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List of timelines

List of timelines
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This is a list of timelines currently on Wikipedia. §Types[edit] §General timelines[edit] §History[edit] §Arts[edit] §Biographical timelines[edit] §Crime[edit] §Events[edit] §Disasters[edit] §Economics[edit] §Entertainment[edit] §Environmental issues[edit] §Fiction[edit] §Geographical timelines[edit] Timeline of country and capital changes §Ancient civilizations[edit] §Extant civilizations[edit] §Supranational entities and regions, peoples[edit] §Sovereign states[edit] §Subnational regions and cities, narrow timelines[edit] §Law[edit] §Military[edit] §Military conflicts[edit] §Philosophy[edit] §Politics[edit] §Religion[edit] §Ayyavazhi[edit] Timeline of Ayyavazhi history (1809–present) §Buddhism[edit] Timeline of Buddhism (563 BCE – present) §Christianity[edit] §Islam[edit] §Jainism[edit] Timeline of Jainism §Judaism[edit] §Sikhism[edit] Sikh Gurus (1469–1666) §Science[edit] §Astronautics and planetary science[edit] §Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Cosmology[edit] §Biology[edit] §Sports[edit] Related:  Timeline tools and resources.

Civil Rights Movement Timeline (14th Amendment, 1964 Act, Human Rights Law) Jan. 23 The 24th Amendment abolishes the poll tax, which originally had been instituted in 11 southern states after Reconstruction to make it difficult for poor blacks to vote. Summer The Council of Federated Organizations (COFO), a network of civil rights groups that includes CORE and SNCC, launches a massive effort to register black voters during what becomes known as the Freedom Summer. It also sends delegates to the Democratic National Convention to protest—and attempt to unseat—the official all-white Mississippi contingent. July 2 President Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Aug. 4 (Neshoba Country, Miss.)

Timelines of History, Today in History, World History Timeline of mathematics A timeline of pure and applied mathematics history. Timeline[edit] Rhetorical stage[edit] Before 1000 BC[edit] Syncopated stage[edit] 1st millennium BC[edit] 1st millennium AD[edit] History of the world World population[1] from 10,000 BCE to 2,000 CE. The vertical (population) scale is logarithmic. The history of the world is the history of humanity, beginning with the Paleolithic Era. Distinct from the history of the Earth (which includes early geologic history and prehuman biological eras), world history comprises the study of archaeological and written records, from ancient times on. Ancient recorded history begins with the invention of writing.[2][3] However, the roots of civilization reach back to the period before the invention of writing. Prehistory begins in the Paleolithic Era, or "Early Stone Age," which is followed by the Neolithic Era, or New Stone Age, and the Agricultural Revolution (between 8000 and 5000 BCE) in the Fertile Crescent. Outside the Old World, including ancient China[27] and ancient India, historical timelines unfolded differently. Prehistory[edit] Early humans[edit] Rise of civilization[edit] Ancient history[edit] Timeline[edit] Cradles of civilization[edit]

Web 2.0: Лента времени Лента времени - наглядная форма хронологического представления событий. Когда я училась в школе мы делали ленты времени на бумаге: на каких-то рулонах, обоях, просто склеивали альбомные листы, рисовали ленту на листе ватмана... В настоящее время для создания лент времени существуют специальные программы и сервисы Интернета. Вариантов использования лент времени очень много, есть где разыграться фантазии. Dipity один из самых известных сервисов. TimeRime в события можно добавлять текст, видео, графику, звук (mp3). TimeToast - сервис для создания достаточно простых лент времени. WheninTime. Не все работает хорошо, например, могут возникнуть проблемы с изменением шаблона.

Geologic time scale Online exhibits Geologic time scale Take a journey back through the history of the Earth — jump to a specific time period using the time scale below and examine ancient life, climates, and geography. You might wish to start in the Cenozoic Era (65.5 million years ago to the present) and work back through time, or start with Hadean time (4.6 to 4 billion years ago)* and journey forward to the present day — it's your choice. [Note: "mya" means "millions of years ago"] Ways to begin your exploration: Use the links in the "time machine" below and explore a specific period that interests you.Read more about the geologic time scale, its origins and its time divisions.Find out more about plate tectonics, an important geological concept in any time period!

