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The Free RPG Blog: Become an Expert in Free RPGs - 2009 in Free RPGs

The Free RPG Blog: Become an Expert in Free RPGs - 2009 in Free RPGs
Friends! Roleplayers! Philanthropists! Lend me your eyes. Charge your tankards with your favourite poison, put your feet up and feast your peepers on a 2009 free RPG review. Not surprisingly, there is rather a lot. Fantasy Adventurer A one page fantasy RPG, whose review takes longer to read than the game. Brutal Brutal has a single aim: to make a combat system that is as rich and gloopy as the congealing blood of your slain enemies. Dark Dungeon Dark Dungeon is a free fantasy RPG sitting neatly in the old school while offering a different perspective. Dungeonslayers A fast, trim, dungeon-crawling, monster-hacking, treasure-thieving game. Fear Flexible Easy And Realistic (Fear) has everything except a kitchin sink monster. Legendary Tales Legendary Tales is a cohesive, comprehensive and brimming with ideas in the form of detail. Tales From The Wood Tales From the Wood is a roleplaying game where you play animals from the British woodland: Mice, Rabbits, Vole, Squirrels and Hedgehogs. Verge Wonderland Related:  RPG junkGamification

Wushu Skidoo Column Listing Members Search for an article by keyword: ( power search ) Columns by Same Author Action Scenes! Bag o' Nifties Sanctum Top Articles #17: Ujigami #1: That Wushu You Do #3: Celestial #8: Rainbow Effect #2: Aztech 3D Virtual Tabletop: Downloadable RPGs: Visit our Sponsors! Wushu Skidoo Pict-O-Caches | Trip's GeoAdventures If there was ever a cache that everyone should try once, pict-o-caches would likely be near the top of the list. They take aspects of several different types of caches and join them together to make a cache that everyone can participate in and enjoy. But how do they work? Pict-o-caches are a class on their own. Let’s look a bit closer. Obviously, this image shows a brick wall, so you would want to scan for brick buildings. Examining the photo, you at least now that it is near a window. Now, you can be certain that this is the corner of a building, and along the roof. This is the overall idea of this type of pict-o-cache. But I said that this the above method is just one type of this style of puzzle cache. I have not actually gone after one of this method. Either method provides an interesting caching experience. First, decide which method you want to us. However, for the first option, there’s a bit more that goes into preparing this. Once you find a location, grab the coordinates.

Printable Mazes Printable Mazes Here is a free PDF maze generator that can create mazes of various sizes and complexity, including pretty diabolical mazes that include 3-d crossings... Maze Options This form drives some of the options on the maze generator: Programming in PostScript When I was a student at Cornell I was a postscript fanatic. The Source The result is here: a little cgi/commandline program written in about 150 lines of python which takes advantage of the ReportLab pdf generation library to produce its output. If you improve the program, please let me know. Posted by David at October 10, 2006 11:11 AM Very cool. Roger mentioned over email, "If I make a maze 60x60 I get smoke :(". Basically that's because the maze code puts a 36-point margin around the edge of the paper by default, and throws an exception when a maze ends up being all-margin. So how to make really small mazes? this is totally awesome you should find a way to make a maze with the center as your goal Thanks for your program,too easy!

How to Build a Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later First, before I begin to bore you with the usual sort of things science fiction writers say in speeches, let me bring you official greetings from Disneyland. I consider myself a spokesperson for Disneyland because I live just a few miles from it—and, as if that were not enough, I once had the honor of being interviewed there by Paris TV. For several weeks after the interview, I was really ill and confined to bed. The countryside, brown and dry, in summer, where he had lived as a child. This passage probably does not suggest any particular thing to you, except a law posse exacting judgment on someone either guilty or considered guilty. Thrones were set in place and one ancient in years took his seat. The white-haired old man appears again in Revelation, 1:13: I saw... one like a son of man, robed down to his feet, with a golden girdle round his breast. And then 1:17: When I saw him, I fell at his feet as though dead. Indeed he was a king. I am Ubik. I am the brand name.

