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Hsiao Ron Cheng How to tell if someone is telling a lie or lying: Viewzone We have all met people who were dishonest and avoided eye contact. It has been said that "the eyes are the mirror if the soul." Many people know that their eyes betray their lies. Some try to conceal the truth by wearing sunglasses of looking down at the ground. Eventually, you will confront someone and need to know if they are being honest. It may be a friend, a family member or an employee. The following are some general patterns that you can use when talking to someone. Here is a more detailed explanation of this method: Up and to the Left: Indicates a visually constructed Images. Up and to the Right: Indicates a Visually Remembered Images. To the Left: Indicates an Auditory Construct thought. To the Right: Indicates an Auditory Memory. Down and to the Left: Indicates a Feeling / Kinesthetic / Sensory impression that is being created. Down and To the Right: Indicates an Internal Dialog. How to use this information to detect a lie? But there's more to the story... Comments? Comments: James

diaryofinhumanspecies Dec My new book is available here : ETSY SHOP English & French texts Two editions, a regular edition and a drawing edition with a sketch in it. Nov Dear Friends, Séverine Gauthier and I are embarking on a great and monstrous adventure and we invite you to join us on our poetic and monstrous journey to a world under a bed! Les amis, grande nouvelle aujourd’hui! Oct Each day during october I will participate to Inktober an draw a drawing each day – Here’s the fourth ones ! Sep Hello friends ! You can purchase these AWESOME stuffs HERE ! Hello les amis ! Hello my dear fellows ! Here’s “Midnight Meeting” the piece I did for “Suggestivism Resonance” show at Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco , curated by Nathan Spoor – opening reception September 1 if Interested write to You can check out for the astonishing stuff in this show HERE May This is the four pieces I did for the “Four Seasons” show at Haven Gallery – New York. Apr Aaaarghhhh! Rrhhaaa ! Hi fellows ! Hello les amis ! Puggies

Xavier Thoughts: Recognizing Threats A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on the realities of surviving a gunfight. Much of my writing focused on the need to avoid the conflict. Many believe that they can avoid conflict by avoiding particular areas. This is not always the case. A person must go about one's life, and the criminal element does the same. To recognize threats, one has to understand how the criminal mind works. IntentThis is when the criminal decides to commit a crime. He has decided to go to work. SelectionThe criminal, once he has observed a potential victim, will send out some test runs to determine if the person is indeed prey, or predator. The predator is mimicking a common panhandler to get in close, test the waters and position himself for attack. If the predator is engaged, a request for change quickly becomes a demand for a dollar, then a twenty, then a blow to the head as soon as the victim refuses. The most feared predator is the one who uses the silent selection process.

Blaž Porenta 5 Hard Truths That Are Actually Quite Liberating We humans, but especially we Americans, believe in self-improvement. God bless us, we do. We believe in better, faster, thinner. We believe in six-pack abs. We believe in second and third chances. God bless us, we try. As a writer, I fail way more than I succeed. But we keep trying. I know whereof I speak. A few weeks ago, when my family moved, I had the opportunity to go through these boxes. As I write this, I am sitting in my new house. Lately, I’ve been trying hard not to try so hard. I know, I know, I’m still preaching self-improvement, but I see it as a different kind—a radical and mindful acceptance of reality. The following five doses of reality may sound negative, but the catch is, they’re not; they’re actually liberating. 1. Some days it seems that everyone in the world is writing a book or making a film or recording an album or trying to make it as an actor. 2. It’s important to set goals and to try our best. 3. So many of us need to feel special. 4. 5.

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10 Hilariously Outdated Instructional FIlms - Listverse Pop Culture The 1950s and 1960s—it was a simpler time in America, when the men brought home the bacon and the women knew their place. That doesn’t mean there were no dangers lurking . . . dangers like not knowing how to properly stir a cake, how to help your hardworking husband relax, or how to deal with those pesky women who thought they belonged out in the workplace. Fortunately, these informational short films were made to teach young people everything they needed to know in order to navigate the high-demand world of the ’50s and ’60s. 10The Relaxed Wife1957 If this doesn’t illustrate the difference between the hardworking, stressed man with the weight of the world on his shoulders and the relaxed housewife with not a care in the world, nothing does. She has all sorts of stressful things to deal with, too, like children and doing laundry, but she knows how to let the world’s problems take care of themselves. 9Boys Beware1961 By then, it was almost too late for Jimmy. 6Snap Out Of It!

Akino Kondoh Why Each Year Seems To Disappear More Quickly Than the Last by Anna Hunt For most people, each passing month of their lives seems to feel shorter than the previous. Many of us can’t believe that stores are already starting to display Christmas products, and if you’re writing a check, you might still catch yourself writing 2013 when 2014 is nearly over. All clocks follow the same 12 hour / 60 minute symmetry, yet studies suggest that as we get older, we don’t experience time the same way. Many psychologists believe that as we age, our perception of time begins to accelerate versus time actually speeding up. The emotional intensity of our daily life is affected by the fact that many of us experience “Habituation Hypothesis”. Our instinct is to conserve energy when we can, so when life is predictable, our minds turn to autopilot and we tune out. There’s also what psychologists call “Forward Telescoping”, which considers how we perceive past events that have made a significant impact in our lives. How can we slow down time? Enjoy the present moment.