2,500,000 BCE to 8,000 BCE Timeline : From Cave Paintings to the Internet 4339 entries. 93 themes. Last updated April 13, 2014. Circa 2,500,000 BCE – 500,000 BCE The First Industrial ComplexCirca 2,400,000 BCE – 1,400,000 BCE Homo habilisCirca 1,950,000 BCE – 1,780,000 BCE A New Hominid Species is Discovered with the Help of Satellite ImageryCirca 1,800,000 BCE The Oldest Hominin Fossils Found Outside of AfricaCirca 1,800,000 BCE – 141,000 BCE Pithecanthropus erectus, the First Known Specimen of Homo erectusCirca 1,800,000 BCEThe Earliest Completely Preserved Adult Hominid SkullCirca 1,650,000 BCE – 100,000 BCE Acheulean or Mode 2 IndustriesCirca 1,530,000 BCE – 1,510,000 BCE The Earliest Preserved Footprints of Our AncestorsCirca 1,500,000 BCE Early Humans Make Bone ToolsCirca 1,500,000 BCE – 790,000 BCE The Earliest HearthsCirca 1,500,000 BCE The Most Complete Early Human Skeleton Circa 1,400,000 BCE The Earliest Flint Tool Found in EuropeCirca 1,200,000 BCE The Earliest Human Remains from Western EuropeCirca 950,000 BCE – 780,000 BCE Evidence of Early Trade Routes?

Space Age The signals of Sputnik 1 continued for 22 days. The Space Age is a time period encompassing the activities related to the Space Race, space exploration, space technology, and the cultural developments influenced by these events. The Space Age is generally considered to have begun with Sputnik (1957). §Beginning[edit] The Space Age began with the development of several technologies that culminated on October 4, 1957, with the launch of Sputnik 1 by the Soviet Union. The Space Age was characterized by rapid development of new technology in a close race mostly between the US and the Soviet Union. The Space Age reached its peak with the Apollo program, that captured the imagination of much of the world's population. During the 1990s funding for space related programs fell sharply as the remaining structures of the Soviet Union disintegrated and NASA no longer had any direct competition. §Current period[edit] §Chronology[edit] §Earlier spaceflights[edit] §See also[edit] §References[edit]

Celts Diachronic distribution of Celtic peoples: core Hallstatt territory, by the 6th century BC maximal Celtic expansion, by 275 BC Lusitanian area of Iberia where Celtic presence is uncertain The Celts (/ˈkɛlts/, occasionally /ˈsɛlts/, see pronunciation of Celtic) or Kelts were an ethnolinguistic group of tribal societies in Iron Age and Medieval Europe who spoke Celtic languages and had a similar culture,[1] although the relationship between the ethnic, linguistic and cultural elements remains uncertain and controversial. The earliest undisputed direct examples of a Celtic language are the Lepontic inscriptions, beginning in the 6th century BC.[6] Continental Celtic languages are attested almost exclusively through inscriptions and place-names. Names and terminology Continental Celts are the Celtic-speaking people of mainland Europe and Insular Celts are the Celtic-speaking peoples of the British and Irish islands and their descendants. Origins Overview of the Hallstatt and La Tène cultures:

Анализ сервисов по созданию лент времени «Лента времени»-это так называемая лента, где события расположены в хронологической последовательности. Сервисы по созданию лент времени предоставляют помимо добавления событий добавлять еще и аудио, видео, картинки, текст и ссылки. Это веб-приложение, которое позволяет пользователям просматривать, создавать, обмениваться и сравнивать интерактивные графики - Линии времени (от англ. Timeline — букв. Dipity Сервис позволяет создавать временную шкалу, вставлять в нее даты и их описания. Есть возможность встраивать изображения и видео, приглашать друзей для совместного творчества, встраивать ленту времени на свой сайт, использовать материал из собственных архивов и коллекций. TimeRime TimeRime представляет собой веб-приложение, которое позволяет пользователям просматривать, создавать, обмениваться и сравнить интерактивные графики - Линейку (шкалу) времени. TimeRime стал популярным сайтом для школ и студентов, проводящих свои собственные исследования. Недостатки Комментарии

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