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Alyssa monks

Alyssa monks
Based on Actual Events, Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York, NY, 2014 Small Is Beautiful, Flowers Gallery, London, UK, 2013 Benetton Foundation's Imago Mundi at the Venice Biennale, Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Italy, 2013 Art Southampton, Southampton, NY, 2013 NYAA Summer Exhibition, Allegra LaViola Gallery, NY, 2013 Presence, Blue Gallery, MO, 2013

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The Art of Aubrey Beardsley (A Collection of His Works) I started this project about 3 years ago, when I took a razor blade to an already falling apart copy of "The Early Works of Aubrey Beardsley" (Dover Edition 1967) and scanned in all of the images. I've taken a few liberties with color corrections, scaling, and compositing of multi-page images. Some may be ever so slightly skewed because of the way they were scanned in, meaning - very primitively using a relatively crummy $40 Plustek flatbed. A Conversation with Ursula von Rydingsvard I first heard of Ursula von Rydingsvard from my friend Jane Rosen. "She's a great artist," she told me. "You should interview her." But Ursula lives in New York and I had my hands full in the Bay Area. It didn't seem likely to happen.

Prints JONATHAN LEVINE GALLERY EXCLUSIVE: The Bored Heiress a ten color, hand signed and numbered serigraph, 19" x 29" released in conjunction with the "Thursday's Girl" exhibition in April 2013 Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York Samantha Donnelly - Ceri Hand Gallery Samantha Donnelly's practice is primarily sculptural. She has a materials-led approach to making, underpinned by references to art history and popular culture - specifically photography, TV, film and advertisements. Her work is made through questioning, rephrasing and reworking a range of sculptural matter, mass-produced household wares, imported fashion bargains and second-hand finds in the studio over a period of time. Her way of making gives the work a strong sense of time which mirrors conventions found in the media (editing, cropping, elimination, montage, narration). This results in a fragmented / abstract / partial quality to finished work; some appearing relic-like and precious, whereas others are seemingly transient and momentary, on the edge of dissolve.

20 Hyper-Realistic Oil Paintings by Alyssa Monks - Glass, Steam, Water and Flesh Still life painting demo in artificial light - Speed painting video Willys Skane Vodafone ad for Cricket Alerts - Zoozoo head cracking and falling Джорджия О’Киф Джорджия О’Киф: портрет - фото Альфреда Стиглица Родился: 15 ноября 1887 г.; Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, United States Умер: 6 марта 1986 г.; Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States Сфера деятельности: живопись Art21 . Ursula von Rydingsvard Marina Abramović was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1946. A pioneer of performance as a visual art form, Abramović has used her body as both subject and medium of her performances to test her... Robert Adams was born in Orange, New Jersey, in 1937. His refined black-and-white photographs document scenes of the American West of the past four decades, revealing the impact of human activity on... Ai Weiwei was born in Beijing, China in 1957. An outspoken human rights activist, Ai was arrested by Chinese authorities in April 2011 and held incommunicado for three months.

ANNIE WU: Portfolio: Illustration. The Birds, 2010.Featured in SPECTRUM 18. Prohibition Era Psychedlia, 2011.Panel from a short comic. Duos: Bret McKenzie & Jemaine Clement, 2010. Duos: Jackson Publick & Doc Hammer, 2010. Justice League of America punk redesign, 2010. Romaine Brooks Brooks had an unhappy childhood after her father abandoned the family; her mother was emotionally abusive and her brother mentally ill. By her own account, her childhood cast a shadow over her whole life. She spent several years in Italy and France as a poor art student, then inherited a fortune upon her mother's death in 1902. Wealth gave her the freedom to choose her own subjects. She often painted people close to her, such as the Italian writer and politician Gabriele D'Annunzio, the Russian dancer Ida Rubinstein, and her partner of more than 50 years, the writer Natalie Barney.

Life Magnified: A Gallery of Macro Photos The National Institute of Health (NIH) has launched a Web companion to the 2014 exhibit at Washington Dulles International Airport entitled Life: Magnified. The exhibit displays scientific images showing cells and other scenes of life magnified by as much as 50,000 times. Most of the colors in these images do not occur in nature. Rather, they are the result of chemical dyes or graphic design programs that allow scientists to study selected structures within a cell. Developing nerve cells. HIV (yellow) infecting a human cell.

PRE-RAPHAELITE ART Archive Random Submit Ask List of Paintings by Artist The short-lived but highly influential Pre-Raphaelite movement was a reform group of artists and poets founded in 1849. Their main objective in art was to reject the dramatic, artificial Mannerist painting styles succeeding Raphael and Michelangelo (hence the term "Pre-Raphaelite") and to create more genuine, humble representations of their subjects. They painted brightly-colored, evenly-lit scenes with a particular emphasis on romanticism, elaborate detail, medieval history, symbolism, and nature. Updated frequently.

Susan Philipsz Susan Philipsz OBE (born 1965) is a Scottish artist who won the 2010 Turner Prize.[1] Originally a sculptor, she is best known for her sound installations. She records herself singing a cappella versions of songs which are replayed over a public address system in the gallery or other installation. She currently lives and works in Berlin. Early life and education[edit] Born in Glasgow, Philipsz is one of six sisters. Philipsz's father is Burmese.

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