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Marco Mazzoni

Marco Mazzoni
"The Donor" @galleribenoni #coloredpencils #moleskine #fabercastell #polychromos "The Cynic" on view on @jonathanlevinegallery #thelostmittensociety "Lost in time" @galleribenoni #coloredpencils #paper #fabercastell Madre on moleskine #fabercastell #polychromos #moleskine "Castor and Pollux" 2011 #coloredpencils #paper "Lost In Time" 2015, colored pencils on paper, cm 38x28 "The tree of Life" 2014, colored pencils on moleskine paper, cm 26x21The Lost Mitten SocietyAnnual Winter Salon Show Jonathan LeVine Gallery Exhibiting artists include Adam Wallacavage, Amandine Urruty, Anders Gjennestad, Anton Vill, Aron Wiesenfeld, Christian Rex van Minnen, Doubleparlour, Faith 47, Finok, James Marshall, John Brophy, Josh Keyes, Kris Lewis, Lucien Shapiro, Marco Mazzoni, Martin Wittfooth, Max Rippon, Mike Giant, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Taylor McKimens, Tristan Eaton and Troy Brooks. Tomorrow! "Got the Life" 2014, colored pencils on moleskine paper, cm 21x26 for Platinum Blend: Curated by Stephanie Chefas 2011.

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Menerva Tau Traditional Art Blue // Caeruleus m i a s m a Odyne Inside the Sketchbook of Artist Marco Mazzoni Artist Marco Mazzoni is based in Milan, Italy where he works from his studio creating amazingly detailed color pencil drawings that have captured the attention of collectors from all over the world. I asked Mazzoni to let us peek inside his sketchbook for Hi-Fructose’s ongoing series Inside the Sketchbook. He sent over a beautiful drawings from his Moleskine sketchbooks and speaks generously about his drawing techniques in the following interview. It is astounding what Mazzoni can achieve with a simple colored pencil or a ball point pen. His work has also been featured on the cover of Hi-Fructose Volume 20. Have you always kept a sketchbook?

Richard Solomon Artists Representative Jon Foster would have to be considered one of the top concept artists working today. He has a very strong following among the Sci-fi / Sci-fantasy community. He is a sought out speaker and lecturer on the subject and is a superstar illustrator who has won many of the top honors in the fantasy world, including two silver and three gold awards from Spectrum: The Best of Contemporary Fantastic Art. Jon also was awarded the David P. Usher/Greenwich Workshop Memorial Award in the Society of Illustrators annual 43, has been nominated twice for the Chesley Awards, and was winner of the 2008 Dark Scribe Quill Award for Best Cover. Jon Foster's works have appeared in publications such as National Geographic, Universal Orlando, Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, Tor Books, Simon and Schuster, Harry S.

Miriam Galassi Art Steps of my newest eye drawing. :) Here again all steps of my new eye drawing featuring the finished drawing and the scan. :) First three steps of my new eye drawing. :) Drawing eyes is so much fun. Strange Gods It’s been quiet around here this week, but here’s a shot of what I’ve been up to. Hopefully this giant monstrosity will be finished within the next few days, and I can set myself upon the next. Anonymous said: WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ON THE SKELETON WAR Artist Spotlight- Cynda Valle Rogers- Can't Stop Staring at these Paintings. Here at Stop Staring, we have been blessed to come across some of the coolest people from the around the world…everything from celebrities to local artists, from bloggers to editors, and from business elite to starving students and we have to say, that we are always very excited ,fascinated and humbled ,by how many amazing people our dresses have brought thru our doors. But every once in awhile we meet some really cool person who stands out a little more than the rest and so we have to share these folks with you. If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you may remember a post I shared a while back, of an amazing painting that featured one of our dresses done by Artist Cynda Valle Rogers. We were absolutely mesmerized by her artistic skills and completely flattered that she chose one of our retro dresses for her work. So imagine our surprise when she shares with us another painting with yet another one of our cocktail dresses as part of the subject. And what a beautiful dream it is!

graffiti-art Wallpaintings on “Mein Schiff 4″ On board of Mein Schiff 4, the newest TUI cruise liner, guests can discover over 6000 works of art while enjoying their journey. In the spring of 2015 Mirko Reisser (DAIM) already created an impressive … 17. Art Auction for Foundation Ueberleben 17. Vladislav Erko illustration Paulo Coehlo calls him the best person to illustrate his books and Warner Brothers studio recognize him as the one of the best fifth illustrators for Harry Potter. Kieve based illustrator Vladislav Erko. We can’t find a link to his portfolio or website, if anyone, please drop us a message.

PRE-RAPHAELITE ART Archive Random Submit Ask List of Paintings by Artist The short-lived but highly influential Pre-Raphaelite movement was a reform group of artists and poets founded in 1849. Their main objective in art was to reject the dramatic, artificial Mannerist painting styles succeeding Raphael and Michelangelo (hence the term "Pre-Raphaelite") and to create more genuine, humble representations of their subjects. Is De-Skilling Killing Your Arts Education?  F. Scott Hess, Time, 2005, oil on canvas, 54 × 66 inches, Number 6 in The Seven Laughters of God series. In 1974, when I was a freshman art student at a small Midwestern liberal arts college in Wisconsin, I wanted to learn to draw the human figure. One untenured professor took me under his wing and encouraged that process, but the department chair, an alcoholic abstract painter, stumbled into the studio late one evening while I was studying a plaster head that showed the muscles of the face.

Джорджия О’Киф Джорджия О’Киф: портрет - фото Альфреда Стиглица Родился: 15 ноября 1887 г.; Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, United States Умер: 6 марта 1986 г.; Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States Сфера деятельности: живопись Национальность: Американец Художественное направление: Прецизионизм What is an emerging artist? By Alyson Stanfield on April 5, 2012 Is the term “emerging artist” based on age? Is “emerging artist” different from “beginning artist”? ©Deborah Foutch, Red Reeds. Painted cotton appliqued papers, machine embroidery, 12 x 15 inches.

ERIC WHITE prev / next 14 of 38 thumbnails PENTAPLEX: Coming Attractions 2013 • oil on canvas • 84 x 144 inches Mommie Issues 2: The Reckoning fabien merelle Freshly graduated from the Beaux-Arts, former resident of the prestigious Casa Vélasquez in Madrid, Fabien Merelle distinguishes himself through his style, at once realistic, minute and oniric. After having tamed his childhood drawings, which he completed with humor, his latest series takes its author as its main subject.Invariably dressed in pyjama trousers, a conspicuous sign that the perception of the world is done through dreams, the boy takes us with him on a fanciful ride. Fabien Merelle loves the shadowy world of tales. He re-entered it by rediscovering his childhood drawings which had been carefully preserved. He completed it with his experience and his imagination.

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