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Turn your room into a pinhole camera with our latest Howtoon, Camera Obscura! We are excited to announce our new book Howtoons (Re)Ignition published through Image Comics due out Summer 2014. For this book we have assembled an all star creative team; writer Fred Van Lente, artist Tom Fowler, colorist Jordie Bellaire, letterer Rus Wooton. Writer, Fred Van Lente, describes (Re)Ignition “Tuck and Celine’s parents anticipate a coming ecological apocalypse and put their family to sleep deep underground with the hopes of riding it out. At some unspecified point in the future they wake up when their bunker runs out of power — and their parents have mysteriously disappeared. So these two kids have to embark on a quest through the brave and dangerous new world they find to be reunited with their mom and dad — and they have to use the gadgeteering and project-making skills to survive and battle the many strange things and people they encounter.”

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Classroom Guide We want to help you bring DIY to your classroom. DIY is a platform for students to discover Skills and share what they make and do with a global community. Educators everywhere are using DIY to explore skill-based learning and introduce collaboration into their classroom – during homeroom, Genius Hour, after school, and even regular classes. Blend the DIY Skills platform into your core curriculum, or let your students explore new subjects while practicing skills. Register If you're already using DIY in your classroom, or want help getting started, please register below to let us know.

Learn To Use Glossi - Glossi by Alexandra Piotrowski Greetings Glossinauts! Thanks for taking the time to have a look at our "Learn To Use Glossi" Glossi! This is an ever evolving issue of Glossi, that we're updating with new product features, reviews, and suggestions on making creating beautiful Glossies even easier. If you have yet to make your first Glossi, you're in for a treat. Thanks to our simple Editor, anyone can create a digital magazine with ease-- there is no technical or design experience necessary! All that you need is an idea.

The Featured Creature Habitat: common in deep, temperate and equatorial oceanic waters Status: Not Listed Looking at the drawing above, you’re probably thinking it’s from some Hitchhiker’s Guide to the… Read Article → Join me on my hunt for a Spanish Shawl nudibranch! sidewalk chalk guy sidewalk chalk guy «« back to all material copyrighted by its original creator | Maker Space In Education Series… 20 Reasons Your Students Should Be Making It’s still summer time in the States and I couldn’t help but think of the idea of play, and that of course made me think of Maker Space. I have long encourage Making in the classroom. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that this idea is now a movement and one that I suggest all 21st century educators Make some room for. I hope you enjoy this series and I encourage you to send me information and resources, as I am also Making time to learn. First, to ensure you do not miss one of these valuable posts or other resources covering PBL, Digital Curriculum, Web 2.0, STEM, 21st century learning, and technology integration please sign up for 21centuryedtech by email or RSS.

Tracing Project « ENGL 300: The Graphic Novel Annotated Sandman Page You'll begin this project by selecting one of the graphic narratives we've read so far this semester. Your options include graphic narratives we are reading right up to the deadline for this project---The Dark Knight Returns, Nat Turner, We3, Maus, Fun Home, and Exit Wounds. Creating School Library Makerspaces While there is no clear, single definition to the term makerspaces (Burke, 2013; Fontichiaro, as cited in Bell, 2015), there are commonalities existing in terms of features, functions, goals and activities that makerspaces provide. A makerspace is a place where people gather as communities to be innovative, create and collaborate, to share knowledge, tools and resources (Britton, 2012). Makerspaces have transpired from the maker movement which has been popularised by Make magazine and Maker Faire founder Dale Dougherty. These creative spaces emphasise the ‘do-it-yourself’ philosophy while promoting a richer engagement and curiosity within the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) disciplines (Dougherty, 2013) and encourages students to pursue careers in these fields, but also to create their own jobs and industries (Peppler and Bender, 2013) that may not exist yet in a rapidly changing information and technological world.

RyanAir Sucks - List Of Cheap European Airlines - Never Fly Ryan Air plus alternative list of cheap european airlines "If god had wanted us to fly, he wouldn't have created RyanAir" - David Madison Introduction I fly around Europe a couple times a year. Like most US citizens, I had heard of RyanAir as a discount airline and hadn't heard of the alternatives. The flights they offered seemed so cheap that there had to be a catch.

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