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Nicholas Felton

Nicholas Felton

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Saul Bass Designer Saul Bass Saul Bass (May 8, 1920 — April 25, 1996) was a graphic designer and filmmaker, perhaps best known for his design of film posters and title sequences. Awful Client Criticism Turned Into Posters EmailEmail If you’re a designer yourself, most of these postcards should ring a bell. Irish graphic designers Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy, in collaboration with other ad creatives, designers, animators, directors, illustrators and more, created this ”Sharp Suits” series, based on their “favorite worst feedback” from clients. The creators say that the series has raised thousands of euros for charity – and must’ve provided the designers with a great outlet for some of their frustration.

5 Phases of Data Analytics Maturation: Part 1 Recently, while meeting with one of our clients, they mentioned their desire to provide their customer’s business team with the ability to run ad-hoc reports. This notion spurred me to think about whether or not I thought this was a plan for success. Would having this additional analytics ability help the non-analyst be more effective at getting their job done? Over the next few days, we’ll be exploring the different stages of maturity that information workers go through as they try to become more effective and efficient at consuming and acting on information. By our reckoning, we figure there are 5 Phases in the maturation cycle: Phase 1: Tribal Elders

Jed Carter — Eyes on The Sky I made a book. It documents my major self-initiated project this year: a process-based investigation into generative design and the weather. It’s a record of the sky, of the colours that change so slowly it’s almost impossible to see. A bit like a visual almanac. I linked 64 public-access web cameras across Europe, recording the colour of the sky, at each point, at regular intervals. Together, the cameras paint the weather, once every hour.

SaaS Business Intelligence with Google Apps Drive business user adoption through intuitive Self-Service BI Evaluating BI products?Try this agnostic tool to evaluate over 150 features! Collaborate where critical business decisions are made Connect, Explore and Collaborate with Business Intelligence 3.0 Business Intelligence 3.0 Panorama is leading a BI 3.0 revolution and a creation of a new generation of BI solutions that enable organizations to leverage the power of Social Decision Making and Automated Intelligence to gain insights more quickly, more efficiently, and with greater relevancy. The New Theatre - The Sydney Office of Interbrand. Established in 1932, the New Theatre is a proudly independent theater in Sydney, Australia. “We’re not slick, we’re not refined and we don’t conform,” is only one of many statements it makes, “We believe in artistic and social expression, not just escapism. When we take the stage, we’re for real.” Or “We’re driven by passion, not money.” You get the point.

Upping Your Type Game Note: This text was created as a talk for An Event Apart in San Diego. It was presented Tuesday, May 21st 2013. Many thanks to Stephen Coles for his advising and light editing. While the full slide deck is not shown below, about a quarter of the original slides are used as editorial illustrations. To send comments or propose corrections (kind and helpful tone appreciated), email me. 5 Phases of Data Analytics Maturation: Part 2 This post is the 2nd part in a 2 part series. Last time we talked about how organizations use Tribal Elders and Static Reports to find answers to questions that they already know. Today we’ll talk about the other three phases of Data Analytics Maturation.

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