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The 1st Independent & International Documentary on the Sharing Economy - An interactive documentary featuring inspiring entrepreneurs and communities, building the collaborative economy of our cities.

The 1st Independent & International Documentary on the Sharing Economy - An interactive documentary featuring inspiring entrepreneurs and communities, building the collaborative economy of our cities.
Today we are meeting with Caroline Woolard from OurGoods, "a network of creative people who barter skills, spaces, and objects to get independent projects done". In 2010, Caroline and her friends launched Trade School, an alternative education initiative, also running on barter: "Over the course of 35 days, more than 800 people participated in 76 single session classes." say Trade School organisers. Video by documentary film maker and Trade School teacher Alex Mallis. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign they ran Trade School for another semester in 2011. Today, local Trade School chapters are popping up everywhere around the world from Milan, to Paris, Guadalajara to Bangkok.

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Everything about Coworking: eBooks, Articles, Infographics The Ultimate Coworking Collection 2015 Our team spent over 40 hours collecting the best pieces on Coworking. We picked out the most essential free ebooks, articles and infographics and compiled them into one collection to provide you the best overview. Now you have everything at a glance!

First Results Of The New Global Coworking Survey During the annual Coworking Europe Conference in Milan, the first round of results taken from the most recent Global Coworking Survey were presented to eager attendees. The number of coworking spaces continues to increase and in the last twelve months they have grown by 36%, which puts the number of coworking spaces worldwide at around 7,800. The coworking movement is undeniably here to stay. The survey showed that current spaces serve, on average, a third more members than they did just two years ago. Today, about half a million people are working in coworking spaces.

Beyond digital plenty: Building blocks for physical peer production by Christian Siefkes Summary Commons-based peer production has produced astonishing amounts of freely usable and shareable information. While that is amazing in itself, many people think that it is all, arguing that peer production flourishes in the digital realms of the Internet—and only there. This would mean that peer production could never be more than a niche phenomenon, since nobody can survive on information alone. This article challenges the conventional viewpoint, arguing that the potential of peer production extends far beyond the digital sphere into the sphere of physical production and that corresponding developments are already under way.

Unwrapping the Gift Economy It has become popular to declare that we need to move to a gift economy, in which we share more freely and value community more deeply, and in which our relationships are less often money-based and transactional. Clearly, this is an important and appealing proposition. But there’s far more wrapped up in the concept than it may appear. 10 Signs You’re Doing Well In Life (Even If You Don't Feel Like You Are) By Sean Suddes | Expanded Consciousness If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. -William Blake Life doesn’t always go our way but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Being fired from a job today might mean you finally push yourself to make your dream a paying reality. Much of life is like art…it is in the eye of the beholder.

How to make working remotely work Many believe the future of work is truly digital. To us, the future of work is already here. The way we work has radically changed over the past ten years. The ability to work remotely has been democratised by the internet and today majority of companies, big and small, have remote teams or team members. At Holvi, we are an international team that is constantly on the move. Events, meetups and customer meetings keep us busy as we reshape the landscape of banking across Europe. A blog about productivity, collaboration, co-working, company culture and work life balance. “Co-working” was first used to describe a shared workspace in 2005. Since then, co-working has gone from being a niche approach to the preferred choice for many entrepreneurs and freelancers. As more people turn to co-working, demand for shared offices has risen.

Let's Talk Community Engagement Envision Sacramento Asked: How would you rate the overall quality of life in our community? Engage Oakland Asked: Would you favor more fenced dog parks in Oakland? Los Angeles Mobility Element Asked: How would you prefer to travel around in the future? The Rise of the Sharing Communities Creative Commons photo by Lobkovs As the sharing economy picks up momentum, its reach has become global. In cities and towns around the world, people are creating ways to share everything from baby clothes to boats, hardware to vacation homes. There are also groups emerging that consciously identify with the big-picture sharing movement. These groups focus on education, action and community-building, and advocate for a cultural shift toward widespread sharing. From neighborhood-level cooperatives to global organizations, these groups work to bring sharing into the mainstream.

Hands, Heart, Head : How This Simple Educational Model Can Change the World 25th May 2016 By Carolanne Wright Contributing writer for Wake Up World “In the modern age of production and consumption, in the age of money and power, the meaning of education has become distorted. The Latin root of the word education – educare – means to ‘bring out’, whereas the present implication of the word education is to ‘put in’.” ~ Satish Kumar

Slides, discos and beanbags: the most fun offices in London Because your office shouldn’t be all about hard work… 1) Have a meeting on beanbags at Mind Candy Are you a kid at heart? Then do whatever you must to land a job at Mind Candy, the entertainment company behind cutesy online game Moshi Monsters. At their Shoreditch offices, staff scribble on the walls and zoom around on scooters.

This Guy Did The Coolest, But Possibly Most Illegal, DIY Project Ever. The End Result? Genius It might be cold and dreary out right now, but soon spring will arrive and bring greenery and warm weather. If you have a green thumb and artistic talent, you’ll want to get a pen and paper, because this craft is for you. “Moss Graffiti” is basically exactly what it sounds like, and you can learn how to do it with these easywikiHow steps. First, you will need these ingredients: