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Doki doki CheckMate. Scorch. Lackadaisy Introduction 1. Read THIS IS NOT FICTION Comics - Chapter 1: SYDNEY MORGAN - Page Comic Cover. Webcomic » Prologue – Cover. The cover of the prologue!

Webcomic » Prologue – Cover

This was originally drawn back in 2010. I cleaned it up a bit 2013 for the overhaul of the comic. When I first posted this I announced that I was planning to restructuring the comic a bit for a longer time. Read more about the production time frame over at the info section. :) This page was originally drawn and posted 2010. This is what I originally wrote to this post: “This might have been a bit uncalled for! I have been getting feedback on the “past” and “lost technology” being way too vague told this far in Försupen – and it’s winded up to questions such as: Why does Merleva have a TV? This feedback have been very useful, thank you! Originally I wanted to keep the past untold until way later chapters, but I have realized I am doing myself a bad turn and also making readers confused. Well, enjoy! Ignition Zero. Comics - good enough. Asongforelise.smackjeeves. Tripping Over You » it’s locked.

Home. Curvy. A Broken Winter Webcomic. Obsidian-mirror.smackjeeves. Whic.smackjeeves. Prince of Cats - Chapter 4 365. 1007. HEARD: Comics - Ch. 9 * Pg. 19 * bait and switch. Milk! HEARD. Slightly Morbid Matters. Suddenly I See. Tripping Over You » glad you came. Updates mondays and thursdays There are currently no widgets assigned to the left-sidebar, place some!

Tripping Over You » glad you came

Once you add widgets to this sidebar, this default information will go away. Widgets can be added by going to your dashboard (wp-admin) -> Appearance -> Widgets, drag a widget you want to see into one of the appropriate sidebars. Spina Cage. +Deus Ex Machina+ Your Vanity. Driftwood. The Black Fox. Lisa and Ally [artist: Shiniez]

Chapter 1 completed by shiniez on deviantART. Never Mind the Gap - 001. Les Comic by forview.

Ones i've read

Unread yet. Horror. Cheer by Forview (comic) Midvale North, 9:40AM. Erstwhile - Fairy Tale Comics Grimm Brothers Folk Tales. Heart-Shaped Skull - Art + Comics by Aaron Alexovich. Saint for Rent. The End » Updates Tuesdays and Fridays! Fragile — Chapter 05 Page 05. Namesakecomic. The Meek. Jess Fink. Chester 5000 XYV. Friday — April 15th, 2016 Chester 5000 Valentines!

Chester 5000 XYV

February 13th, 2016 I made some Chester valentines for you! I posted a high res image of these on my Tumblr that you can print out and cut out! > I’ve been very busy putting together the second Chester book, Isabelle and George. Chester prints available! December 7th, 2015 I made a little collection of Chester 5000 pages available as high quality prints in my Society 6 shop!

If you’d like to own a specific page of the comic, let me know and I’ll make it available in the shop. October 9th, 2015 Just an update to let ya’ll know that Chester will resume shortly. Upcoming 2015 conventions! August 11th, 2015 Hello all! I will be at two wonderful conventions this coming September. Electric City Comic Con! June 30th, 2015 I’m going to be at Electric City Comic Con in Schenectady NY on July 11! April 16th, 2015 I’m going to be at the Toronto Comics and Arts Festival, May 9th and 10th! FAWN pdf ebook February 16th, 2015. Chapter 5: Page 5. Doctor Voluptua - [1] She's a Psychiatrist - 1. You Suck - Josh L's new comic. On the web. A webcomic, as it were. Amya - 1.00. Depression Part Two. I remember being endlessly entertained by the adventures of my toys.

Depression Part Two

Some days they died repeated, violent deaths, other days they traveled to space or discussed my swim lessons and how I absolutely should be allowed in the deep end of the pool, especially since I was such a talented doggy-paddler. I didn't understand why it was fun for me, it just was. But as I grew older, it became harder and harder to access that expansive imaginary space that made my toys fun.

I remember looking at them and feeling sort of frustrated and confused that things weren't the same.