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SEBASTIAN FIUMARA. Super-Anniversaries-Infographic.jpg (JPEG Image, 1000 × 5170 pixels) - Scaled (19%) Comic Art Community GALLERY OF COMIC ART. My Comic Shop. Comic Books: Buy, Sell, Trade, Consign, Collect. Grand Comics Database. Cadence Comic Art: Original Comic Art. Amalgams by EricGuzman on DeviantArt. Hieroglyph (Volume) - Comic Vine. How Do I Get Into Comics? - A Simple Guide For Those New To Comics. “How do I get into comics?”

How Do I Get Into Comics? - A Simple Guide For Those New To Comics

That’s a question I regularly asked get by curious readers who have no idea where to start reading comics. To those new to the medium, comics are seen as impenetrable. They notice that some series have been running in various forms for decades or there are just so many titles it’s hard to know what to read or begin. I’m here today to tell you that it’s not as hard as you think to get into comics. This simple, yet comprehensive guide, aims to make getting into comics easy and enjoyable as possible. If you’re looking to get your friends into comics check out our How To Get Your Friends And Family Into Comics Guide. Some Common Misconceptions These are lots of misconceptions about about reading comics and sometimes these uninformed facts stop potential comic readers diving into the medium – which is a real shame. You Have To Start At Issue #1 Jumping into the middle of a comic book series is a little like turning on the TV and watching the 2nd half of a movie.

Nathan Szerdy Art. Capes et Bulles - Glossaire. DC.Comics.

Grading comics

Deco comics. Comics online. Horizon #1 - Enemy Line (Issue) Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla (Volume) - Comic Vine. Collection de cedric1988. Collection de littlelili88. DC Comics of the 1980s: Anatomy of a cover. DC Comics of the 1980s. DCUE_promo_Heroes by tombancroft on DeviantArt. Collection de cedric1988. Collection de Big Barda CBB. Rendre les Comics accessible à tous, ou presque ! Abin Sur Abraham Erskine Abysmorphs Aldrich Killian Alfred Pennyworth Alistair Smythe Alpha Alpha Lantern Amalak Amanda Waller Amon Sur Amy Anarky Angel Angel (all-new) Angel (warren Worthington Iii) Ant-man / L'homme Fourmi Anti-monitor Antipathy Aqualad/ Kaldur’ahm Aquaman / Arthur Curry Araignée Noire (black Spider) Arisia Arkillo Asile Arkham Atom Atrocitus Aya Azrael B'dg Baby Doll Balance Bane Barbara Gordon / Oracle Baron Zemo Baron Zemo Ii Barracuda.

Rendre les Comics accessible à tous, ou presque !

Dossier - Le Batman du Golden Age et le cinéma. Note de la rédaction : nous vous proposons aujourd’hui de découvrir un tout nouveau dossier « Le Batman du Golden Age et le Cinéma » rédigé par Jason Todd, un des membres de la communauté de DC Planet (qui n’en est plus à son coup d’essai sur le site !)

Dossier - Le Batman du Golden Age et le cinéma

, qui a pu proposer son travail dans le cadre de notre système de « Contribution ». Enjoy ! Batman et le cinéma ont une longue histoire en commun, en témoigne la sortie prochaine de Batman V Superman de Zack Snyder et l’apparition du chevalier noir dans le prochain Suicide Squad de David Ayer. Mais cette longue histoire d’amour n’a pas commencé en 1943 avec le serial Batman réalisé par Lambert Hillyer. Non, elle commence dès la création du personnage il y a soixante-dix-sept ans lorsque Bob Kane et Bill Finger collaborent ensemble sur le fameux Detective Comics #27. Tandis que nous voyons, depuis une fenêtre, le coupable se diriger vers le coffre-fort, l’ombre de The Bat le surplombe de manière irréelle, surréaliste. Big Barda Reviews. The Source (Concept) The source is the being that released the God Wave that empowered DC's gods and super humans.

The Source (Concept)

Its realm is the source wall, which is at the edge of the DC multiverse, which traps all those who attempt to pass beyond it. DC Comics has kept the Source out of the main continuum of its story telling; therefore, not much is known concretely about its many aspects. Source Wall (Location) What is the Source Wall?

Source Wall (Location)

It can be considered a shared Cosmic Consciousness in the DC Universe, where it is the non-religious equivalent to Buddha nature. It is the "source" of all that exists. Alternatively, it can be considered a description of the Creator of the Universe, a science fiction analogue based on Judeo-Christian doctrine. Mostly associated with the New Gods, the Source was the supposed origin of the “god-wave” that is believed to have been responsible for creating and empowering the "Gods" of the DC Universe with their divine abilities. It also seems to be partially responsible for the ability of DC residents to develop super-powers, especially those which defy physics. Now that the DC Universe is revealed to be 52 universes it is stated that each reality has a Source Wall separating it from the others with The Bleed in between them. While investigating the death of the New Gods, Metron encountered the Source. Who Makes Up The Wall? The Source.

The Source is the "source" of all that exists.

The Source

The Source First appearance New Gods #1 History Mostly associated with the New Gods, the Source was the supposed origin of the "Godwave" that is believed to have been responsible for creating and empowering the "Gods" with their divine abilities. Life Support Issue 1 by Mull-Art on DeviantArt. Motion Books favourites by DarkChroniclesCom on DeviantArt. The-giant-size-omnibus-of-superpowers. 1982 DC Comics Style Guide.

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