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Coworking Philadelphia - Independents Hall, a Coworking Communit

Coworking Philadelphia - Independents Hall, a Coworking Communit

Nomadz Coworking Office Carrboro Creative Coworking The Grove, a coworking and collaborative space in New Haven, CT Centre de Ressources des Espaces Publics Numériques de Wallonie Au début décembre, a été inauguré à Bruxelles The Hub, plateforme collaborative de travail et d’innovation sociale. Plus qu’un concept, pas si nouveau, c’est une nouvelle façon de monter des projets et de travailler en réseau. Améliorer le monde ? Les idées ne manquent pas. Né à Londres il y a quatre ans, The Hub remporte un immense succès dans 18 villes du monde comme Johannesburg, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Amsterdam ou Madrid et aujourd’hui à Bruxelles. Tout entrepreneur qui sa lance, recherche souvent en priorité des locaux mais aussi et surtout un réseau relationnel qui facilite le passage à l’acte, favorise le démarrage, offre de opportunités de croissance. L’open space est établi à Ixelles, dans une ancienne chocolaterie de 450 m2 reconvertie en lieu de travail et de collaboration pour booster l’innovation sociale et environnementale. Le Hub devient ainsi espace d’inspiration pour cultiver une idée, mener à bien un projet et multiplier son impact.

Coworking wiki - To establish a collaboration space fo... Affinity Lab | Dream and Action Space Coworking workspaces in Fullerton, Orange County Practical Values: Works Well With Others last october, Rep. Frank Wolf wrote the White House with a radical proposal to promote "environmental stewardship, family values and energy independence." In asking President Bush to designate a National Telework Week, the Virginia Republican evoked the promise of a nation without two-hour commutes, veal-pen cubicles, petty workplace politics, or disgusting communal coffeepots. "Wouldn't it be great," he wrote, "if we could replace the evening rush hour commute with time spent with the family, or coaching little league or other important quality of life matters?" Yeah, that would be great. Trouble is, when your home is your office, the boundaries between work and personal time dissolve. As shocking as it may sound, we may actually need the office, despite its reputation as a soul-sucking pit of conformity and monotony. So what is the lonesome office-less worker to do? Word of Neuberg's San Francisco Coworking Space spread, and techies, writers, and entrepreneurs began dropping in.

Mojo Coworking | Plug In and Turn On Station C Coworking Membership | Experience Rethink - A user experience and design innovation agency Experience Rethink is a small design agency opening its doors to coworking because creativity thrives in a community setting. Availability is limited, but we’d love to have you. We’re in the Grant Park neighborhood at The Jane, and right next to Octane Coffee, Six Feet Under and several other awesome restaurants and amenities. 318 Cherokee Ave SE, Suite 107; Atlanta GA 30312 (google map) Read an independent review of our space with pictures by entrepreneur and blogger John Staddington. New memberships are by appointment only. To protect everyone’s rights and confidentiality of work, all members must sign a two-way NDA (non-disclosure agreement). Business Hours are officially 9:00am to 6:00pm, Monday thru Friday, but we’re usually there a bit later and are flexible for full members. Interested? Still not sure? Coworking is all about being courteous and respecting other members of the community, but we do have basic house rules and an faq page for those with more questions. Additional notes:

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