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10 Digital Timelines (read this post in Dutch) ‘There’s a time traveller in each of us’ The digital revolution brings us all kinds of cool tools that make it easier to study, teach and present history. Interactive timelines are one of my favourites. Compared to their analogue versions, the benefits are clear: you can zoom in and out on time, minimize and maximize text boxes, add pictures and video, cooperate, share, etc. We tested and compared ten online timeline applications and were amazed at all the different features and, moreover, at the impact those have on their usability for your historical project. Tiki-Toki If it would be our intention to make a ranking of the tested timelines, Tiki Toki would be at the top. Timeglider Timeglider is one of the only timelines that does allow searching text en themes. Open source The SIMILE project of MIT develops open source tools to process and visualize all kinds of digital data. Timeline communities Timelines 2.0 a handy application to manage your information flows

New Zealand's #1 Online Casino Reference - StudyHall Audacity Easily Create Timelines Using Microsoft Office PowerPoint Free, award-winning timeline add-in that's really easy to use. Make professional timelines quickly,right inside PowerPoint. Get FreeEdition Buy Plus Edition Product Tour Stand out in a competitive market.Impress customers, colleagues, and managers. Office Timeline is the only software built for Knowledge Workers which completely integrates with PowerPoint to deliver stunning presentations. Event Planning Consulting Consulting II IT Project Sales A simple and intuitive user interface. Creating professional timelines has never been easier. Our customers tell us... “I love your program and I have researched other more expensive programs (which are exceedingly more expensive and almost impossible to learn).”

8 Excellent Free Timeline Creation Tools for Teachers 1-TikiToki TikiToki is a great application for multimedia timelines making . It allows its users to create stunning animated timelines. TikiToKi is very easy to use and above all its basic version is completely free . 2- Time Glider This is a web tool that lets you create, collaborate on, and publish zooming/planning interactive timelines for free.It is like Google Maps but for time. 3- OurStory Ourstory enables you to write stories, tag friends, and add media to collaborative timelines either privately or in public. 4- Capzles Capzles is a web tool I have reviewed here a couple of times. 5- Read Write Think Read Write Think has a beautiful timeline tool that allows users to add project labels and easily create timelines. 6- Xtimeline Xtimeline is a free web-based timeline that you can use to easily create and share timelines with pictures and videos. 7- TimeToast TimeToast is another great tool that allows you to create timelines and share them on the web. 8- Dipity

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