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50 Informative and Well-Designed Infographics - Hongkiat

50 Informative and Well-Designed Infographics - Hongkiat
It’s impossible to comprehend complex data or analyze large amounts of information, if we only use words or texts. Information graphics or better known as infographics are visual explanation of data, information or knowledge. These graphics are excellent visual tools for explaining huge amounts of information where complex data needs to be explained immediately and clearly. Let me show you how Rick Mans explain how infographics ease the process of communicating conceptual information Image credit. Infographic is one of the most challenging types of graphic design because the creation process alone is pretty intensive. We are truly delighted to show you these brilliant and informative infographics created by various talented individuals. Recommended Reading: More Infographic related posts. 50 Years of Space Exploration. Disney vs Marvel. Grand Mosque. High Rise. Relief Wells & Subsea Containment. Prism Social Media 2010. Genes and Society: Cloning. Flickr User Model. Crude Awakening.

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8 Examples of Incorporating Infographics in Middle School Classrooms - Venngage Are you an educator who is always thinking of engaging lesson plans and incorporating fun learning at the same time? Well, worry no more because there is a plethora of Educational Infographics readily available online that would surely entice your student’s minds and interests. Infographics are ubiquitous and easy to make. They are a wonderful blend of arts, statistics, information and design. You can find samples online that would match your lesson or easily create your own anytime. Middle school students are of the age where it is hard to keep their attention.

Maestro Social Media Social media (social networking) is content created by people using accessible and free Internet online resources. Social media allows people to discover and share information, including text, pictures and video. It’s a relatively new and innovative way for people to connect and form relationships, both personal and business.

5 Infographics to Teach You How to Easily Create Infographics in PowerPoint [+ TEMPLATES] Despite the spattering of headlines that have popped up over the past couple years proclaiming "infographics are dead," infographics are, in fact, alive and well. We just checked -- they're totally healthy. I mean, there are a lot of them, but when marketers spend the time aligning the topic, content, and style of their infographics with the needs and preferences of their target audiences, they're still finding success. 35 Great Social Media Infographics 35 Great Social Media Infographics [Note: I recently updated this compilation to include some more recent visualizations... you can see it here.] Here’s a collection of terrific social media infographics that might come in handy. As you probably know, infographics are visual representations of information, data, or knowledge. They illustrate information that would be unwieldy in text form and they act as a kind of visual shorthand, making information easy to understand and consume. They are driven by the same information as charts, but they’re often a better form of communication because of their pleasant aesthetics — charts and graphs can communicate data, but infographics turn data into information.

The Social Travel Revolution  Social media can shape the way that we make our decisions on a day-to-day basis and this is seen very much in the travel industry. This great infographic from Swedish social travel startup Tripl demonstrates how interactions through social media are effecting this industry. A few key points of interest for me are: Infoposters Are Not Infographics: A Comparison It’s time for visual geeks to band together and take a stand. People are incorrectly using the term infographics all over the web and I think we need to put a stop to this practice. Don’t they understand the emotional upheaval we experience upon clicking an infographic link with great expectations only to discover it’s an infoposter? Infoposters are typically not infographics. There really are important differences.

The Internet map The map of the Internet Like any other map, The Internet map is a scheme displaying objects’ relative position; but unlike real maps (e.g. the map of the Earth) or virtual maps (e.g. the map of Mordor), the objects shown on it are not aligned on a surface. Mathematically speaking, The Internet map is a bi-dimensional presentation of links between websites on the Internet. Every site is a circle on the map, and its size is determined by website traffic, the larger the amount of traffic, the bigger the circle. Users’ switching between websites forms links, and the stronger the link, the closer the websites tend to arrange themselves to each other.

Tools - Cool Infographics Adioma creates information graphics out of your textual data, using timelines, grids and icons. Create impressive charts from spreadsheets. Assemble into dashboards, embed in websites, or simply share a link. A Python interactive visualization library that targets modern web browsers for presentation Cacoo is a free online drawing tool that allows you to create a variety of diagrams such as site map, flowchart, mind map, wire frame, UML diagram and network diagram. Crowdsourced Analytics Solution Marketplace - Make Sense of Big Data Free interactive charts created online in seconds ChartGo is an online graph maker tool. 19 of the Best Infographics from 2010 Research can sometimes be a bit of a chore, but when knowledge is wrapped up in charts, cartoons, or even some heart-holding robots, suddenly "information" isn't such a scary word. What do Facebook's 500 million users look like? Who's suing whom in the mobile world? How does FarmVille stack up against actual farms? These questions and more are answered in the infographics below. Have a look through the list and let us know which graphics you liked best (or learned the most from) in the comments below.

Visualizing Regulations To Prevent You From Being Snookered By Greenwashing With consumers becoming more and more focused on the planet-friendly bona fides of their products, companies today can't help but give the people what they want: products that tout their sustainability, recyclability, and general cleanliness. But this is capitalism, so wherever the market can bear, you expect to see companies also trying to cut corners and get the credit for making progress that they haven't actually made. What's a person to do to avoid this greenwashing? To avoid some of this confusion, the government is trying to help, with the FTC issuing rules about what claims companies can and can't make about their products.

What is an Infographic? A lot of phrases get thrown around in the world of information graphics. “Infographics.” “Data visualization.” “Information design.” While the more pedantic out there might argue about exactly what kind of information belongs in each category, we prefer to acknowledge the fact that most of these things overlap. So let’s step back and, instead of strictly defining terms, take a look at the overall category. 7 Data Viz Sites to Inspire Your Creative Eye In the age of data overload, "big data" and "data visualization" are major buzzwords, and they'll likely grow even bigger as we gather more information on a daily basis. With data visualization on the rise, we rounded up seven sites to help you find useful ways of interpreting big data, as well as infographics that parse information into visually pleasing graphics. These sites range from aggregation blogs to how-tos to tools that allow you to create your own visualizations.

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