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§. Aurora. 100 Miles | Flickr - Photo Sharing! "Shekhina" - The fine art photography of Star Trek's Spock, Leonard Nimoy - Pictures. Leonard Nimoy, the actor best known for playing the pointy-eared Spock from "Star Trek", had an accomplished career as a fine art photographer from his teens to his death at 83, February 27, 2015. He fell in love with the magic of photography through his family's camera, a bellows Kodak Autographic, at the age of 13. His darkroom was the family bathroom in their small Boston apartment. Nimoy published several books of his photography and had a one-man show of his "Secret Selves" series at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in 2010. The "Shekhina" series: Nimoy was "intrigued with scriptural mythology that tells us that God created a divine feminine presence to dwell amongst humanity...

" By photo editor Radhika Chalasani Courtesy of R. Credit: Leonard Nimoy/Courtesy of R. Earth - Amazing time-lapse film of national treasure. The Vermilion Cliffs National Monument in Arizona has been filmed as never before. The monument hosts some of the most unique landscapes on the planet, from the red iron oxide cliffs of its namesake, to the Jurassic-era petrified sandstone of White Pocket. This area features what some have described as "brain rocks" and "cauliflower rocks," possibly formed through earthquakes after the landscape was lithified from sand into rock. White Pocket sees very few visitors, due to an hour-long drive by strenuous sand roads often impassable due to rain and snow. As the second part of a BBC Earth time-lapse trilogy, this shoot consisted of two days and two nights of intense conditions, including high winds, thunderstorms, fog heavy rain, and other obstacles. Despite the adversity, the tempest broke and some incredible stars shone through to put on a show.

Shot and Produced by Gavin Heffernan ( and Harun Mehmedinović ( Shot on Canon DSLR Cameras. 10 landscapes magically transformed by light. In photography, the golden hour refers to certain times of the day when the sun casts soft, warm light on the world as it rises and sets. Because light travels through more of the Earth's atmosphere when the sun is situated near or below the horizon, the light produced has a golden, diffused quality. Photographers around the world covet this precious light for its ability to reduce intense, contrasty shadows and highlights in favor of more balanced exposures.

In National Geographic Travel's Your Shot: Golden Hour gallery, photographers demonstrate just how magical a photo can be when it's shot during this special time. Here are 10 stunning highlights from the gallery, with captions provided by each photographer. Mount Baker, Wash. "After three days of snowstorms on Mount Baker in Washington State, I snowshoed through thigh-deep snow to get this pristine view of Mount Shuksan at sunrise. " Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya Montparnasse, Paris "Magic hour in the streets of Paris. Aquascapes: The art of creating delicate underwater gardens. Photo: Whisper of the pines, Serkan Çetinkol The highly competitive world of aquascaping — artfully arranging aquatic plants, rocks and other objects in an aquarium — combines biology, design, landscaping and a great deal of patience. Although the tanks range in size, aquascapers often work with aquariums no larger than one you might keep in your home.

Many of the tanks contain less than 100 gallons of water. It can take months or even years to complete an aquascape, but the finished products are nothing short of amazing. Photo: Wild west, Stjepan Erdeljić Photo: Charm of Light, Timucin Sagel Photo: Way to heaven, Dmitriy Parshin Photo: Сhange Of Seasons, Grigoriy Polishchuk Photo: Morning forest, Pavel Bautin Photo: Stepping Out into the Valley, Zanda Sejane Photo: Windtalkers, Vyacheslav Kryshtopa Photo: Forest Lair, Tibor Szecsei Photo: Old tree, Pawel Iglewski Laura Moss is an editor and writer at Mother Nature Network. Related on MNN: 14 beautiful X-ray images that shed a unique light on nature. Seeing nature through a different lens Arie van 't Riet's intriguing art was inspired through his work in the medical field.

After a friend of his asked him to X-ray a painting — something much thinner than the human body X-rays van 't Riet was familiar with — he was inspired to move on to an even thinner object: flowers. Now, his photographs portray insects and even large animals. Rather than exposing living critters to the radiation, van 't Riet uses animals that have already died from one cause or another. But somehow, the final compositions are vibrant with life. The X-ray images don't start out like the bright and colorful final products. "I add color to my images to bring back some of the surface," van 't Riet said in a TEDx talk he gave in Groningen in the Netherlands. Man Helps A Sloth Cross A Road In Costa Rica. 30 Of The Best Swimming Spots Around The World - Amazing Pools. Photos Of The Grand Canyon Buried In Snow On New Year's Day Are Stunning.

