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Found photos. free pie.

Found photos. free pie.
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Foundphotos The Selvedge Yard The Wonderful World of 2D and 3D Fractal Geometry Fractals are shapes that can be split into several parts and every part is a reduced size of the whole. They usually have fine structures at arbitrarily small scales, being too irregular to be described in traditional Euclidean geometric language. Fractals have an infinite complexity and it’s almost impossible to reproduce such a complicated image. In the last decade fractals gained a lot of popularity, especially that now they can be generated with special software or created in other digital manners. For the ones who don’t own such software or haven’t learned how to use it yet, know that fractals can be quite easily found in nature too, and artistically expressed through photography. The following article presents 50 amazing fractal art pictures, expressed on 3 levels: 2D digital manipulations, 3D images and photography of natural fractals. Romanesco o Broccoli Fractal Fireworks Apophysis Autumn Flowers Beautiful Fractal Lacewing Ballet Vulture over Prometheus Hovering Coccoon Lobra Fractal

Bienvenida | Cultura Histórica February Theme: CLOSE-UP! Kelli Nina Perkins here to announce the February theme of Close-Up! At the end of this post you can find out about this month's prizes and how to win. Your Sketchbook Challenge director says..."are you ready for your close-up?" Getting close-up is about taking a new perspective, finding a different view and appreciating the little things. Here are three ways you can try this. ONE Take a photo or find an image. TWO Find something to ZOOM in on. THREE Perspectives change when you go from landscape to close-up, so see what happens if you VIEW something from a much closer perspective. Check out my photos below to see the source for my close-ups. The theme for Febrary 2012 is: *Close-Up* Special Prize Giveaway Announcements: This year on the Sketchbook Challenge we're going to be giving away some art! We also have a special prize package giveaway from Gelli Arts! One lucky winner will receive an 8"x10" Gelli Art plate! IMPORTANT: PLEASE ONLY TAG ONE OF YOUR PHOTOS with this special code!

Found photography Found photography is a genre of photography and/or visual art based on the recovery (and possible exhibition) of lost, unclaimed, or discarded photographs. It is related to vernacular photography, but differs in the fact that the "presenter" or exhibitor of the photographs did not "shoot" the photograph itself, does not know anything about the photographer, and generally does not know anything about the subject(s) of the photographs. Found photos are generally acquired at flea markets, thrift and other secondhand stores, yard sales, estate and tage sales, in dumpsters and trash cans, between the pages of books, or literally just "found" anywhere. Looking at found photography[edit] Much of the appeal of found photography is the mystery regarding the original photographer or subject matter. History of found photography[edit] Found photography actually falls underneath the umbrella of found art, which has its origins with Marcel Duchamp and his readymades in the 1910s. References[edit] “U.S.

urbanautica Victor Habchy revient du Burning Man Festival et... Victor Habchy est un photographe français dont la réputation n'est plus à faire. Sa page facebook compte désormais près de 160 000 fans qui ne se lassent pas d'admirer son travail. Victor parcourt la planète, sac dans le dos et appareil prêt à dégainer pour saisir chaque merveille qui passe devant ses yeux, et ce pour notre plus grand plaisir. La concrétisation d'un rêve À l'approche du célèbre festival Burning Man 2014 qui se déroule chaque année dans le désert du Nevada, le voyageur photographe saute sur l'occasion et achète un ticket d'entrée avant même de savoir comment financer son billet d'avion. Ne sachant comment financer son voyage mais motivé par l'idée de présenter le Burning Man, Victor Habchy lance une opération de crowfunding et regroupe rapidement les fonds nécessaires à son projet : "C’est génial car les gens qui investissent dans ton projet sont les premiers intéressés : le public. Un plongeon dans une autre dimension

观复文化基金会官方网站 Photos trouvées Photos trouvées Les collections de photographies en tout genre fleurissent de toutes parts en ligne. Les collections des grandes institutions y côtoient les plus improbables. Ainsi peut-on dénicher avec un peu de chance des ensembles auxquels il aurait été impossible d'accéder avant l'Internet. Comment dès lors regarder ces photographies, produites pour être accompagnées d'un commentaire, d'une légende écrite ou orale, ou tout au moins d'un ensemble permettant d'identifier, de comprendre, de leur donner du sens. Ces ensembles relèvent de la culture photographique plus que de la photographie elle-même, et plus particulièrement de la culture du photographe amateur imprégné de ses propres codes et de son propre réseau de significations. Pour en savoir plus sur l'auteur de cette rubrique : Chronique par Guillaume Ertaud Flowers Frozen In Ice Cubes Look Like Watercolors Photographer Kenji Shibata works with the incredibly poetic media of ice cubes and vivid flowers that he freezes into them. The photographer’s visually arresting work captures the everlasting beauty of flowers stuck in time. In his latest photo series “Locked in the Ether,” Shibata actually plays with flowers’ life and time – not only does he capture the already frozen flowers, but also their first post-thaw breaths and their eventual death. You can visit Osaka’s exhibition at Tachibana Gallery in Osaka until 20th December. More info: (h/t: spoon-tamago) Read more