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Realm of Mythosa. Create, edit, and use tables for virtually anything in your campaign - monsters, treasure, inns...you name it!

Realm of Mythosa

Link to other tables for unlimited flexibility, create maps out of random tiles, and even export favored results to HTML! You can even archive and retrieve your TableSmith results through an Explorer-like interface, and have all your generated information easily available. Click the image to download TableSmith. TableSmith 5.1 TableSmith File Size: 421 KB. DA: The RolePlayer's Digital Assistant. Directory - Games > Roleplaying > Software. The Adventurer’s Diary Helps gamers to log in and recall information for an RPG.

Directory - Games > Roleplaying > Software

It is an RPG Database for game characters. Battlegrounds. Registration Code Generation. ScreenMonkey Downloads. NBOS Software Home Page. D&D 3.5 Edition DM tools. The D&D DM tools are a work in progress, but are starting to be more and more functional.

D&D 3.5 Edition DM tools

I currently use them to run my campaign, and they are a great help. So you can download them at your own risk, and you can file bugs with the Bugzilla server if you want. If you would like to get an account on it, just create one and an email will be sent to you with your temporary password. CrystalBall Lite - CrystalBallSoft. CrystalBall Lite is Shareware.

CrystalBall Lite - CrystalBallSoft

You can freely distribute copies of CrystalBall Lite provided you are not selling or making a profit from the copies that are being distributed. Copies of CrystalBall Lite must include all documentation and files originally distributed with the software from the developers web site. CrystalBall Lite is NOT free. You are provided with a demo of CrystalBall Lite that is limited to 3 Notes and you will be reminded to register every 20 rolls. Entering a valid serial number will lift this limit. DnD4eCM. Introduction Hey, everyone!


Mortaneus here. I've been running a 4e game for a while now, and I use my laptop as my GM screen. As such, I've spent a decent amount of time examining the various digital assistant offerings out there. The Adventurer's Diary - A helping utility for Roleplaying (RPG) Gamers. Games: Roleplaying: Software. Software/Character_Generators/Dungeons_and_Dragons at Effie's Great Wyrm. Top : Software : Character Generators : Dungeons and Dragons Editor(s): , Die Roller's Top 100 Birched's NPC Generator — A free online generator for Dungeons and Dragons non-player character using the 3.0 rule set.

Software/Character_Generators/Dungeons_and_Dragons at Effie's Great Wyrm

Includes intelligent skill, feat, and equipment selection. :: Updated 28-Oct-2006 Links. Links Directory: RPG Software and Web Tools. Darn it!

Links Directory: RPG Software and Web Tools

I was going to post a link to a cool post on cheesecake baking tips I found on a blog yesterday, but sometime between then and now the blog got protected and made private. Also, here’s a sobering and interesting view on the war in Iraq. I generally try to stay away from political stuff here for various reasons, but sometimes when I find a particularly interesting perspective that doesn’t read the same as every other post or article out there, I decide to link it. Deepwoods Software - Role Playing Database : Organize your table top gaming.

Do you play table top RPGs and would you like to dump that messy notebook?

Deepwoods Software - Role Playing Database : Organize your table top gaming

The Role Playing Database can reduce your messy notebook of character sheets, maps, spell sheets, monster descriptions, and other essential information you need to drag around to your games with a USB memory stick! Yes, be prepared for a game anywhere there is a computer with an USB connector! Phastinus Download. The Creator System. .: The Creator System This will be the final release of The Creator System.

The Creator System

We will be adding more tile sets and will fix minor bugs but with all the other (paying) projects we have it's hard to keep The Creator System project up. We are a small company of programmers and artists who love RPG games (our president has been roling dice for 30 years now). In 1995 The Creator System started out as just a small program to help make maps and soon became part of our companys design line up. Gamemaster software. Do you need a special tool for your campaign?

gamemaster software

Being a game master (GM) or dungeon master (DM) can be both pleasurable and exhausting. The gamemaster has the biggest responsibility in the roleplaying game and has to be well prepared for the session and to be a good improvisator when the party does something unexpected. Fantasy World Productions. MonsterDB is a front-end for a monster database. It was created to allow quick and easy reference to all the monsters in d20 System Reference and other sources once added. The 4.1 release is the final release I will be making. The long awaited update to the 3.5 SRD and to Vb.NET has been canceled. The source for the last release canidate has been posted to the download section.

AutoRealm. AutoRealm SourceForge site Free (GNU General Public License) Win95/98/XP Features Fractal lines and curves AutoNAME, a random name generator Overlays Glyph line styles. RPGXplorer. RPG Manager - Create and manage your own RPG worlds. Bastion: A fantasy online RPG that you can play with your friends over the web. The RPG Toolbox Free Online Tools. RPG Tools. RPG Tool Suite. DM Genie - Software for 3rd Edition RPG. RPG Gaming tools for Alternity, dungeons and dragons 3rd edition, etc.