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ALEXA MEADE Theo Jansen Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Theo Jansen ad Art Futura, Barcellona, ottobre 2005 Theo Jansen (Scheveningen-L'Aja, 14 marzo 1948) è un artista olandese attivo soprattutto nel campo della scultura cinetica, con creazioni che si pongono al confine tra la creazione artistica e la progettazione ingegneristica. Theo Jansen con una delle sue Strandbeesten (bestie da spiaggia) Le sue opere, animate e deambulanti, sono una fusione tra creazione artistica e invenzione ingegneristica; in uno spot commerciale di una nota compagnia automobilistica, Jansen ha affermato: «i confini tra arte e ingegneria esistono solo nelle nostre menti»[1]. Biografia[modifica | modifica wikitesto] Una creazione di Jansen a Hannover: in primo piano il martello e il pivot usati per vincolarsi al terreno sabbioso in caso di forte vento Jansen, dal 1967 al 1975, ha studiato fisica alla Technische Hogeschool Delft (ora Technische Universiteit Delft). Ufo (1980)[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Malick Sidibe - Jack Shainman Gallery Malick Sidibé was a photographer known for his black-and-white images chronicling the exuberant lives and culture, often of youth, in his native Bamako, Mali in the 1950s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. Sidibé’s work documents a transitional moment as Mali gained its independence and transformed from a French colony steeped in tradition to a more modern independent country looking toward the West. He captured candid images in the streets, nightclubs, and sporting events and ran a formal portrait studio. In a 2010 interview with John Henley in The Guardian, Sidibé explained, “To be a good photographer you need to have a talent to observe, and to know what you want. Sidibé was born in Mali in 1936, where he was based. Jack Shainman Gallery has represented Sidibé since 2002.

Shaka - Graffiti, peintures beinArt Surreal Art Collective - Representing Surreal Figurative Art In Galleries, Online & In Print The Afronauts nominated for the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize On April 19th, the Deutsche Börse photography prize will open at London’s Photographers’ Gallery. Awarded annually since 1996, the prize has an impressive list of recipients — Jeurgen Teller, Walid Raad, Paul Graham, John Stezaker, to name but a few. But it seems that, although the prize’s shortlist has always been international, the jury has shifted its focus ever so slightly to the ‘global south’ in recent years. Last year’s shortlist featured Pieter Hugo, the South African photographer who was nominated for his publication Permanent Error (2011), which documented the sprawling e-waste sites that skirt Accra. The photographs were powerful for they revealed the fallacy of our naive thinking that digital technologies are somehow ethereal. Hugo’s images, cloaked in the thick smoke of burning rubber, immortalize chipped and sharp electronics boards, keyboards caked in dirt, and infinite wires connecting nothing to nowhere, embedded into the mud like electric earthworms.

Chen Shen Ping – Paisajes chinos « Nueva dirección: - (Navegación Privada) Publicado por Jordi Guzman en 15 abril 2008 Chen Shen Ping nació en 1978 en la provincia de Shangdong, no hay muchos más datos disponibles, solo una referencia a las muchas exposiciones que hace. En el espacio que tiene dedicado en Chinese Paintings hay más trabajos suyos. Me gusta: Me gusta Cargando... Toshio Saeki - M̲elt Toshio Saeki Wonderfully perverse and twisted traditional woodcut artworks by Toshio Saeki. Gallerie | Design Network Africa

Plana Sabatez - (Navegación Privada) Architectural Renderings of Life Drawn with Pencil and Pen by Rafael Araujo Nautilus Caracol Double Conic Spiral, process Double Conic Spiral. Ink, acrylic/canvas. Morpho Calculation (Sequence) #2. In the midst of our daily binge of emailing, Tweeting, Facebooking, app downloading and photoshopping it’s almost hard to imagine how anything was done without the help of a computer.