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New Pathfinder Adventure Path now available! The world of the living and the dead clash in the latest Pathfinder Adventure Path volume! Some doors are better left closed, but in Pathfinder Adventure Path #80: "Empty Graves", they've been kicked wide open! The city of Wati, known for its enormous necropolis, is awash with priceless relics from the recently opened tombs, and the PCs are invited to attend an auction so that they may receive a premium for their finds. But while it isn't Hell breaking loose in the Half-Dead City, something else stirs to an unholy life. The dead walk, and they look upon the living with jealousy--and hunger.

Les Écuries d’Augias Avril, mois des abîmes.Et le jeu de rôles se mit en scène dans une curieuse mise en abîme.Le projet de La Chaux de Fonds 1904 s'est concrétisé le vendredi soir 7 mars 2014.Vous trouverez les liens vers les aides de jeu et la carte en bas de cet édito. Tenue de soiréeRendez-vous dans une cave voûtée du café Le Petit Paris, dans la cité horlogère.Une curieuse mise en scène très intimiste, presque utérine, avec le maître de cérémonie qui emprunte les traits de Lionel Jeannerat, à la base du projet. Maestro !Une étrange mélopée jaillit à point nommé.L'orchestre des Délices de Suzy sur son trente et un commence à jouer.Des airs de La Belle Epoque revisités, des partitions oubliées qui reprennent vie.Le voyage dans le temps est en marche. Cependant, toutes les soirées ont une fin, mais parfois, elles laissent les convives sur leur faim.

Community Forums: Uploading your own music Is it possible to upload your own music into Roll20 for background music? Or do I just have to play it over my mic? Also, how do you skate around the copyright issues? Thank you very much! This list is perfekt !!!! Loaded for Bear - Firearms and You Many GMs, players, or entire game groups are put off by guns in games like Pathfinder. There are a myriad of reasons, which I will touch on, but this article is going to be more about things you can add to a game with guns to give them more pop. Personally I’m a fan of early firearms in games, I’ve used them as a player and had players use them in games I’ve run as GM. I don’t think they should be a dime a dozen and purchasable at the corner weapons dealer, but I’m ok with them. One of the biggest reasons people dislike guns, at least in pathfinder, is the firearms hit Touch AC. The thing is, they don’t just hit touch AC all day every day.

A propos, surtout, de mes jeux de société – Mostly about my card and boardgames (Ceci est une version sensiblement développée d’un article que j’avais publié il y a quelques années sous le titre “Plagiats, Copies, Influences”.) Je me serais bien passé d’écrire cet article. Le marché du jeu de société a connu depuis une vingtaine d’années une croissance impressionnante. Online – Music Survey As you all know, we’ve had some great artists sending us samples of their ideas to Shadowrun Online’s music. We have collected a couple of them and sent out surveys via Surveymonkey to get our backer’s opinions on the musical directions and styles. We are very curious to get your impressions and feedback. The survey can be completed until the 1st of August by everyone who received it.

Blog - Ultimate Campaign downtime system Thursday, May 2, 2013 In just about three weeks or so, you should be seeing Ultimate Campaign arrive in mailboxes and on store shelves. In anticipation of the release of this 256-page hardcover, each week we are offering up a preview of what you will find inside. Last week, we took a look at Chapter 1, which includes a mountain of tables for helping you determine your character's backstory. This week, we are moving on to Chapter 2, which is focused entirely on downtime.

Studio 2 Publishing s Citadel: 100 Unique Town/City Properties By Redgre I have created this table plus, as a fantasy RPG resource. The idea is to assist in quickly mapping out an area of the adventure and be able to tell something unique about each populated location. Some of the following entries are reliant on location, others are not. I have created enough entries that you may want to use percentile dice to randomly determine each location. Due to this, I have created a separate table to assist with the randomness for your convenience. Although each location could be a city or a town or whatever you like, I will be referring to each as a city.

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