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Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis
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Mike Carey & Peter Gross Home-Readers Den Comic Shop somefield Anthony Bourdain It’s that time again. Time to slip out early in the morning and deflate the pool floaties. “Mr. Overcome with sadness, I actually wave goodbye to Mr. Later, I’ll take my wife and daughter down to the beach for a last look. It’s the death of summer. This was my second “real” vacation of the last decade. Fair enough. For A COOKS TOUR, then NO RESERVATIONS and now PARTS UNKNOWN, I’ve been in near constant motion for most of the past 13 years. But since the birth of my daughter, I’d never, until last year, had a real family vacation. So vacation for me is idealized, admittedly over-romanticized, total immersion into fatherhood, into the suburban/vacation dream, backyard barbecues, entertaining at home—what some troubled observers have referred to as my “going Full Ina.” After years on the margins—followed by years traveling— now that I’m finally an actual Dad, and finally able to actually take some time off— I admit, I do, occasionally, go overboard with the enthusiasm. “Wake UP!!

Fontex Fábio Moon & Gabriel Bá Gary Larson Gary Larson (born August 14, 1950) is a U.S. cartoonist. He is the creator of The Far Side, a single-panel cartoon series that was syndicated internationally to over 1,900 newspapers for fifteen years.[1] The series ended with Larson's retirement on January first, 1995. His twenty-three books of collected cartoons have combined sales of more than forty-five million copies.[1] Early life and education[edit] Larson acknowledges his family has "a morbid sense of humor",[1] and he credits his older brother, Dan, for his "paranoid" sense of humor.[2] Dan pulled countless pranks on Gary, taking advantage of his fear of monsters under the bed by waiting in the closet for the right moment to pounce. Career[edit] Cartooning's origins[edit] According to Larson[4] in his anthology The Prehistory of the Far Side, he was working in a music store[3] when he took a few days off, after finally realizing how much he hated his job. The Far Side[edit] There's a Hair in My Dirt! There's a Hair in My Dirt!

WillSelf This will be the first major publication of one of my books in the US that I haven’t crossed the pond for – and so salutations to my American readers; I write to you from my London fastness, tucked up snugly at the top of my 1848 house in sarf London, looking across the rooftops to where Renzo Piano’s Shard upthrusts, a teasing A la recherche de priapisme perdu. I have mixed feelings about not making it over – I am, of course, a demi-American on the maternal side, and hold a US passport, so the States is not so much close to me as engrafted. On the other hand, if I have any nationality at all, it’s Londonish, and the older I get, the less I like to stray. More... That William Empson should be there was, perhaps, less surprising than his demeanour, which was courtly yet randy, frayed but impressive. Up they come the man and the boys – up they come. A former candidate for the Tory leadership and I bare-knuckle box beside the Watts Towers in LA.

Tara & Tracy's Blog Fiona Staples kingdaigo asked: I generally prefer drawing figures and props over background drawing, and I've really started to feel how much of a liability that is. Is there any way to make drawing backgrounds fun for me, or some method that can blend it into my workflow that makes it less of a chore? Have you ever had this issue? ryanottley: Drawing can’t always be fun. “Drawing can’t always be fun.” Once you accept this truth, see your productivity skyrocket! Now let’s all grudgingly get to work

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