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Intricate land art creations by Andy Goldsworthy

Intricate land art creations by Andy Goldsworthy
We often forget that we are nature. Nature is not something separate from us. So when we say that we have lost our connection to nature, we’ve lost our connection to ourselves. External Stimuli : Andy Goldsworthy’s Digital Catalogue Themes : Art Nodes : Andy Goldsworthy, connection, elegance, environmental art, grace, nature, zen

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Robert Smithson's "Spiral Jetty" photographed by Arne Erisoty Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. 2010 December 4 Sunset at the Spiral Jetty Image Credit & Copyright: Arne Erisoty Explanation: In dwindling twilight at an August day's end, these broad dark bands appeared in the sky for a moment, seen from Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty on the eastern shore of Utah's Great Salt Lake.

Art in the freezer - In Pictures Elizabeth Flores/AP 31 January: Jeff Lutz puts his feet up after finishing an ice chair at Rice Park in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. 5 January: The world's largest ice sculpture at the 29th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival in China's northern Heilongjiang province. 11 January: More from the Harbin International Ice and Snow World festival in Harbin, Heilongjiang province.

Sculpture in the Gibbs Farm Source: link Gibbs Farm is an unusual setting for a sculpture collection. The North Auckland property is dominated by the Kaipara Harbour, the largest harbour in the Southern hemisphere. Walking the land visitors can appreciate how each artist has come to terms in their own way with the gravitational pull that is exerted on everything as the mountains roll into hills and slide into gullies and slope down towards the wide flat expanse of the Kaipara harbour. After nearly twenty years Gibbs Farm includes major works by Graham Bennett, Chris Booth, Daniel Buren, Bill Culbert, Neil Dawson, Marijke de Goey, Andy Goldsworthy, Ralph Hotere, Anish Kapoor, Sol LeWitt, Len Lye, Russell Moses, Peter Nicholls, Eric Orr, Tony Oursler, George Rickey, Peter Roche, Richard Serra, Kenneth Snelson, Richard Thompson, Leon van den Eijkel and Zhan Wang.

Human Bones Used to Make Art Francois Robert has created a series of powerful artworks made out of real human bones to remind people about the consequences of violence. Human skeleton is a strong visual symbol that represents what is left after life has ended, after the flesh and mind cease to function. Also check out: Fruit and Vegetable Skulls Martin Hill: "Journeying Beyond Land Art: an Ecological Shift" Martin Hill is a sculptor, photographer and adventurer. He discusses the impact land art has had on his work and the importance of working in harmony with the environment. The defining characteristic of the land art movement is working directly on the land, a breakaway from the art gallery system. It not only depicts the landscape, it engages with it.

Really Roughing It: Five Hotels Built From Unexpected Materials You've heard about ice hotels--the one in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden is probably the most famous, re-built every year from 3,300 tons of ice--but what about mud, salt, or mangrove? Adam Roberts writes in The Economist's Intelligent Life magazine about five of the world's weirdest places to bunk, from the Hotel Djenne Djenno in Mali (like the rest of the town of Djenne, it's made all out of mud) to the Hotel Palacio de Sal on the Bolivian salt flats, advertised as the "best salt hotel in the world." (Don't lick the walls, he says.) But the list of bizarrely built hotels is long and strange. Name a material, and there's probably a hotel out there that incorporates it.

Pictures of Moments Speak More than Thousand Words...... Picture can speak thousands of words. Random pictures of insignificant moments always been the most important and most valuable. Photographers and painters beautifully imprint huge number of events, objects and types. We find this conversation between mobstr an fuck you is the new thank you Welcome! You have reached the visual diary of two friends. Beautiful land art Landscapes Walter Mason is a German artist specializing in the creation of land art. By intervening in nature, he creates some beautiful compositions. Share Money Trees of the UK As perhaps a companion piece to last week’s skull nickels, here’s yet another thing I had no idea existed. Apparently in several wooded areas around the UK, passersby have been stopping for decades (if not centuries), meticulously hammering small denomination coins intro trees. Most of the trees seem to be in and around Cumbria and Portmeirion, and I didn’t find a single example of a tree like this located outside the UK. According to this recent article by the BBC, the practice might date back to the early 1700s in Scotland where ill people stuck florins into trees with the idea that the tree would take away their sickness.

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