stern Replay: Roxy Jezel is the Prize in the Mexican Delivery Game (PICS) - The TMR Zoo I usually don’t post about the Howard Stern Show “Best Of” or “History Of” shows, but I heard a pretty sexy British accent on my ride in to the office this morning and had to look the girl up as soon as I got to my PC. The Howard Stern Show was playing a “This Day in Howard Stern History” show today and they aired an old clip where they were playing the “Mexican Delivery Game”. I didn’t recall the date, but it was nice to hear Artie Lange in the studio once again.

Remember That "Eurabian Civil War"? If someone mentioned terrorism in Europe, you would probably have an idea about the size of the threat and who's responsible. It's big, you would think. And growing. As for who's responsible, that's obvious. The Tab: Clash In Cambridge As Riot Violence Spreads There were arrests and injuries last night as police confronted a gang of youths heading for a Cambridge shopping centre. Police tackled a gang of youths who were heading for The Grafton centre last night, as rioting and looting threatened to spread to Cambridge. Cambridgeshire police were first alerted to the group of 30-40 young people at 11.35pm last night.

Perth's Tumbulgum, King's Park & Lake Monger Lemme first apologise that the old trip pics have way too many pic of moi (dasar perasan!), hence these entries on old trips will be one that you gonna so say... "Ek elaa, lagi lagi muka dia bersepah". Mind you, it's not intentional, but feel free to compliment my youth and cuteness (and chubschubs-ness, HAHAHHHA). The Art Of Launching An App: A Case Study Advertisement You’ve made your first app! Now what? Anyone in the app business knows that marketing an app is tough. And according to a recent article on TechCrunch1, “Getting a mobile app noticed in the increasingly crowded mobile app market is more difficult than ever.” Some titles and concepts are truly unique.

You're NO Playboy Cover Model Alleged White House crasher Michaele Salahi has finally taken her NUDE pics for Playboy -- but TMZ has learned she's just been informed by the mag that she WILL NOT be featured on the cover. Sources involved with the spread tell us ... The "Real Housewives of D.C." star received an email from Playboy honchos informing her, "There is no opportunity this calendar year to offer you a cover opportunity or place for your pictorial."

Norway suspect Anders Behring Breivik 'admits attacks' 24 July 2011Last updated at 08:37 Live coverage from Oslo's cathedral of the memorial service for the victims of the terror attacks in Norway on Friday The man accused of a massacre at a youth camp in Norway and a bombing in the capital, Oslo, has admitted responsibility, his lawyer says. Anders Behring Breivik, 32, described his actions as "gruesome but necessary", and said he would explain himself at a court hearing on Monday. At least 85 people died when a gunman ran amok on Utoeya island on Friday, hours after an Oslo bomb killed seven.

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