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Mutinerie co-working

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First results of Global Coworking Survey Today Deskmag presented the preliminary results from the 2nd Global Coworking Survey at the Coworking Europe Conference. The study discovered a wealth of information about the benefits of coworking, including increased productivity and networks. The study confirmed that “community” is the most important value among members at coworking spaces. Here’s a brief summary of the key facts. The 2nd Global Coworking Survey ran from October 19 to November 2, and was the work of a large community of partner organizations. Over 1500 people from 52 countries took part in the survey.

Disruptive versus Radical Innovations Clayton Christenson’s seminal The Innovator’s Dilemma is now 10 years old, and its central idea of “disruptive innovation” is now part of the everyday language of innovation. Recently, I finally read the book after having loosely tossed the term around for a few years. ARCHITECTES, COWORKING, ESPACES EN RÉSEAUX /////////////////////PHOTO CI-DESSUS: La Nave, espace de coworking à Madrid/////////////////////“SPACE MATTERS”Space matters. It represents a prominent aspect of humanity’s existential nature – as the primordial basis of architecture and a basic prerequisite for our exploration of our world. Our entire lives are literally embedded in space. We are constantly surrounded, affected and shaped by it – whether consciously perceived or unconsciously experienced. Our spaces both reflect the values and power relationships in our societies and have the potential to alter them; spatial planning can be a powerful political actor.Source: Nous avons récemment abordé sur ce blog la question du télétravail et ses impacts sur la conception de la ville et de ses espaces.

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Jelly! - Casual coworking is awesome. / FrontPage What is Jelly? Jelly's a casual work event where everyone's invited. It's for anyone who'd like to work alongside other creative people in a welcoming environment. Some Jellies are in people's homes (that's how it started), others are in coffee shops and businesses.   > Our Philosophy Citizen Space is a coworking space. What that means is Citizen Space isn’t just another ‘rent a desk’ type of place. This space (and the idea of coworking) is built on the following values: Collaboration: One of the great benefits of working in a coworking space is that you will meet all sorts of people with all sorts of knowledge.Openness: We believe in transparency and openness.

Exiting The Anthropocene and Entering The Symbiocene. Exiting The Anthropocene It has been proposed that humans are now living within a period of the Earth’s history appropriately named ‘The Anthropocene’ (Crutzen and Stoermer 2000). The name is derived from the observed human influence and indeed dominance of all climatic, biophysical and evolutionary processes occurring at a planetary scale. Macao: chronicle of an occupation Walking hastily past Formigoni's Pirellone bis building, many suddenly had an amusing thought: are the Lavoratori dell'arte completely mad? Could this be Macao? The group continued along Via Galvani towards Milan's central station but then, just after crossing Via Gioia, their thought became a certainty: they are mad! On Saturday, 5 May, the Torre GalFa — an acronym based on the fact that it stands on the corner of two streets: via GALvani and via FAra —, with all of its 31 floors and underground garages, became Europe's largest occupied space. The idea of turning Melchiorre Bega's 1950s skyscraper — initially "home" to an oil company and then a bank before eventually being purchased by Italian developer Salvatore Ligresti — into the Macao arts centre verges on the sublime.

Is Coworking Right for Your Business? Coworking is a social work environment designed to combat the loneliness and isolation of the home office One modern compromise between working completely virtually and committing to a lease is working at a coworking space. These office spaces provide a work environment and an alternative to coffee shops for independent workers. Campbell McKellar discovered the value of coworking spaces when the company she worked for left their expensive traditional office and started working virtually.

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