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Rock, Paper, Cynic: a webcomic for the unimpressed

Rock, Paper, Cynic: a webcomic for the unimpressed
I am launching a book tonight! November 27, 2013 Tonight, Half-Cat: A Partial History, a book that I collaborated on, will be launching in Toronto at 8pm after receiving $14,349 of Kickstarter support. Thank you so, so much for your ridiculous belief in this improbable project. It would be amazing if you could come out and celebrate the unlikely success of Half-Cat with us at tonight at 8pm at 230 College St! >RSVP on the Facebook event page

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Unsounded September 23, 2016, at 12:00 AM With these two NSFW pages and a Ch12 preview, that's a wrap for chapter 11! Unsounded's been going since July of 2010. Six years! 11 chapters and 940 colour pages to date. Romantically Apocalyptic Sign In or Create Account Follow Zee Captain: Become a Patreon Alaska Robotics - Comics Index Alaska Robotics Read Alaska Robotics Read Guilty Pleasures comics! #1. The Beginning #5. reMIND I don’t usually bring up world events on this blog but I just can’t help myself. This is just too big to ignore. So we all know about the current war going on in Syria and Damascus (the capital of Syria) right?

Knowledge is Power – Here’s 200 sites that give you power. IBM is offering wide range of certifications for their professionls in which 000-025 exam is helpful for storage manager and implementation while 000-076 is for system sales and 000-081 is for system technical principles professionals. Social Media brings us within arms reach of everything. The most valuable thing out there is simple… Knowledge. Get your learn on… 1: Stack Overflow 6-Commando - An Online Graphic Novel by Mathieu Moyen So close. So very close now. And as I attempt to avoid freaking out in advance of the start of Season 2, I give you this piece of tomfoolery (matfoolery?) to tide you over until next week’s Fateful Day, when we gear up for another chapter of 6-Commando. This week, I have a little bit of nitty-gritty to add to the mix, and it’s about RSS feeds.

by Ramón Pérez » Current outside of the comments section, january 10 2012 was my last official post. definitely been a while. it’s been a wild year and half. my career has skyrocketed in various different directions. 2012 was full of promotion and travel, i was barely home, and when i was i was squeezing in what work i could to make ends meet. 2013 has been a continuation, though i purposefully cut down on travel in order to refocus on work. while fantastic it’s been a blur. it seems time moves quicker and quicker as you get older and take on more responsibility. but i wouldn’t change a thing. things are still busy, but i’m exerting more control rather than blindly riding the wave. over the past two years i’ve talked with many people who have expressed their love of kukuburi, and others who have pronounced it’s TOD. the one thing that rings true is the statement “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone”, and i miss kukuburi.

JUST ANOTHER SHEEP - Eve of Destruction- Page One Yesterday, youth all across America poured into the streets in a frenzy of utter mayhem. In unison they roared, “We want sheep, we want sheep...” No doubt referring to JUST ANOTHER SHEEP, the soon-to-be world renowned webcomic . Just Another Sheep is the story of Banning James a 1960′s teenager with the fantastic power to make anyone feel what he’s felt– literally! Long prophesied to be the greatest story ever told, America, and the world had grown tired of waiting. Their cries were answered. Shigabooks Upcoming Depravity in Demon by Jason Shiga | July 23, 2014, 6:48 am For those of you following Demon, I hit an important milestone today. If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! I designed Demon to unfold at an incredibly slow pace.

Rickety Stitch Rickety Stitch Archive Lore Archive Characters Creatures Fiends About - Amya The Comic Amya is a high-fantasy graphic novel following the travels of a mute spell-touched and her unlikely companions as they are dragged into an adventure that is a little beyond them. Ultimately Amya is a story about self sacrifice for the greater good. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal April 26, 2016 Discuss this comic in the forum April 25, 2016 April 24, 2016 April 23, 2016 April 22, 2016 Atomic Robo - v1ch1 Cover A Brief History of the Grand Unified Theory. It’s a big read for an internet article, but worth your time if you’d like to step away from the horror show of our political landscape for a few minutes. Also you could learn some stuff or whatever. Kenya’s BRCK. This is the future cyberpunks want. How DeepMind Helps AI Learn Faster.

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