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Instagram. MCU Phase 2 – Marvel révèle quelques images. 5 Comics/Transmedia Trends to Watch in 2013. Comics in 2012 went from triumph to triumph.

5 Comics/Transmedia Trends to Watch in 2013

They rampaged through the box office, the best-seller list, the app store, and convention halls coast-to-coast. The rise of digital comics, a format ideally suited to tablets and mobile devices, propelled comiXology from an upstart at the fringes of a fringe industry to the #3 grossing iPad app, responsible for over 50 million downloads last year alone. The San Diego Comic-Con sold out its capacity of 130,000 badges at speeds bounded only by the laws of physics, while regional and specialty conventions of all kinds grew by leaps and bounds. Even the creaky direct market brick-and-mortar channel had a turnaround year as new fans flocked to comic stores. So what next? Bits and atoms unite! 2012 answered the lingering question of whether digital comics would cannibalize and kill a struggling print industry with a resounding “Hell no!” Transmedia: How Publishers will Re-imagine Digital Comics « Transmedia Newswire. Some publishers are revisiting the digital-only animated comic model in test issues within the Comixology app.

Transmedia: How Publishers will Re-imagine Digital Comics « Transmedia Newswire

But the new player in the digital comics space, Madefire, recently came onto the iPad with a comics player and distribution engine that seems specifically designed for the multimedia comics experience. They have on board one of the authors of the Watchmen series, artist Dave Gibbons. But the model is aimed at independent comics creators who want to play with the interactive tool set Madefire is offering.

Blue Demon: You Can’t Kill a Vampire. Posted by Dr Ernesto Priego on January 06, 2012 in Ernesto Priego, Guest Blog tagged with comics, Mexican comics, Mexican gothic, Mexico, transmedia, vampires El Increíble Blue Demon 13, cover, Ediciones Latinoamericanas, date unknown, (COGRAF edition, Bogotá) Blue Demon, born Alejandro Muñoz Moreno (April 24, 1922 – December 16, 2000) was one of Mexico’s most famous pop culture icons.

Blue Demon: You Can’t Kill a Vampire

Like Santo, he was a trans-media property, spanning free wrestling performances, radio, TV, film and comics. These two characters embraced the Gothic producing a successful mash-up of cultural references. McG's & Aspen's HAUNTED CITY to Test "Transmedia" Waters. With all its modern amenities and towering skyscrapers, it's easy to forget that New York City has a long and difficult history.

McG's & Aspen's HAUNTED CITY to Test "Transmedia" Waters

But the ghosts who walk its streets and haunt its darkest corners don't forget. Haunted City, a new comic that explores the Big Apple as the "world's biggest haunted house," is the first comic to emerge from the recently announced partnership between film director McG's production company and Aspen Comics. 8 comic book movie viral campaigns that rocked. Almost better than any film adaption of a comic book, is the anticipation built up from the viral campaigns which leak out from the silver tap of Hollywood.

8 comic book movie viral campaigns that rocked

The internet has become a bridge which connects the public to their childhood memories and marketing agencies are quick to pounce on our nostalgia in the form of videos, online games and interactive websites which slowly reveal the next major blockbuster. In the past decade, the internet has assisted in marketing the release of a number of comic book films. Memeburn decided to take a look at some of the best. 1. Women in Refrigerators. History[edit] Panel from Green Lantern #54, the origin of the phrase The term "Women in Refrigerators" was coined by writer Gail Simone as a name for the website in early 1999 during online discussions about comic books with friends.

Women in Refrigerators

It refers to an incident in Green Lantern #54 (1994), written by Ron Marz, in which Kyle Rayner, the title hero, comes home to his apartment to find that his girlfriend, Alex DeWitt, had been killed by the villain Major Force and stuffed in a refrigerator.[2][3] Simone and her friends then developed a list of fictional characters who had been "killed, maimed or depowered. The list is considered “infamous” in certain comic book fan circles. Creator response[edit] Marvel Universe Social Graph.


First Look at Operation Solomon Cover! « Les comics pour les nuls. X-MEN. Jean Giraud/Moebius. How to Sell More Comic Books. Aujourd'hui un article nostalgie! (Batman+dessin inside+appel aux fans de comics) - The Caribou Zone. Aussi loin que je me souviennes, j'ai toujours eu un crayon dans la main droite et une feuille sur laquelle je dessinais.

Aujourd'hui un article nostalgie! (Batman+dessin inside+appel aux fans de comics) - The Caribou Zone

J'y ai presque toujours pris énormément de plaisir, même si j'ai eu une grosse période de creux il y a deux ans. Pour vous montrer un peu comment ça a évolué, j'ai fouillé dans les archives parentales (celles qui sont remplies de trucs que j'aurais jeté aux ordures) et j'ai retrouver ce dessin fait à 7 vous mets un autre fait en 2009. J'ai pas trop levellé finalement... Comme vous pouvez le constater j'ai toujours été fan du personnage de Batman. J'ai eu les figurines qui étaient super pas articulés comparé aux action-figure Spiderman et la Batmobile (et une autre chiée de jouets) tous tirés de la série animée. Les figurines qui se prenaient la honte par la souplesse de Spiderman...

Peut-être le jouet le plus cool que j'ai eu de ma vie! Et puis côté jeu vidéo aussi j'ai eu ma dose. Ma maigre collection de comic book... First Look At Animated ‘Batman: Year One’; Film Will Premiere At Comic-Con > The Playlist. There is perhaps no storyline as canonical within the Batman catalog as Frank Miller's "Batman: Year One.

First Look At Animated ‘Batman: Year One’; Film Will Premiere At Comic-Con > The Playlist

" Hugely influential, as the title suggests, the story takes place shortly after the death of Bruce Wayne's parents and tracks the young crimefighter's first steps into becoming the masked superhero. As everyone knows by now, Darren Aronofsky briefly worked on bringing it to the big screen in the early aughts, but Warner Bros. shelved the idea at the time.

Haunted City

Quand les personnages de comics rencontrent l'Histoire... Détails Publié le samedi 4 décembre 2010 11:22 Écrit par ComicShadow. How to create your own original superhero from scratch. Maps in Comics: In Maps & Legends. In Maps & Legends is a digital comic book series about a fantasy mapmaker who finds herself drawn into a mysterious world she’s been mapping.

Maps in Comics: In Maps & Legends

Kaitlin is a newly single freelance artist who is stuck in the rut of the well-paying, for-hire covers and maps she creates for fat fantasy novels. But at night, driven by some strange compulsion, Kait has been working long hours on an intricate, mixed-media map of a place she’s never been, a map that covers all four walls of the window-less spare room she keeps locked next to her tiny bedroom.