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Peter's Evil Overlord List

This Evil Overlord List is Copyright 1996-1997 by Peter Anspach. If you enjoy it, feel free to pass it along or post it anywhere, provided that (1) it is not altered in any way, and (2) this copyright notice is attached. This Evil Overlord List grew out of the exchanges on what is now the Star Trek mailing list "", beginning in 1994 (when it was still ""). We were kicking around cliches that appeared on "Deep Space 9" at the time, and I started to compile a list of classic blunders they were making. The list came to about 20 or so items. In 1995, I decided to try to make it into a Top 100 List. On November 12, 2002, I exchanged some emails with Jack Butler who has a list on his website. Apparently both lists were compiled during overlapping periods of time. I believe Jack Butler when he says the list on his website is the current form of the James Bond Villain list, and I thank him for helping to clarify matters. -- Peter Anspach

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How-To-Paint-Marines tutorials series from The Army Painter continues - BoLS GameWire We have three new Tutorial Hobby Gallery online – as we continue the series on how-to-paint Sci-Fi Marines and in particular how-to-paint power armour. These galleries all feature a Sci-Fi Black Op Marine from Anvil Industries. For the bone power armour we have used Colour Primer: Skeleton Bone while the dark green armoured marine was primed with Colour Primer: Angel Green. Lastly we have a grey Marine sprayed with Colour Primer: Wolf Grey. Have a look at the tutorial galleries here:

Paranoia XP Mission Blender Online The Computer has generated the following mission for your team. It has been carefully designed to ensure the maximum safety and satisfaction for your team. Paranoia is the Irrational Fear Someone is Out To Get You 586 Things I'm Not Allowed to do at Hogwarts - 1. I will not poke Hufflepuffs with spoons, nor will I insist that their House colors indicate that they are "covered in bees". 2. No matter how good a fake Australian accent I can do, I will not imitate Steve Irwin during Care of Magical Creatures class. 3. "I've heard every possible joke about Oliver Wood's name" is not a challenge. 4. Putting up Doug Henning posters in Filch's office is not appropriate. 5.

8 Classic Movies That Got Away With Gaping Plot Holes People hate plot holes in movies. At least, that's what they'll tell you. But sometimes, if a movie is awesome enough, people will overlook even the most retarded gaps in reason and logic. At least, until some asshole on the Internet points them out and makes a big list of them. Enjoy: DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND Adventure amongst the DINO-PIRATES! Storm the secret citadels of NINJA ISLAND! Join the fight against the evil sorcerers of the Jade Empire, run away from cannibals, ride dinosaurs or sail the tropical seas in search of adventure and glory! DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND: Basic Game is a simple role-playing game of prehistoric swashbuckling kung-fu adventure that lets you and your friends thrill to the excitement of this fantastic pulp setting. - EPIC Adventure System Adventures are best presented when they provide a structure within which the game master can direct player action. The Epic Adventure System allows the Game Master to use any existing characters in a role-playing environment Easy Free writing Free writing is a prewriting technique in which a person writes continuously for a set period of time without regard to spelling, grammar, or topic. It produces raw, often unusable material, but helps writers overcome blocks of apathy and self-criticism. It is used mainly by prose writers and writing teachers.[1][2] Some writers use the technique to collect initial thoughts and ideas on a topic, often as a preliminary to formal writing. Free writing is not the same as automatic writing.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock I’m still not completely sure what I think of the sit-com The Big Bang Theory. For those who don’t know this TV series, it’s about two nerdy, geeky housemates and the pretty but slightly dumb blonde who moves in across the hall from them. On one side it’s aiming very much to the geek crowd, with insider jokes only geeks will understand. 5 Gaping Plot Holes Hollywood Knows You Won't Notice There are certain types of bullshit we're less likely to call a movie on, and Hollywood has been using these logical blind spots to trick us, surprise us and generally make their jobs a whole lot easier. We're not sure which is worse: the fact that Hollywood thinks we're stupid, or the fact that these tricks so often work. Cracked has no bullshit for you, just this trailer for our new Star Wars: Adventures in Jedi School mini-series. To pull off a truly shocking ending, a filmmaker has to know exactly what his audience is thinking at all times, and stay two steps ahead of them. But there's a far lazier way to shock us, that only requires the filmmaker to assume his audience is as intelligent as a new born child.

Creighton Broadhurst Glowering amid dark rumours and terrible stories of desperate adventure, death, betrayal and glimmering treasures squat the unutterably ancient halls of Gloamhold. This crumbling, benighted, haunted dungeon complex of unknown, but undeniably vast, extent is buried deep within the grim and brooding spray-drenched headland of the Mottled Spire. It is a place of legends, madness and death. Even reaching Gloamhold is difficult. Dungeon Tile Mapper You've probably seen our Dungeon Tiles previews in our monthly "Previews" article series and may even have scored a copy of these cool tiles. By now you probably have hundreds of cool dungeon designs running around your head. But how can you create these dungeons and share them with your friends? Well a good friend of the D&D website, Randal "Jailoco" Meyer, has created a really cool drag-and-drop dungeon tile tool. And, he's given us a personalized copy for the D&D website as well as a nifty guide on its use. This tool includes all tiles from Dungeon Tiles I, Dungeon Tiles II: Arcane Corridors, Dungeon Tiles III: Hidden Crypts, Dungeon Tiles IV: Ruins of the Wild and will be updated with future sets.

The 5 Stupidest Ways Movies Deal With Foreign Languages Everyone Really Speaks English (Just Like Real Life) Since explaining universal translators can be such a headache, some scriptwriters just have everyone actually speak English. In the Stargate TV series, most of the aliens they visit via Stargate speak English. They are often humans, but usually humans that were sent out to those planets thousands of years ago before English was invented. Even odder, the TV series directly continues the plot line from the Stargate movie where the Earth team's attempts to figure out the extraterrestrials' language (ancient Egyptian, sort of) is a pretty big deal.

20 Good Map Creation Tools for Students A couple of years ago I published a list of 21 online map creation tools. Since then some of those tools have gone offline and new tools have replaced them. Here's my updated list of online map creation tools for students and teachers. Wikia Maps is a map creation tool from Wikia. Wikia Maps has two map creation options. You can use Wikia Maps to create maps in a manner similar to those that you may have previously created in Google Maps.

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