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Dungeon Tile Mapper

Dungeon Tile Mapper
You've probably seen our Dungeon Tiles previews in our monthly "Previews" article series and may even have scored a copy of these cool tiles. By now you probably have hundreds of cool dungeon designs running around your head. But how can you create these dungeons and share them with your friends? Well a good friend of the D&D website, Randal "Jailoco" Meyer, has created a really cool drag-and-drop dungeon tile tool. And, he's given us a personalized copy for the D&D website as well as a nifty guide on its use. This tool includes all tiles from Dungeon Tiles I, Dungeon Tiles II: Arcane Corridors, Dungeon Tiles III: Hidden Crypts, Dungeon Tiles IV: Ruins of the Wild and will be updated with future sets. NOTE: Using our online version will let you save and load dungeons through the use of cookies, so if you would like to use that feature please have cookies turned on. Download the Dungeon Tile Mapper version 1.2.0 now (4.17m ZIP). Dungeon Tile Mapper Guide Generic Maps Tab Settings Tab Tiles Tab Related:  RPG Tools

Writing and RPG-Related Generators Mapping Software - Forums > Home - Forums Product Info - Store Forums - Free Art Forums Active Topics : Memberlist : Search : Help : Register : Login Help Dundjinni! The time now is 06/06/2012 at 2:42pm. Forum Topics Posts Last Post News Product Releases Dundjinni product release announcements 06/04/2012 at 4:33am By Kepli New or Hireling members Info for all new members or Hirelings 06/28/2011 at 3:06am Other News Other Dundjinni news 05/25/2012 at 7:42am By Bogie Support Bugs Report Dundjinni bugs only 05/19/2012 at 4:07am By bjrollet Feedback Non-bug comments, suggestions, and feature requests for Dundjinni 04/19/2012 at 11:24pm By danielpryor Tips Tricks, Solutions, Tutorials, ... 05/08/2012 at 9:08am By Serendipitous Web Site Comments specific to the web site 01/16/2012 at 6:50am Questions How do I ... 05/17/2012 at 6:28am By Sharzu General Discussion Social Lounge A place to hang out 06/05/2012 at 12:26pm By Dragonlady User Creations Contests Entries, voting, and discussion for contests 03/12/2012 at 9:23pm Maps JPG, PDF, and DJA files 06/04/2012 at 12:49pm

Mapping Tutorial Using Free GameTable Mapping Software Patrick Crusiau Mapping Game Sessions Real-Time If you wish to play via Internet, or use a computer monitor as your battlemap, there are virtual game table applications available, among which I recommend GameTable. It is user-friendly and intuitive, it is free, and it is freeware you can modify and distribute. It is, moreover, a Java program, usable with any computer or operating system. Scan any map, or sketch your own, then place small images used as tokens, and you will never have to clutter your table again with unpainted lead figures. Although intended for Internet play, I mostly use GameTable as a normal gaming board, with the players moving their figures on the screen during normal face-to-face game sessions. In this case, I use an external screen and I run two instances of GameTable on my computer: one on my laptop, behind my gamemaster screen, and the other on the external monitor, facing the players. GameTable Preparation Then, open GameTable. Simple map and drawing tools

Tips For Drawing A World Map « DnD Corner Creating a world from scratch is a daunting task. Personally I don’t recommend it unless you know that you are going to be playing a long campaign and that everyone is behind the idea. However, sooner or later most of us decide to at least make a drawing of the fantasy world we have imagined. Here are some tips to make the job a bit easier and to get a more coherent end result. 1 – Start with a coast-line. Draw out the continents first. 2 – Decide where the mountains go. 3 – Decide on the major civilizations as well as major volcanoes and deserts. 4 – Finally add other geographic features like forests, plains, small swamps and other geography that will not have a major (i.e. global) impact on the civilizations. Until next time have fun drawing your worlds. Welcome to Dungeons and Dragons Corner . You can find Character Sheets Here .

Dungeons 'N' Dragons Ash’s Guide to RPG Personality & Background :: The Guide grodog's Greyhawk Castle Archive: grodog's Version of Greyhawk Castle Central Elevator The Levels The Demi-Planes Random Notes Sources Development Log 19 November 2012: I finally have access to again to update my web site, so I'll be re-posting updates and new content on the Castle created since the end of 2010: pez 07 October 2010: Added the new ex-level-07 filled maps. 25 September 2010: Major Update: I linked in the many maps that I've been working on since December 2008's watershed "The Landings Level" map. 2 January 2009: draft second "landings level" map added. 29 December 2008: 2 new maps added: the environs and Landings Level maps. 15 December 2007: I spent time last night and today expanding and modifying the caverns portion of my Castle Greyhawk level 14 (based on Wheggi's Quilt Map), and included some new scans of that work, as well as details and notes on my intentions with level 14. I've got some players who'll begin to adventure in it soon, too =) Background How have you fold/spindle/mutilated your version of Castle Greyhawk? NPCs

Battlegrounds Home Where to find OOP books on the internet > Previous Editions General There seems to be a new thread started every so often about where someone can find used OOP books to purchase. I thought it might be a good resource for the OOP boards if we had a sticky thread addressing that question, so I PMed WizO_Catoblepas about it. This is the reply I got. WizO_Catoblepas wrote on 06-29-04 05:05 AM: I didn't have a problem with it but just wanted to run it by Paradox. Well, I finally got a hold of him and he doesn't have a problem either. If you want to write it, that's fine and I can sticky it. So, if you know of any good places to buy or learn about OOP gaming materials, please post to this thread. :edit: Also see WizO_Catoblepas' comments below for further posting guidelines and caveats. Also, please, don't turn this into a spam thread, and if we could keep off-topic or non-informational posts to a minimum, that would be good too. BTW - Thanks again Catoblepas and Paradox for allowing us to sticky the thread. Noble Knight Games Titan Games The Acaeum Pen & Paper

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