Gamestorming Think back to the last time you played a game. What was the game? Why did you choose to play? Games come naturally to human beings. This blog is about games designed to help you get more innovative, creative results in your work. Chris Brogan video review of Gamestorming: “Most organizations would welcome more innovation, a greater ability to change and a more fulfilling and fun culture for their employees. “If you are a business owner or manager who wants to look at things in a new way and sharpen innovation in your company or on your team, Gamestorming is an excellent resource for you.” “If you’re a facilitator, corporate trainer, a team leader or in a creative role within a company, I’d say that this book will be valuable to you and that’s it’s worth checking out. “Gamestorming… teaches you how to fish, so to speak, instead of just giving you a formulaic set of rules and procedures. “This is a really smart book. Rating: 8.3/10 (16 votes cast) About, 8.3 out of 10 based on 16 ratings

City Generator Index of /library/D&D Books/1st & 2nd Edition/Modules Index of /library/D&D Books/1st & 2nd Edition/Modules Gamification Blog Deck of Many Boons | STUFFER SHACK Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get some sort of benefit in-game for doing things that promote better gaming? I do. That’s why I hand-crafted the Deck of Many Boons. It may look like an ordinary deck of cards, but this could not be further from the truth! You see, it took many decades of alchemy, wizardry, and drunken dumbery to create, no, to manifest this artifact! “Well what does it do” you ask? Thank you for asking! Only if you are serious about gaming, may you unlock its treasures. By the very nature of good and evil, yin and yang, dark and light, law and chaos, neutral and… neutral, the Deck of Many Boons will incite within you a systemic wave of karma – for the good you put into it, it gives good back to you. Behold! You shall draw one card from the Deck of Many Boons, should you perform the following: Arrive to the game session on time, ready to play These cards that you now possess in your possession are not to be hoarded! Behold! Behold!

What Makes a Learning Game? Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: RPG The RPG Series Illustrations by the inimitable Julie Dillon. “You all meet at an inn.…” Pen and paper role-playing games have been a tremendous influence in my life since my formative years. I played with one particular group through the bulk of my late teens and early 20s, and this series — along with the atmosphere tools that Black Phoenix Trading Post has introduced — was inspired, specifically, by the time that we spent campaigning together. Pen and paper role playing games are, to me, dynamic stories that are propelled by the active participation of many individuals. In most pen and paper fantasy RPGs, three of the primary attributes that you must choose for your character are race, class, and alignment.

Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend Good Questions to Ask Your GirlfriendWelcome to Good Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend Asking great questions always opens up interesting conversation. If you can get them telling stories that relate back to the answers you will have endless good times. So enjoy yourself and ask away. Strange Interesting Fact QuestionsDo you have any scars I don’t know about? What's your favorite animal? How many pairs of shoes do you own? You wouldn’t be caught dead being seen where? What is your favorite makeup item? Do you have any hidden talents? What do you have in your purse? Can you fake any accents? What's the first thing you notice about guys? Most hated chore on the household chore list? Name two things you consider yourself to be really good at. Which kind of kittens do you hate the most? Name two things you consider yourself to be really bad at. Ever had a membership in the mile high club? Do you like children? Is there anything you absolutely refuse to do under any circumstances?

Characters with Character: Random Personality Generator If you're enjoying the content here, check out our new site, Thoughtcrime Games. Thanks for visiting! If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. I don’t know about you but when I sit down for a one-shot game with a pregen character, I can’t always come up with a unique and interesting personality on the fly. Using the Generator is a snap. Motivation: What is it that really gets your character’s motor running? Instinct: What is your character’s first reaction to a threat (physical or otherwise)? Approach: What archetype is your character best known for being? Now just because every character in D&D is combat-capable does not necessarily make them all warrior-type personalities. Carrion, Tiefling Earth WardenMotivation 3 (Information); Instinct 4 (Protect Others); Approach 10 (Disciplined Commander) Though the city of Bael Turath stands in ruins, much of the Tiefling heritage lies buried ignobly around the Known World. If you enjoyed this post, you may also enjoy:

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