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Alessandro Bavari Official WebSite

Alessandro Bavari Official WebSite
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Hsiao Ron Cheng Untitled Document Marcus BRANDAO diaryofinhumanspecies Dec My new book is available here : ETSY SHOP English & French texts Two editions, a regular edition and a drawing edition with a sketch in it. Nov Dear Friends, Séverine Gauthier and I are embarking on a great and monstrous adventure and we invite you to join us on our poetic and monstrous journey to a world under a bed! Les amis, grande nouvelle aujourd’hui! Oct Each day during october I will participate to Inktober an draw a drawing each day – Here’s the fourth ones ! Sep Hello friends ! You can purchase these AWESOME stuffs HERE ! Hello les amis ! Hello my dear fellows ! Here’s “Midnight Meeting” the piece I did for “Suggestivism Resonance” show at Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco , curated by Nathan Spoor – opening reception September 1 if Interested write to You can check out for the astonishing stuff in this show HERE May This is the four pieces I did for the “Four Seasons” show at Haven Gallery – New York. Apr Aaaarghhhh! Rrhhaaa ! Hi fellows ! Hello les amis ! Puggies

Grégoire Alexandre Grégoire Alexandre is a French photographer, famous for his surrealist works. For many years, Grégoire has studied film. Today he takes pictures especially for fashion, advertising and working with artists and musicians, including the creation of album covers. His world is totally surreal and crazy. Here is a selection of his work to discover in this article, and more on his portfolio. Gregoire Alexandre Gregoire Alexandre - Vincent Cassel Gilbert Garcin Blaž Porenta WALL magazine – Daily art news | Wall magazine placarde chaque jour sur son mur des nouveautés artistiques diverses et originales

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