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James Zapata. James Zapata. Stephen Mackey. Shop Now — The Art of Christopher Lovell. Ivan Brun - accueil. Ryan McLennan. Menerva Tau. Baby art. The Art & Illustration of Nick Sheehy / Showchicken. Bodyworlds. Aspius - GRZEGORZ KMIN - CIEMNA STRONA - obsesja projektu. Mark Ryden. Martin Wittfooth. Marco Mazzoni. Home. James Jean. Home - Mariska Karto. 非 YDK Morimoe aka Hi. Strange Gods. It’s been quiet around here this week, but here’s a shot of what I’ve been up to.

Strange Gods

Hopefully this giant monstrosity will be finished within the next few days, and I can set myself upon the next. Anonymous said: WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ON THE SKELETON WAR My family, everyone I know are all at least half skeleton. It’s a dangerous time for us all. Pam Hawkes - Artist. 五月雨薫のDear.Rock'n'roll. 【生き辛さをブチ壊すアートのススメ】 ああっ!!

五月雨薫のDear.Rock'n'roll. 【生き辛さをブチ壊すアートのススメ】

プリンちゃん愛してる!!! 今日和、サミダレカオルです。 Hanna Jaeun. Antonio Lorente. Zakuroaoyama. Hikari Shimoda. Peter chan - concept artist, illustrator. Zan von zed.

Womans in Tenebra

Welcome. Moje rysunki. Chris Berens. Khoa Le: illustrator/painter/graphic designer. Peter Chan. Alexis Diaz. John Brophy Fine Art. Portfolio. Miles Johnston Artblog. Welcome to the official Webpage of Ernst Fuchs. Gorblimey: the Art of Socar Myles. Shawn Lin. Vavje. Yang Cao Art. 後藤 温子 / GOTO Atsuko. NICHOLAS TOLMACHЕV. T. HANUKA. IKENAGA YASUNARI. Hello. Don kenn gallery. Fabien merelle. Freshly graduated from the Beaux-Arts, former resident of the prestigious Casa Vélasquez in Madrid, Fabien Merelle distinguishes himself through his style, at once realistic, minute and oniric.

fabien merelle

After having tamed his childhood drawings, which he completed with humor, his latest series takes its author as its main subject.Invariably dressed in pyjama trousers, a conspicuous sign that the perception of the world is done through dreams, the boy takes us with him on a fanciful ride. Fabien Merelle loves the shadowy world of tales. He re-entered it by rediscovering his childhood drawings which had been carefully preserved. He completed it with his experience and his imagination. The dream can easily turn to nightmare when it shows a young man of 29 years, with hardened and emaciated features, suffering from the attack of a trunk which invades and devours his body. 絵ノフィル(ENOphile) Estudió en la Universidad de Querétaro pero aprendió a dibujar copiando y observando a Durero.

Su dibujo trata de imitar el grabado, con líneas y puntillismo. Cada obra le exige semanas de trabajo y son pequeñas joyas llenas de belleza y crueldad. Su dibujo preciosista encierra leyendas terribles, debemos observarlos detenidamente para asombrarnos o conmovernos. Mientras dibuja ensimismada Ginger se duerme en el papel. Yamamoto takato topics. ● M I N I / M I N I A T U R E / M O U S E ・ F U M I / M I N I / N A K A M U R A ● Atsuko Goto – Portfolio. Cesar Santos. Takahiro Hirabayashi - 8 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy. IkumaNao:ArtWorks. May 1, 2015 冬 etching 割れる沈黙 April 13, 2015 No title 18×15cm 双黙 22.5×21cm 頭獣 安息地 双頭の自我.


Akino Kondoh. Xavier Jallais - peintre : automorphie, autographie, zoomorphie, anges dechus, fragments, reliquaires... Ivan Brun - accueil. Alessandro Bavari Official WebSite. A Fine Art Gallery for American and California Art - jamesmainfineart. Treserras - Berit / Peinture - Sculpture. Zach Montoya. Craww. Brandi milne-illustrator, designer, artist. Hsiao Ron Cheng. Chie Yoshii. Diaryofinhumanspecies. Dec My new book is available here : ETSY SHOP English & French texts Two editions, a regular edition and a drawing edition with a sketch in it.


Nov Dear Friends, Séverine Gauthier and I are embarking on a great and monstrous adventure and we invite you to join us on our poetic and monstrous journey to a world under a bed! Les amis, grande nouvelle aujourd’hui! Oct Each day during october I will participate to Inktober an draw a drawing each day – Here’s the fourth ones ! Sep Hello friends ! You can purchase these AWESOME stuffs HERE ! Hello les amis ! Hello my dear fellows ! Here’s “Midnight Meeting” the piece I did for “Suggestivism Resonance” show at Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco , curated by Nathan Spoor – opening reception September 1 if Interested write to You can check out for the astonishing stuff in this show HERE May This is the four pieces I did for the “Four Seasons” show at Haven Gallery – New York. Reddwalitzki - Home. Blaž Porenta. MIZUMA ART GALLERY : KONOIKE Tomoko / 鴻池朋子. 鴻池 朋子 ⁄ KONOIKE Tomoko Born in 1960 in Akita, Japan.


Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. Received B.A., in Japanese Traditional Painting, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Worked as a toy and furniture designer. Solo Exhibitions "In the blink of an eye, I have come this far. ," SLANT, Ishikawa "Donning animal skins and braided grass," Gallery Hyundai (Guagnam Space), Seoul, Korea "Hidden Mountain Reverse," Mizuma Art Gallery, Tokyo "Inter-Traveller: Twelve Wolf Poets," Kirishima Open Air Museum (Kagoshima Pref.), Kagoshima. Untitled Document. Loui jover. Loui jover jour de pluie Jan. 28 2015 #Loui Jover #artist on tumblr #Illustration 150 notes.

loui jover

Mirko Sevic. Home of 高松和樹 距離感主義 Kazuki Takamatsu. Basso Art - The Art of William Basso. Dark Art: Vania Zouravliov gallery № 10. Handiedan. Steven Assael. The Art of Glenn Barr! Atsuko Goto – Portfolio. FUYUKO MATSUI. Mark Molchan. George Karakasoglou. Cesar Santos. Giovanni Gasparro - The Official Site - Dipinti. ● M I N I / M I N I A T U R E / M O U S E ・ F U M I / M I N I / N A K A M U R A ● Masami Teraoka. ASAF HANUKA ILLUSTRATION & COMICS. Ferrante Ferranti. The Art of Rudy Faber. Alex Solis. Monsieur Qui.