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Gawain and the Green Knight. It is New Year's Day at King Arthur's court, and a mysterious knight in green arrives at the holiday feast with a peculiar demand.

Gawain and the Green Knight

He challenges anyone present to strike a blow against him with his fearsome great axe - but on the condition that, in one year's time, he may deliver the same blow in return. Sir Gawain, a knight of the Round Table, accepts the Green Knight's challenge. His honor tested, his loyalty questioned, Gawain leaves Camelot in search of a place called the Green Chapel to keep his end of the Green Knight's bargain. Based on the 14th century Middle English poem and one of the great tales of the Arthurian Legend, Gawain and the Green Knight is a comic adaptation written and illustrated by Emily Cheeseman. The print edition was funded via Kickstarter in Spring of 2017. Buy the book! NAVAR. Obsolete Dream. This is a translation of an original manga by Deep-Sea Prisoner (Mogeko) with the author's permission.

Obsolete Dream

It has been stated that updates of said manga will be irregular. Welcome to "Webcomics&Scans" Original work by: Jade ( Eng. translation: kikaxi Take out with full credits!

Welcome to "Webcomics&Scans"

(Donate button in the sidebar, if you want to support ^^) The Weave — ❧ Read today’s update! ❧ Read from the start! Did... Comics - Cover - Moonflower. Not Drunk Enough - Page 1. I'll be doing commissions the whole time I'm there, but I'm going to try something new!

Not Drunk Enough - Page 1

I'm going to do PRE-ORDERS for the TRADITIONAL INKED BUST COMMISSIONS (for 50$ for 1 character, 2 characters 80$)! There will be TEN SLOTS for Pre-Order, but more available at the Con itself. Please make sure that if you do PRE-ORDER a commission that you are super sure you or a friend can pick it up! If you do not, I will NOT BE MAILING ANYTHING OUT. SO PLEASE!!! If you would like to reserve yourself a slot, please @me on Twitter (@whoatess) that you would like to reserve one, and I will start a PM conversation with you to make sure everything's settled! Thanks SO much, and I hope you consider!! Much love,-Tess!! DROPOUT KINGS: HOME. Cover – Oddity Woods. Thedemonroad.tumblr. Lgbtwebcomics: Novae By Kaiju (@kaixju) How two... Strangely Katie — Happy Sunday everyone! The page 12 of the Tea... SaccharineSylph, hollow-webcomic: Hello, everyone! I am proud...

Akame ga Kiru! Manga - Read Akame ga Kiru! Online at 1 – Countdown to Countdown. Orange (TAKANO Ichigo) 1 - Read Orange (TAKANO Ichigo) Chapter 1 Online. Orange (TAKANO Ichigo) 1 Online Reader Tip: Click on the Orange (TAKANO Ichigo) manga image or use left-right keyboard arrow keys to go to the next page.

Orange (TAKANO Ichigo) 1 - Read Orange (TAKANO Ichigo) Chapter 1 Online

MangaHere is your best place to read. Traveloguecomic. Lady of the shard by gigi d.g. Bee-Be-Beat It! Manga - Read Bee-Be-Beat It! Online. Name: Bee-Be-Beat It!

Bee-Be-Beat It! Manga - Read Bee-Be-Beat It! Online

Year of Release: 2008Status: Ongoing, is coming next..Author: JINNO MasakiArtist: AOTSUKI Shinobu, HONDA Arima, ITOU NoijiGenre: ActionEcchiRomanceSchool lifeShounenSypnosis: Dokuritsu Tenjin Gakuen is a special school that give grades through "Battles" instead of tests. So everyday, the students engage in all-out battle and get points based on their rankings. Two students Hattori Kyousuke and Kujou Hachie (aka Hachi) are childhood friends. While Hachi is the strongest freshmen girl of the school, Kyousuke is just an above-average student, but he cannot remain mediocre forever because Kyousuke made a promise: to defeat Hachi and marry her, or else Hachi is forced to wed her perverted cousin. Can Kyousuke get strong enough to fulfill their promise? MALICE AND MALADY by miraongchua. X-Men Reading Order - Marvel Database - Wikia.

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X-Men Reading Order - Marvel Database - Wikia

[un]Divine. Shounen Maid Manga - Read Shounen Maid Online For Free. I・ショウジョ+ カラー版 - pixivコミックで漫画を無料試し読み. Centaur's Worries 23 - Read Centaur's Worries 23 Online - Page 8. Hajimari no Glashma 1 - Read Hajimari no Glashma Chapter 1 Online. Hajimari no Glashma 1 Online Reader Tip: Click on the Hajimari no Glashma manga image or use left-right keyboard arrow keys to go to the next page.

Hajimari no Glashma 1 - Read Hajimari no Glashma Chapter 1 Online

MangaHere is your best place to read. Tokyo ESP Manga - Read Tokyo ESP Online at Dungeon Meshi - vol 1 ch 1 Page 1. <div class='message error'><strong>Javascript Disabled Detected</strong><p>You currently have javascript disabled.

Dungeon Meshi - vol 1 ch 1 Page 1

Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. </p></div><br /> The following page has been zoomed for your viewing comfort. Click this box to see the original size or press the Z key on your keyboard. Love Stage!! Brainchild » Prologue – Page 1. Comics - Prologue. FIGHT! - FIGHT BEGINS ON AUGUST FIRST! It's more than a color – Published webcomic by dee Juusan. Prologue ⋅ Black Sheep - Greentea Publishing - A back street label for independent comic creators.

Paradox Space. Hey all!

Paradox Space

As you might have heard from the latest newspost, PXS will be taking a hiatus starting today! Keep an eye out here and on MSPA for news as it occurs. (Speaking of which, if you haven't seen this teaser yet, now's the time to see it and get excited!) In the meantime, we'd like to thank each and every one of you who've supported us during this past year. It's been a new experience for all of us, and we're so grateful you came along with us on this weird little journey! From myself personally, I'd like to extend an extra thanks to everyone we've worked with--especially my coworkers, the other editors of PXS, who are hardworking, tireless, and lovely. Happy 413, everyone. :) TEGAKI Blog - 結婚 - otakashinobu's Blog. Princess Love♥Pon! The Boy Who Fell. Mira ongchua on Gumroad. Hiveworks Comics. DOUBLE K - 001 by captainosaka on DeviantArt. Wendigo. LINE Webtoon. Orange Junk. Check, Please!

Agents of the Realm. Witchy » Witchy, the comic. When the darkness presses. The Property of Hate - The Hook: Page 1. Home - Floraverse. ALL NIGHT – updates on Fridays - Blindsprings » Blindsprings Cover Book One. Artist Acro Manga - Read Artist Acro Online For Free. Magic Insulator Manga - Read Magic Insulator Online For Free. +C: Sword and Cornett Manga - Read +C: Sword and Cornett Manga Scans Online for Free. Diece 1 - Read Diece 1 Online - Page 24. September Scanlations. Cluster Edge Shounen Ai Doujinshi.