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divagations Charlotte Dillon's Home Page How-To Hair Girl | braided 'dos Archives - Page 7 of 13 So it took a while for me to catch on to this trend. I was not entirely feeling it for a while. But then I did the Sail away braid and I loved it. A couple days later, I happened to have my house to myself for several hours which literally never happens. You will need a long silk scarf like this boho silk scarf wrap for these looks. Here is how to get the look. This is a half up hairstyle that involves making a small french braid on either side of the head, incorporating a scarf into the braid, and then tying them together in the back and letting the free scarf ends hang loose. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Now situate your scarf ends and rock your flow-y scarf-y retro boho hairstyle this summer. Or maybe you want something more polished and less hippie. So pretty, right? Here is how to do this one. 1. 2. 3. 4. Pretty from all angles. xoxo, HTHG

Gay History and Literature: Essays by Rictor Norton "A mon corps dérangeant" A propos Le financement sur Ulule s’est achevé le 14/04, permettant de réaliser les tirages + montages + cadres. Le projet est donc financé en bonne part. Merci beaucoup aux nombreuses personnes ayant cru en mon travail en lui donner sa chance, soit en contribuant financièrement, soit en faisant connaitre le projet autour d’elles. Pour moi bien sûr, mais aussi pour les personnes photographiées qui m’ont tant donné en se dévoilant pour ce travail photographique. L’exposition « A mon corps dérangeant » sera présentée au festival "Ma sexualité n'est pas un handicap", organisé par le CRéDAVIS et le CRIPS Ile de France les 25 et 26 avril au Buc (78530) Pour suivre l’expo à l’avenir : Merci encore et à bientôt Donner vie à une exposition photo de 30 tirages sur la vie affective et sexuelle des personnes handicapées, et ce grâce à votre soutien, c'est le but de ce financement participatif. Thématique

Anne Seymour Damer Anne Seymour Damer, née Conway, (8 November 1749 – 28 May 1828) was an English sculptor. Life[edit] In 1767 she married John Damer, the son of Lord Milton, later the 1st Earl of Dorchester. The couple received an income of £5,000 from Lord Milton, and were left large fortunes by Milton and Henry Conway.[1] They separated after seven years, and he committed suicide in 1776, leaving considerable debts. Her artistic career developed during her widowhood. From 1818, Anne Damer lived at York House, Twickenham. Works[edit] Damer was also a writer, with one published novel, Belmour (first published on 1801).[3][4] Personal life[edit] "The Damerian Apollo". 1798 caricature of Anne Seymour Damer chiseling the posterior of a large Apollo. A number of sources have named Damer as being involved in lesbian relationships, particularly relating to her close friendship with Mary Berry, to whom she had been introduced by Walpole in 1789. References[edit] Seewald, Jan. External links[edit]

Vermibus Over-consumption and the unchecked use of our natural resources to serve that consumption, is wreaking havoc on our environment and on our minds. Our unabated need for the latest products and ideas leaves us only wanting more, at the expense of the world around us. Fueling this unchecked desire is a commercial media whose goal is the promotion of more consumption through every outlet known. Newspapers, Magazines, Television, the Internet, and even the Public Space that we collectively share, all serve to promote our desire for more. In an effort to examine the issue of over-consumption, “Buy Nothing Day” began in 1992 by artist Ted Dave, and participants were asked to refrain from purchasing goods for 24hrs. 22 years later this single act of defiance has grown into a worldwide movement that now takes place in 65 countries and includes thousands of participants. All fotages were sent by the activists. Video: Xar LeeProducer: VermibusVoice: Desi IvanovaSound Engineer: Elliot German

Georgette Heyer Discussion Lists - Home Le Tuto Tableau Origami par Cy. Pondu par Cy. le 24 décembre 2013 Cette semaine, Cy. pense à vos porte-monnaies avec l’arrivée de Noël. Elle vous livre ses astuces » fait main » pour passer les fêtes l’esprit léger. (allez voir le blog de Cy. et sa page Facebook !) (et ses autres dessins) — Article publié le 17 novembre 2013 Ce tuto est librement inspiré des réalisations de la talentueuse créatrice Madame Citron. (click click pour télécharger les modèles en pdf il y a un bonus) Ça vous a plu ? Ne ratez aucun article de ! Inscrivez-vous à notre newsletter et recevez notre actu deux fois / semaine Cet article a été pondu par Cy. - Tous ses articles Cy. c'est la Graphiste de la rédac, la suite Adobe c'est son dada mais pas que ! Tous les articles Customisation Les autres papiers parlant de big, bigmobile, DIY, Les Dessins de Cy., Noël, Tuto - Writing Software & Free Writing Resource for Novelists & Screenwriters Sophie Blum | Graphiste D.A. freelance — Paris