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The Strange Attractor

The Strange Attractor
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Beautiful/Decay Cult of the Creative Arts Original Linkage Un nuevo paradigma de belleza conquista la Semana de la Moda de París Meses antes de que la modelo Naomi Campbell hablase de la marginalización y falta de modelos negras en las pasarelas y de que Kanye West hablase sobre los techos de cristal para las personas negras en el panorama cultural y artístico, el diseñador californiano Rick Owens ya había orquestado un plan para su colección primavera/verano 2014. Esta nueva colección ha removido los cimientos de la Semana de la Moda de París, retando todo convencionalismo y expectativa. Modelos bailarines en el desfile de Rick Owens en París. El diseñador causó una auténtica sensación al emplear bailarinas de stomp dancing (un tipo de baile cuyo compás se acentúa golpeando el suelo con los pies) en lugar de las tradicionales modelos de 1.80 metros y cinturas microscópicas para presentar su nueva colección femenina. Fotografía: Rex/Bukaljo Frederick/Sipa Al final del desfile, tanto el diseñador como sus modelos lloraban a lágrima viva. Puedes disfrutar del desfile completo aquí: Bollo sapiens para Orbita Diversa

Human Resources™ sub-studio design blog The Flop Box A bad beginning makes a bad ending 4/14/2014 Peter Saul curated group show @ Zürcher Studio Austin Lee Taylor McKimens Karl Wirsum Judith Hudson Irena Jurek Gina Beavers Austin Lee again low five Robert Longo Raymond Pettibon @ Venus Over Manhattan Nate Lowman @ Maccarone Gallery Joanne Greenbaum @ Rachel Luffner I forgot the name of this gallery and the artist… A superior liquor store where you take shots with the friendly and generous proprietor when you purchase items Jessie Edwards @ Vito Schnabel Erik Brunetti Holton Rowler @ The Hole Jamie Warren @ The Hole Hamburger Eyes @ Muddguts Vizie spreading the PMA with “NO PEACE” Eddie Iconography x 2 “SAIII, JS, JT” by Alex Lukas Andrew Luck Comments Off

Mr CUP Berlin Street Artists Make Insane Art Out Of The City's Waste Sociologists have floated several theories for why we litter and generally refuse to recycle: Maybe it’s because we view certain things used as inherently useless, as a recent University of Alberta study suggests, or perhaps it’s our inability to deal with the concept of death, as New York City sanitation anthropologist Robin Nagle argues. Either way, we’re dealing with cognitive dissonance on a mass level. So how can we break the pattern? Three Berlin street artists armed with rolls of saran wrap may have an answer. “If you walk with open eyes through the streets, it’s frightening how much waste is produced in our society,” the group explains to Co.Exist in an email. The members of Bosso Fataka say they find their inspiration on the Berlin streets. At the end of a Bosso Fataka piece’s life cycle, it’s usually garbage crews that come to dismantle the art, or vandals.

i heart photograph ROJO® - Contemporary Art Worldwide ROJO®magazine June 2001 to May 2011 After 10 years and 40 printed issues of the first world class all visual art magazine, in May 2011 ROJO decided to stop publishing its printed magazine. A decade of art featured in more than 7.000 pages. Contributing artists: {THS}, 10PM, 21bis, 2501, 310K, A Nice Idea Everyday, Above, Actop, Adam Sher, Adam Tickle, Adrian Appiolaza, Adrian Villar Rojas, Agnés Rosse, Akinori Oishi, Albert Bertolín, Albert Marcet, Alberto Emiliano Seveso, Alejandra Laviada, Alejandra Tilve, Alejandra Villasmil, Alejandro Berconsky, Alejandro Morcillo, Alessandra Caccia, Alessandro Di Giampietro, Alessandro Di Giugno, Alessandro Mele, Alessandro Palmigiani, Alessio Nunzi, Alex Diamond, Alex Fischer, Alex Hornest, Alex McLeod, Alex Prager, Alex Robbins, Alex Taves, Alex Trochut, Alexander Egger, Alexander Sterzel, Alexandre Braga, Alexis Armanet, Alexis Cladiere / 36, Aliki Braine, Alison Brady, Alist, Alvaro Andreucci, Amalia Ulman, Amir H.

Coilhouse “Alternative subcultures. They were a crucial aspect of industrial civilization in the two previous centuries. They were where industrial civilization went to dream. A sort of unconscious R&D, exploring alternative social strategies … but they became extinct.” “Extinct?”“We started picking them before they could ripen. COILHOUSE is a love letter to alternative culture, written in an era when alternative culture no longer exists. Here, you will find an assemblage of the visual, cerebral, amusing, challenging and, above all, the ever-evolving. * cryptohistory and misanthropology * abandoned structures + sprawling metropolises * pre-apocalypse pleasure islands * Genghis Khan’s bow and Hiro Protagonist’s sword * otherworldly beauties with faces painted bright * unreasonable footwear * complicated hair * technological body enhancement * incredibly strange music * flagrant futurism * whalebone, absinthe, silk * patricide girls * body scaffolding * dressing for war The above is just a taste.

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