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Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design - Daily Art And Design Blog

Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design - Daily Art And Design Blog

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your social art network Pictify Find E-mail Address Password New user? - Create an account Art By a Typewriter British artist Keira Rathbone uses typewriters, instead of brushes and pencils, to create amazing portraits and drawings. Found on: Submitted by Joshua Riehl 50 Best Blogs for Industrial Design Students From fabulous furniture to amazing tech products, the work of industrial designers is all around you. If you’re currently pursuing a college degree in the subject or plan to in the future, you can get your fix of all thing industrial design on the web. Here are 50 blogs that anyone interested in learning more about great product design should check out, with news, stunning photos and tips that can help you improve your skills in the field. Must-Read These blogs contain some excellent reading for anyone considering a career in industrial design or who already works in the field.

Two-Shots: Leanne Shapton's Sunday Night Movie Paintings In 2011, Leanne Shapton, the illustrator and writer, published a series of watercolors called “A Month of…,” which was posted online in monthly installments grouped by theme. The eighth and final collection, “Sunday Night Movies,” included thirty-one illustrated scenes from films that Shapton had watched on Sunday nights. A year later, the Canadian publisher Drawn and Quarterly asked Shapton to expand that theme into a longer book of paintings. Here, Shapton presents a selection from her forthcoming book, and explains some themes in the series that became apparent to her only after she was finished.

The Flop Box A bad beginning makes a bad ending 4/14/2014 Peter Saul curated group show @ Zürcher Studio Austin Lee Taylor McKimens the personal things Renoir left behind I am only allowed in this generous blogspot to post in one image per each blog. I did find a treasure trove of personal things Renoir left behind listed in Hantmann's Auctioneers and appraisers. I chose the wedding certificate to his beloved Aline and then found so many other things on the site that you can go look for yourself and perhaps put a nice bid on Aline's beautiful fringed kimono.

3D Paintings on Panes of Glass by David Spriggs and Xia Xiaowan Using multiple layers of clear glass, Canada based David Spriggs and Chinese born Xia Xiaowan, transform flat artwork into 3D sculptures. Viewers are treated to different shifting perspectives of the works based on where they stand in the art space. Spriggs work revolves around powerful explosive imagery, often resembling storms, cosmic blasts or firework like explosions. Xiawan’s “spatial paintings,” which often feature distorted figures, are drawn individually using colored pencil on tinted glass. Only when these pieces are combined on their floor racks do the images create the whole hologram like effect. See Also INCREDIBLE 3D ILLUSTRATIONS JUMP OUT OF THE SKETCHBOOK Pop-Open Little Purse! Today, I have a very cute little low sew project to show off! A friend of mine showed this to me and now I'm totally mad about it! It's so fun, cheap and easy to do and the result is cute and useful !!! Loooooooooooove it!

Presentation, Presentation, Presentation This week's column by Ctein After my earlier column, "We Need Our Audiences," Kathy Li (a.k.a. inkista) and I continued to discuss online venues and audiences. When I wrote that column, I got things a little wrong. I said that Kathy didn't have a website or online gallery for presenting her work, and that was technically correct. Coilhouse “Alternative subcultures. They were a crucial aspect of industrial civilization in the two previous centuries. They were where industrial civilization went to dream. A sort of unconscious R&D, exploring alternative social strategies … but they became extinct.”

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