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artwork by lawrence yang Artist Bio: Lawrence Yang wrestles with informational abstractions by day and paints by night. Influenced by graffiti art and traditional Chinese painting, he employs ink, marker, and watercolor, as the permanence of this media adds a sense of immediacy to his work. Lawrence's paintings make use of color to communicate atmosphere and emotion, and they are concerned primarily with creating order out of chaos (and vice versa). Lawrence once ate an entire bag of Fun Size Three Musketeers™. He lives in San Francisco with his imaginary pets, Cholo and Binky. Interview: Thanks to my buddy Jonny Kloberdanz at, you can now take a deeper look at what's going on in my studio and in my head when I'm painting. FAQs: Q: I'd like to purchase a print or a print! Q: I'm doing a report on you for school, where can I find more information? Q: Can you help me design a tattoo? Q: Can my band use your artwork in an album cover? Questions / comments / suggestions? All work © Lawrence Yang 2009

Paperholm Berto Martínez Adriana de Barros Follow @Scene360: Anamorphic Art | a special instance of perspective | Page 3 This section has some examples to use with conical mirrors In order to use these templates, you will need a copy of the Adobe Acrobat reader. You can download a copy from the Adobe Website .How to Make a Conical Mirror To view the conical mirror examples you need to make a mirror using a piece of aluminium coated thin plastic sheet. From the downloads below, print out the conical mirror template and cut it out. With a craft knife cut the slit and then remove the template. The slit acts both as a locator for the tab and as an indicator for the position of the 180 degree sector for the mirror. It is hard to get a perfect conical mirror using this method. Downloads Undistorted original images ……….. Conical mirror template ………… Click here to download An 11 x 11 grid …………. A 25 x 25 grid …………… Click here to download The eye of horus ……….. An image of Socrates ……….. Yin and Yang ………… Click here to download The MathsYear2000 logo ………… Click here to download

Ape On The Moon | The Art of Alex Pardee Artist Rob Gonsalves at Progressive Art Artist Rob Gonsalves was born in Toronto, Canada in 1959. During his childhood, he developed an interest in drawing from imagination using various media. By age twelve, his awareness of architecture grew as he leaned perspective techniques and began to do his first paintings and renderings of imagined buildings. After an introduction to Artists Dali and Tanguy, Gonsalves began his first surrealist paintings. The "Magic Realism" approach of Magritte along with the precise perspective illusions of Escher came to be influences in his future work. In his post college years, Gonsalves worked full time as an architect, also painting trompe l'oeil murals and theatre sets. Although Gonsalves' work is often categorized as surrealistic, it differs due to the fact that the images are deliberately planned and result from conscious thought. Numerous individuals around the world, corporations, embassies, and a United States Senator collect Gonsalves' original work, and limited edition prints.

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