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High school project 1 Context (High school: 14 – 18 years old) This project, described by Proulx (2004), has been made in 1996 by a team of 4 students of a course named "Projects in Community organization, given by Norman Gilles This course is based on the realization of community projects by the students. An integrating topic is released and students, in teams of 4 or 5, must carry out a particular project in adequacy with the integrating topic. The project describes here was based around the integrating topic "Urgency of tenderness", topic of a play which proposes a reflexion on the common lived experiences, needs for attention and tenderness.

PunBB What is PunBB? PunBB is a fast and lightweight PHP-powered discussion board. It is released under the GNU General Public License. Its primary goals are to be faster, smaller and less graphically intensive as compared to other discussion boards. My Sites Sign up or log in now Please create your account <div><p>Your browser must have Javascript enabled to signup for <span>Yola.

The Power of Project Learning By Wayne D'Orio Here’s a riddle: Imagine there is a learning technique proven effective through 100 years of use that is now enhanced by the power of today’s technology. Imagine it can excite learners to continue their work well past the parameters of the school day. Local Projects Historypin is a great tool to use in local groups and is being used all over the world to run events and projects with families, community groups and libraries, archives and museums. Why use Historypin in local projects? Run natural and meaningful inter-generational sessions and events Help your group share their personal history and memories and feel valued Get families and local residents more involved with your organisation Build positive links between your organisation and the local community groups, schools, libraries, archives and museums Improve the communication, social and inter-personal skills of your group Turn your group into local archivists

Yola Sign up or log in now Please create your account <div><p>Your browser must have Javascript enabled to signup for <span>Yola.</span> Please re-enable Javascript and <a href="/get-started-with-yola?next=http%3A//">refresh this page.</a></p><small>Read this <a href=" about enabling Javascript</a> for instructions. Resources for Project-Based Learning Last month we released Projects for all our education wikis. Our intention was to give you a better tool for group work, but, as many of you have pointed out, they’re also great for project-based learning. Project-based learning, or PBL, grew out of early 20th century education reform, like the works of John Dewey. It generally involves directed, open-ended questions, real-life problem solving, and presentation to an authentic audience. And, of course, it’s a great way for students to build collaboration and 21st-century skills while mastering content.

Tools - K-12 ePortfolios with GoogleApps You may choose the most appropriate tool to build the portfolios. Instructions are provided for a variety of free Web 2.0 tools: Google Sites,,, Here are the resources provided to support these tools. Using Project-Based Learning to Teach World Languages Editor's Note: Today's guest blogger is Don Doehla, French teacher and instructional coach at Vintage High School in Napa, California. Don recently stepped up to become the new facilitator of our World Languages group. He's got some great ideas for teaching world languages, including the use of project-based learning.

FM openlearn webcams Conf. The Flashmeeting Project includes an application based on the Adobe Flash 'plug in' and Flash Media Server. Running in a standard web browser window, it allows a dispersed group of people to meet from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Typically a meeting is pre-booked by a registered user and a url, containing a unique password for the meeting, is returned by the server. Using Google Sites to create e-portfolios for students Is Google’s “Sites” application the solution we’re looking for? Following up on last week’s initial look into free tools for students to create and host an electronic portfolio of representational work, this week I am trying out Google Sites as a possible solution. Google Sites provides a free application for creating your own web site.

Explore Our Town Project The Our Town Project is an interdisciplinary collaborative project that asks students to explore their town and the people and places that make it unique. Students begin by using Google Earth to identify various places in their town, such as their schools, their seat of government, the police station, the hospital, the zoo, religious centers, local museums, water treatment plants, and other businesses where their parents work. As students take class field trips to these places, they use GPS units to groundtruth the location and use video cameras to capture images or record interviews. This project is intented for younger students as they learn about their town and how their government works in social studies class. We hope that other schools will use this project as a model and share information about their town with us through our collaborative layer. This layer can be downloaded from the main project page and viewed in Google Earth.

Digital Portfolio System I was fortunate to be asked to present at the Google Education Summit in Hawaii last week and during one of my sessions a participant asked how we implement our digital portfolios system. I have discussed the process in various settings, but I don’t think I ever really mapped the process out step by step in detail with diagrams, examples and templates. So, here goes. The Digital Portfolio Process

Organizing, and learning with, group projects Cooperative learning series Learning and working in groups involves shared and/or learned values, resources, and ways of doing things. Effective groups learn to succeed by combining these factors. Your group, and each individual within it, will only be as effective as they are willing to respect differences within the group.

wiki complet et permettant de classer et d'ordonner .. sauf que peu de gens savent utiliser un wiki !! by sizolabarchitecture Nov 14

A great place to plan out games with your staff. Also good for other projects. You can store and organize your work, complete with links, and share the information with varying levels of access. by drschuchman Aug 8

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