The U.S. Southwest is battered by unseasonably cold temperatures, but the bad weather isn't all bad. The Grand Canyon was hit with a snowstorm on New Year's Eve that has resulted in some truly amazing photos. Here are some of the most stunning shots. Related on HuffPost: Close Τα απαλά, απότομα και πολύχρωμα πετρώματα που εκτείνονται σε αρκετές εκατοντάδες μέτρα σε αυτήν τη περιοχή της Κίνας δημιουργούν ένα ονειρικό θέαμα. Zhangye Danxia Geopark, Κίνα Τα απαλά, απότομα και πολύχρωμα πετρώματα που εκτείνονται σε αρκετές εκατοντάδες μέτρα σε αυτήν τη περιοχή της Κίνας δημιουργούν ένα ονειρικό θέαμα. Photo Credit: © Flickr / Peter Guthrie. B.C. Photographer Of The Month: Shane Kalyn (PHOTOS)

November's B.C. Photographer of the Month is inspired by the natural elements. Shane Kalyn says he is "inexplicably" drawn to earth, fire, air, and water, and as such, they are the driving force behind his art. "Through my photos I try to capture one or more of those elements as they each have distinct characteristics which can be represented in different ways," he tells The Huffington Post B.C. in an email. "On my website I have broken my photos up by how I see that they meet these criteria. Kalyn, who grew up in Surrey and has lived in Vancouver for the last 15 years, says his passion for photography developed over time. And things have really taken off for the 35-year-old in the last year. Kalyn submitted the photo, "Island in the Sky," as part of the 2014 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.

And while Kalyn's love for the craft may have been a slow build, it has undoubtedly shaped how he views his surroundings. See more of Kalyn's amazing work: Close Shane Kalyn More B.C. The Fall Foliage In These Amazing Tree Tunnels Is Off The Charts. Talking a walk through nature is like using a time machine. When you're out in the wild, you're transported back to a time and place where greenery reigned supreme. Today, there are very few places where you can truly be immersed natural beauty. These beautiful tree tunnels, though, are excellent at displaying the awesome power of autumn and nature.

Gorgeous. (via List25) With fall beginning, let's all take a moment during the upcoming months to appreciate everything that Mother Nature has given us this past year. The Fall Foliage In These Amazing Tree Tunnels Is Off The Charts. 10 Crazy Cloud Formations You Should Appreciate. Everyone loves clouds. Those soft, fluffy puffs that drift lazily by are great to look at and get lost in. Of course, some are a bit more dramatic. Some are downright ominous. Here are some of the craziest cloud formations out there. And yes, they're all real! 1. Arcus clouds come in the shelf or roll variety, and are long, horizontal formations. A roll cloud in Texas. A shelf cloud. A series of roll clouds. 2. Wall clouds and shelf clouds look pretty similar, but have different causes and different effects.

These form underneath cumulonimbus clouds and sometimes bring tornadoes. A tornado wall cloud. 3. These huge formations mean a storm is coming. This is known as a Cumulonimbus Incus, or "anvil cloud. " Sometimes you can see lightning inside these clouds. 4. Air moving around the Cape Verde Islands causes this horizontal vortex in the clouds, as seen from above. The streak of twisting clouds is called a "vortex street. " 5. A passing plane creates swirls in the clouds. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Bahamas Girl. These Gorgeous Photographs Capture Animals Enjoying Fall. Autumn is about more than pumpkin spice lattes, scarves, and sweaters. While we get carried away with all of those things it can be easy to forget that the true beauty of the season is in nature, not a mall. These photographs of animals basking in the fall foliage will fill you with more heartwarming joy than you'll find in any seasonal beverage can provide.

Taking a peek of all the pretty colors. This cute cub loves to frolic in the leaves. This curious fox blends right in. Elks are even more majestic in the fall. Shy squirrel quenches his thirst. Even snails look cuter in this season. This black cat looks like he spooked himself. A family of opossum enjoying the cozy leaves. A happy little hedgehog. These deer are a-doe-able. It's this owl's time to shine. Soaking in all the autumn ambiance. This little guy wants a better view of the beauty. (via Where Cool Things Happen.) Now it's your turn to get outside and embrace the beauty of fall.

Soak In Some Color At These Naturally Vibrant Locations All Over the Earth. It can be hard to get motivated or get out of bed when the day is nothing but gray. Somewhere, there's a whole world of color, and we're here to share it with you. If you can't make it to these incredible, rainbow-hued locations, you can travel vicariously through this collection of stunning photos. They might make your day a little more colorful. Namaqualand, Namibia Namaqualand is home to many species of flowers found nowhere else in the world. For much of the year, it's a barren, arid landscape. In spring, it bursts into color. Pamukkale, Turkey "Pamukkale" means "cotton castle" in Turkish, for the site's natural white stone.

Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, Alaska The ice caves beneath the glacier are magical blue worlds, but you might want to hurry on this one. Luoping County, China In spring, this county in the eastern Yunnan province is known for its fields of blooming canola (or rapeseed) flowers. Moraine Lake, Alberta, Canada Cornwall, England Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming, USA. Awesome Photos Taken By Col. Chris Hadfield From The International Space Station.

As if he hadn't done enough to get the public at large interested in space with his zero-gravity version of David Bowie's "Space Oddity"(video below), Col. Chris Hadfield has released a book of photographs taken from the international space station called You Are Here: Around the World in 92 Minutes, published by Little Brown. These photos are a stunning example of how much beauty can come from a change in perspective. "Bird's eye view" doesn't cut it here: these photos are a rare glimpse of a view of earth seen by a relative few. These photos are an absolute delight. 1.) Close Neighbors: (left to right) Windsor, Ontario, and Detroit, Michigan, split by the Detroit River. 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) 8.) To see more of these amazing photos, you can find Chris Hadfield's book here.

And as promised, here is Chris Hadfield's rendition of David Bowie's "Space Oddity. " Lightning Sprites Over Italy. It's difficult to capture electrical discharges on camera, especially if they last a few milliseconds and are 50-90 KM above the Earth's surface. In fact, "sprite lightning" wasn't captured until 1989. These pictures from Marko Korosec while in Vivaro, Italy may be the only opportunity you get to see a difficult-to-observe phenomena, so enjoy it while you can.

Take a look at Korosec's incredible images below. Sprite lightning. Marko Korosec Electrical discharges have never looked this beautiful. With all of the amazing sights to see in Italy, it's admirable that the photographer even thought to look up. Amazing. What a beautiful phenomena. (via Amusing Planet) I never thought I'd be so amazed by pictures of something I never knew existed. Maligne Lake Hotel Won't Be Built After All. JASPER, Alta. - Parks Canada is saying no to a proposal for a new hotel on the shores of Jasper National Park's scenic Maligne Lake. But the federal agency will continue to consider a series of other plans for area, including tent cabins and an expanded program of boat tours.

"Today's decision reflects our pledge to ensure our protected natural and cultural heritage remain unimpaired for future generations while facilitating ways for people to meaningfully connect with and learn about nature," said Jasper National Park superintendent Greg Fenton. Maligne Lake is the world's second-largest glacier-fed lake, its 22-kilometre length ringed with spectacular, 3,000-metre peaks. A view of the lake's Spirit Island was featured on the old $5 bill. Parks Canada's decision was in response to a 2012 series of proposals from Maligne Tours, which has offered commercial services at the lake for decades including boat excursions, a cafeteria and a store. Also on HuffPost: Elk Island National Park Cameras Capture Elusive Black Bears (PHOTOS) Elk Island National Park is one of the best places to catch a glimpse of bison up close, but not many of the park's 200,000 visitors each year get the chance to see a bear.

Wildlife researchers set up cameras in the park in the hopes of capturing photos of smaller animals. Instead, they got photos of black bears roaming the park, which is about 35 kilometres east of Edmonton. The cameras are part of the Moraine Mesocarnivore Project, a community effort put together by Alberta Parks in collaboration with Alberta Innovates, the Friends of Elk Island National Park and Beaver Hills Initiative. Martha Allen, Elk Island National Park’s ecologist, said although it’s uncommon to see bears in the park, it’s not unprecedented. “We weren’t surprised,” she said. Visitors are more likely to see bison, moose, deer and elk. 7 unique Canadian experiences. 7 unique Canadian experiences. Places In Canada You Won't Believe Actually Exist.

The 35 Most Amazing National Parks on Earth | minube. Weather Slideshow. Green in natureMSN Weather Slideshow. High Resolution Panoramic Photography | Stephen Oachs. Landscape Photography | Stephen Oachs. Timeline Photos - Only Cool, Weird and Fun Stuff - You Might Not Even Know Existed. Pages. Beautiful Time Lapse of Aurora Borealis. Mesmerising Microscopic Time Lapse of Snowflakes. Peterborough Light Pillars Are The Cold's Prettiest Gift Yet (PHOTO) Northern Lights Illuminate Alberta As Aurora Borealis Takes Over U.K. Skies (TWEETS) Northern Lights Over Calgary Are A Sight To Behold (PHOTOS)