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Ray Caesar - Home Page

Ray Caesar - Home Page

Related:  Portafolios /ReferentesFait moi un dessin...People 2 Planes The captain’s window is marked with the big cheese (”captain, my captain!”), the co-pilot’s window with co-captain (the other pilot on the PA system) and the jump seat is for wannabe pilots. In addition, the following descriptions of plane parts can be found: Menerva Tau Traditional Art Blue // Caeruleus m i a s m a Zeljko Tonsic Željko Tonšić is born in Zemun (Serbia) on 7th july 1954. His works are wide-spread through whole Europe. The critics call him one of the best painters of Fantastic or Symbolism. In every painting, while he create it, he carry in a dose of symbolics, mystique and religion. Every painting have its own story, permeated with either thematic or the inspiration steal up from dreams, because, dreams are his secret place to look for.

Typographic Portraits They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this set featuring hyper-realistic typographic portraits, that phrase is literally true. It's fascinating to see which words artists chose to construct the eyes, nose, and ears of their subjects. As we lean in to take a closer look, we find a deeper meaning though the text, as if we are reading their thoughts. Kelsey Brookes 2010 Kelsey Brookes is an artist of contrasts. His well-documented background in microbiology, surf culture and folk art combine in explosive prisms of raucous color, bold imagery and timeless motifs. Raw and un-tethered, his vibrant, mixed-media assemblages reveal a free-flowing aesthetic that’s altogether energetic, sexual and humorous. Each work is a microcosm of life itself, where smiley-faced characters and wild animals cavort with abstract forms and splices of color to form something infinitely complex and visually joyful. Brookes’ quick ascent to artistic success in both the United States and the Europe has led to a variety of fine art and commercial platforms, increasing the demand and value of his work. Kelsey Brookes is represented by Quint Gallery in La Jolla, CA; New Image Art in Los Angeles; and Lazarides Gallery in London.

69 Sexy Portfolio Designs To Inspire You Advertisement Today designing a unique, compelling portfolio has become a crucial task for designers, studios, companies and everyone whose business is on the Web. Not only does it help one stand out among the numerous competitors, but it is also a great tool for self-expression and demonstration of skills. Now designers face new challenges in attracting the capricious web audience – a plain web page with a project list on it is out of date and boring, while fancy Flash websites with intricate navigation are annoying. Fortunately, despite all difficulties beautiful and artistic designs are appearing in an endless stream. Designers skillfully use all the benefits of the digital age and create websites that are rich in effects and eye-popping yet simple and accessible.

Strange Gods It’s been quiet around here this week, but here’s a shot of what I’ve been up to. Hopefully this giant monstrosity will be finished within the next few days, and I can set myself upon the next. Anonymous said: WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ON THE SKELETON WAR My family, everyone I know are all at least half skeleton. It’s a dangerous time for us all. berluic said: Do you have any advice on how to be a better artist I really want to draw more again I stopped for awhile but I'm not sure where to begin ReMeDiOs VaRo - Mystical Surrealism undefined Biography This unique and sacred creature was born in Spain in 1908. Remedios always struggled to combine the mythic with the scientific, the sacred with the profane.

Himitsuhama Support my work by contributing to the organization of my first solo show I published a campaign on Indiegogo in order to collect funds for my first Solo Show. / I have already participated in many group exhibitions in Italy and abroad and now that my work is starting to be internationally recognized I really would like to plan my first solo show and I’d like it to be in my hometown, Lecce, South Italy. / The show will take place in July with the title THE SEEDS OF DRE… RedBubble account Hello everybody! painting - The World's Best Ever: design, fashion, art, music, photography, lifestyle, Jackson Pollock 51 A short film by Hans Namuth Jeff Koons – The Painter & The Sculptor

It's All In Your Head Berlin’s Magma Architecture won several awards for its entry in the JETZT | NOW series of temporary installations at the Berlinische Galerie, Museum for Contemporary Art, Photography and Architecture. Magma’s installation, 11th in the series, was called fittingly “head-in | im kopf” and its concept is based on exploring the properties of materials, form, color and light. The main feature of the installation is an alarmingly orange flexible fabric (polyamide-elastan mix) stretched between the walls, ceiling and floor. The fabric is the most visible part of the exhibit, yet it is also the tool with which the viewers can focus on smaller details. Visitors bend down under the fabric into which openings were cut. Through these holes, visitors pop their heads up into the orange space to view drawings, models and photographs suspended from wires.

René Magritte René François Ghislain Magritte (21 November 1898 – 15 August 1967) was a Belgian surrealist artist. He became well known for a number of witty and thought-provoking images that fall under the umbrella of surrealism. His work is known for challenging observers' preconditioned perceptions of reality. Postmodernism is dead A new exhibition signals the end of postmodernism. But what was it? And what comes next?

Ben O'Brien's Portfolio A brief portfolio to summarise my illustration work to potential clients.Advertising, Digital Art, Illustration2012 Quirky characters and landscape illustrations for Candy Land packagingCharacter Design, Illustration, Packaging2014 Sneaker-inspired art prints and mini-zine! A collection of my 'Twisted Fifties' style artworkAdvertising, Digital Art, Illustration2013

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