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John William Waterhouse: Comprehensive Painting Gallery of Artwo Gustave Doré Art Images Sylvia Ji Doré English Bible Bible with engravings by Gustave Doré was published in 1866. This is one of the most popular sets of Bible illustrations. Old Testament[edit] Genesis[edit] Exodus[edit] Book of Joshua[edit] Book of Judges[edit] Ruth[edit] Books of Samuel[edit] Books of Kings[edit] Ezra and Nehemiah[edit] Tobit[edit] Judith[edit] Esther[edit] Job[edit] The Prophets[edit] Zechariah's Vision of Four Chariots Books of the Maccabees[edit] New Testament[edit]

Amy Shackleton Eric Lacombe Helena Nelson Reed IKENAGA YASUNARI Artists Turn Their Palettes into Paintings for the Exhibition “Point of Origin” Denis Sarazhin After completing a series of miniature paintings two years ago, Dina Brodsky (previously) turned to her palette, experimenting with the tool of the series’ creation until it became a work of its own. During a studio visit with a friend she noticed he too had created a work on an old palette, however the work was far different than her own. This discovery led Brodsky to investigate other artists’ palettes and how they might manipulate them into works, inviting both friends and strangers to experiment with their palettes. “Everyone I asked made a phenomenal painting, and because they were sharing the images on social media, a few other artists asked if they could participate,” said Brodsky to Colossal. “It grew from there, almost like a conversation that was happening via palette paintings and social media amongst artists all over the globe.” James Adelman Alonsa Guevara Dina Brodsky in progress Christian Fagerlund Joshua Henderson Amber Lia-Kloppel Tim Lowly