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Downloads. What can I do with my degree in fine art? Fine art graduates develop a range of practical and creative skills, and gain valuable experience of entering exhibitions, competitions and building up a portfolio of work Job options Jobs directly related to your degree include: Jobs where your degree would be useful include: Remember that many employers accept applications from graduates with any degree subject, so don't restrict your thinking to the jobs listed here.

To find out what jobs would suit you, log in to My Prospects. Work experience Start building up a portfolio of work while you are still an undergraduate. Also try and network, making contacts who may be able to offer (or help you secure) commissions. Voluntary work with, for example community art initiatives, can likewise be valuable. Search for placements and find out more about work experience and internships. Typical employers Finding jobs in this sector is not straightforward. Skills for your CV Further study What do fine art graduates do? Graduate destinations for fine art. Being an intern Archives > Artquest. Artquest>Making the most of your degree show. Your degree show – whether at BA (degree) or MA (postgraduate) level – is a valuable opportunity to showcase your work to a wide range of people working in the art world. Curators, writers, other artists, gallery directors and many others visit degree shows as part of their research into artists they they might want to work with in the future.

It’s important that your show looks its best at all times, and that you are available and contactable in the months following your show. The following advice has been compiled from research into what makes a successful degree show, by Paul Glinkowski, and general tips from Medeia Cohan-Petrolino. You should bear in mind that there can be no single blueprint for how to stage the ideal degree show. Wherever you study will have its own ways of working and facilities, and each discipline has its own conventions and requirements of display.

Prepare Preparation for your degree show properly starts about a year before. Closer to your show, you might also: New graduates Archives > Artquest. PVAC Signpost. Artquest>How to. Developing a practice and a career is a highly individual and nuanced juggling act. Artists usually need to do things beyond their arts practice: practical, critical and sometimes even philosophical questions and challenges can abound. Our ‘How to’ section addresses this with a rich range of content: audio interviews, films and articles by artists, curators, gallerists and other art-world figures cover a truly comprehensive range of subjects relevant to an artists’ lives. From the day to day (money, housing, employment) to the exceptional (exhibiting, residencies) we like to think that it contains everything an artist needs to know. Looking for something that’s missing?

Affordable housing There are a number of different housing options, particularly in London, which has a long history of housing associations and co-operatives, council h … Read more Approaching gallery curators The gallery curator is normally the individual who makes the decisions about which artists a space will show. Guides and tips for creative freelancers. PVAC Goodpracticefornewartists. What can I do with my degree in Fine Art? - Careers and Employability Service. Every year the University of Kent participates in the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey to find out what graduates are doing after finishing their courses. You can access this information here [34]. Please note that this webpage is password protected and only accessible by University of Kent staff and students.

The examples shown reflect the destinations of students six months after graduation. Keep in mind that at this early stage some graduates may not have made long-term career choices or entered a graduate-level job role. You will find many examples of graduates who have entered graduate schemes and professional careers, but there may also be some graduates working in temporary employment or taking time out to volunteer, travel or gain appropriate work experience. The destination data is useful for generating career ideas and it also shows that as a Kent graduate you have a very wide range of career options open to you, whatever your degree subject! AIR. Established by a-n as an integral part of a-n’s Artist membership for practising visual and applied artists, AIR identifies and explores issues that impact on artists’ practice.

AIR Council are an advisory group who help identify and explore issues that impact on artists’ practice. AIR announces campaign to improve payment of artists. AIR Council’s Joseph Young continues research into artists’ pensions. Following AIR Council fact-finding and sifting of artists’ opinions over recent months, consultants DHA Communications have been commissioned to develop a body of evidence and advocacy tools for a campaign highlighting the need to pay artists for their vital contributions to arts and culture.

UK’s two most significant membership bodies for visual artists reach agreement. Joseph Young, Vice Chair of AIR, to conduct research into artists’ pensions. Research by the Stage illustrates how Arts Council cuts are decimating arts organisations. How was AIR formed? Blogs. I have been invited to exhibit at the 3rd edition of Coup de Ville, a Contemporary Art Triennial located in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. This edition focuses on wastelands and in-between spaces, and invites the selected artists to respond and intervene in select locations. THis is my general blog, with news and tips An Arts Council England funded collaborative project about Felicia Browne, a British artist who volunteered and died in the Spanish Civil War.

Through poetry and visual art we will respond to her life and her archive of drawings and letters held at Tate Britain. A blog documenting my research trip exploring Amsterdam’s artist run book stores supported by a-n through a 2016 Travel Bursary award We are artists Julie Henry and Debbie Bragg, and we work together as art duo Henry/Bragg. I was so happy when I found out I was awarded Travel Bursary to network in Sweden. An artist notebook from 1954 to 2016 I’m currently in my third year of a Fine Art degree at University Campus Suffolk. Axisweb. Visual Arts - Culture & Art - Yorkshire Employment and Training Information - Yorkshire Graduates. There are loads of places in Yorkshire where the Visual Arts have found a home. The Yorkshire Sculpture Park near Wakefield is one of Europe's leading open-air art organisations displaying modern and contemporary work by leading UK and international artists.

They attract over 300,000 visitors every year and have an established education and community programme. The Henry Moore Institute in Leeds is a unique resource devoted exclusively to sculpture with a programme comprising exhibitions, collections and research. Sheffield's Persistence Works, designed by award winning Feilden Clegg Bradley Architects, is the UK's first purpose-built fine art and craft studio complex.

Sheffield also draws on its past of excellence in metalwork, with The Academy of Makers providing accommodation space to bring together small commercial businesses associated with the metal and crafts industries in the historic Butcher Works. Job vacancies in Culture & Art Useful links: Arts Council England, Yorkshire. Browse opportunities | CuratorSpace. Jobs Desk — University of Leicester. Reviews.