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New Pathfinder Adventure Path now available! The world of the living and the dead clash in the latest Pathfinder Adventure Path volume! Some doors are better left closed, but in Pathfinder Adventure Path #80: "Empty Graves", they've been kicked wide open! The city of Wati, known for its enormous necropolis, is awash with priceless relics from the recently opened tombs, and the PCs are invited to attend an auction so that they may receive a premium for their finds. But while it isn't Hell breaking loose in the Half-Dead City, something else stirs to an unholy life. The dead walk, and they look upon the living with jealousy--and hunger.

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Top 8: Design an encounter with map: Mienka’s Cauldron Mienka’s Cauldron ========== Seventy miles upriver from Daggermark, a small tributary flows into the West Sellen. The channel is narrow, hemmed in with thorny undergrowth and low-hanging trees, and the water is foul and shrouded in mist. The navigable waters end at a small lake. Maps « A character for every game (last updated – 233 map pages – March 12th, 2014) Good lord I love maps. When I started this blog I hadn’t even considered using it to fulfill my map fetish in some twisted way. But now it is best known for my maps. Role Playing Game An all ages role playing game which uses a modified version of game designer Luke Crane’s Burning Wheel rule system. This book contains everything fans of the Mouse Guard books will need to know about the world of the Guard and roleplay their own adventures. Features artwork and extensive background material from series creator David Petersen.

crooked staff productions roleplaying aids Please note that this site and its contents are Copyright © Kristian Richards 2002 - 2011 <p>Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: <a href=" />Powered by FeedBurner</p> Hello and welcome to the CSP home page! It is the aim of this web-site to provide a wide variety of roleplaying aids for both the GM/DM and player alike. Top 8: Design an encounter with map: The Pools of Iridescence The Pools of Iridescence ========== In the hard land of Numeria stands the walled village of Lackthroat. Travelers flock to the village to partake of its abundant and affordable vices. One such luxurious indulgence is the Qadiran style bathhouse known as the Pools of Iridescence. Tall pillars line the long halls and music echoes from its tall ceilings.

Conflict Books - Store Conflict PvP adds light-weight rules like the Battlepoint system, allowing players to measure their crazy character builds, while keeping combat fair and consistent for everyone. Sample Pages Page 8. Terms & Lexicon, New PvP Concepts and Glossary page Page 174.Go out, grab an opponent from any of the opposing teams and drag him back alive to your Hallow to be interrogated. Side A. The Thieves Temple Battlemap:Designed for close quarters combat with limited lines of sight.

News : Lamentations of the Flame Princess : Role Playing Game Publisher : Helsinki, Finland Read on for information about LotFP releases and news. 17.03.2014: God that Crawls Walkthrough Jason Thompson did a walkthrough cartoon for The God that Crawls. You can see it here. 09.03.2014: Scenic Dunnsmouth and Forgive Us are out now!

Dungeons and Dragons Tools and DM Resources Adventure Hook Generator AD&D DM Program by Torquil Gault Background Generator Campaign Suite from Mortality Chainmail Battle Sheets Chainmail Terrain Chainmail Comprehensive Rulebook (319 Kb ZIP) Chainmail Warband Generator 3a (481 Kb ZIP) Chainmail Warband Generator update 1.4 Chainmail Stat Cards City Generator by Robert Bottorff (ZIP 100 Kb) Combat Tracker ZIP by Eduardo Moranchei (no AV done) Cool Tools by Keith Uher (ZIP 688Kb) Cool Tools 2 Program to help DMs by Keith Usher Critical Hits Table by Orestto Robles (ZIP 103 Kb) Critical Hits Table by ?? (ZIP 39 Kb) Combat Generator (ZIP 160k) needs Java 1.3 Runtime Mak)e sure Java 1.3 is installed. Unzip the file to its own directory.

Top 8: Design an encounter with map: Feer’s Crossing Feer’s Crossing ========== Before Drezen fell to the powers of the Abyss, the northern bridge was one of the main passages over the West Sellen River and into the lands claimed by the Worldwound. After the loss of the fortress-city, the Second Crusade turned the bridge into a border keep. The crusaders named this new fortification Feer’s Crossing, after the fallen general Eoghan Feer, and placed a wardstone within its walls. Dresden Files RPG The Game | Backstory | Your Story | Our World | Paranet Papers Dice | Downloads | News Everyone wants to be Harry Dresden. Except maybe Harry Dresden. And people who haven’t read Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files books, in which case, get thee hence to a bookstore! Assuming you’ve done this already, the Dresden Files RPG is the perfect solution to the eternal wait for the next book in the series.

Hex Games As you can see, we've redesigned the Hex web site for the first time in quite a while. With the new version of the site, we've tried to account for the new ways people use gaming websites in the age of social media, which means getting rid of things like the dedicated forums that for the last few years have mainly only served as bait for spammers. We've also done our best to integrate the site with things like Facebook and Twitter.

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