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The Coolest Business Cards - Use of Cool Shapes, Textures, Creativity, & Talent : Graphic Design Blog & Graphics News Blog The Coolest Business Cards I Have Ever Seen - Use of Cool Shapes, Textures, Creativity, & Talent This was the most fun that I have ever had posting a blog. This blog is for showcasing the most amazing and innovative business card designs that I have ever seen. Some of the following business cards are shaped like objects, some have pop-up textures, some of these business cards even have plants growing from within the card itself. This business card is for a company named Tag in the shape of a tag.

Krakow Oxygen Home Architecture Competition As one of the oldest cities in Europe, Krakow draws in crowds of tourists in the millions every year; it also draws in extremely high levels of pollution. As the city with the highest levels of air pollution in Europe, it has been claimed that the smog causes 30% of chronic obstructive lung disease cases and that the air’s toxins are directly linked to the country’s high cancer rates. HMMD’s latest architecture competition is a chance for participants to submit designs for a lung cancer care centre. Its purpose is to provide psychological support and an opportunity to socialise with others who understand what each patient is going through. map² - The Zoomable Map on Paper: New York by Anne Stauche UPDATE: 196 comments, 73 suggestions for new cities, 3 new rewards, 1 stretch goal... Find out more Even if your city is not available yet, please back the project.

Saul Bass Designer Saul Bass Saul Bass (May 8, 1920 — April 25, 1996) was a graphic designer and filmmaker, perhaps best known for his design of film posters and title sequences. Rebuilding Ancient Egyptian Temples in 3D The reconstructions, in this section, give an idea of how these ancient temples might have appeared to ancient eyes. Ancient peoples liked to decorate their buildings and temples with bright colours. Take the Parthenon, in Athens, for example; nowadays we have this vision of those beautiful columns and fabulously carved marbles showing the bare stone, which appeals to our modern aesthetic.

The Coolest Business Cards - Beautiful & Unique Business Card Designs Part 4 : Graphic Design Blog & Graphics News Blog The Coolest Business Cards - Beautiful & Unique Business Card Designs Part 4 This is the 4th part of our Coolest Business Card series. This time, we are including the printer (when we can find out the information) who printed these business cards. We received many responses from graphic designers wishing to know how to get similar business cards printed since many of the business cards displayed have complicated folds, cuts, etc. I hope that you enjoy the next set of ‘cool business cards’. Feel free to submit your own. A Trip To Tampa Recently, we were invited by Lufthansa to travel to Tampa, the third-largest city on the west coast of Florida, USA. Located at the Gulf of Mexico, the city and the surrounding area was explored over a couple of days by a small group of photographers with nothing more than a foldable map and some cameras. In the following images with a vintage style, German photographer Ramon Haindl, who focuses on portrait, fashion and editorial photography, captures the city's humid environment as well as striking portraits of people Haindl met on the streets of the historic neighborhood of Ybor City... All images © Ramon Haindl

Ethical Issues '13 on Behance Annually, the Royal Mail produces a portfolio of commemorative stamps. They select a number of key events, cultural themes or topics from histo… Read More Annually, the Royal Mail produces a portfolio of commemorative stamps.

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