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Cambiare i paradigmi dell'educazione

Cambiare i paradigmi dell'educazione

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Dark Chocolate Chunk Skillet Cookie Everyone loves a chocolate chip cookie, right? And do you know what’s better than a chocolate chip cookie? A GIANT chocolate chip cookie. Massive. We are talking huge. 5 Teaching Practices I'm Kicking to the Curb So many of us teach the way we were taught. We may not even realize we’re doing it. And that means certain practices get passed down year after year without question, methods that are such a normal part of the way we do school, we perpetuate them without realizing there are better alternatives.

Five Habits of Great Classroom Coaches Foster student performance throughout the project process In a student-centered, project-based classroom, the teacher roams the classroom, guiding students as they explore, plan, think, and create. We often hear the terms facilitate and “guide on the side” to describe this role, but I think it more useful to think of this role as coaching. Coaches are more than facilitators; they share a common goal with their players. Brainstorming and Voting Amazingly Easy. Free Online Tool  Find the best solution by involving your friends, colleagues or clients. A feedback session with customers or the decision on the new logo. tricider is the easiest way, to gather all opinions and ideas. It´s brainstorming and voting, all in one and online! Even hard decisions can be easy with tricider. Free and no registration. Save time - discussing and voting online.

Vertical Gardens Permaculture Courses by Frank Gapinski Making use of vertical wall space located in a sunny spot is a great way to grow your garden. In fact you don’t need pumps or complicated equipment to start growing your own vegetable garden. Caricature Software This tool converts photos into cartoons in one click. It's free and easy, no registration or software download needed. Just click Open Photo to load your photo.

The Jigsaw Classroom Elliot Aronson is currently Professor Emeritus at the University of California in Santa Cruz. He has long-standing research interests in social influence and attitude change, cognitive dissonance, research methodology, and interpersonal attraction. Professor Aronson's experiments are aimed both at testing theory and at improving the human condition by influencing people to change dysfunctional attitudes and behaviors. Professor Aronson received his B.A. from Brandeis University in 1954, his M.A. from Wesleyan University in 1956, and his Ph.D. in psychology from Stanford University in 1959. Meme Generator The Fastest Meme Generator on the Planet. Easily add text to images or memes. ← Transparency color. Used as background since this image contains transparency.

Verb Tense Tutorial Verb tenses are verb forms (went, go, will go) which English speakers use to talk about the past, present, and future in their language. There are twelve verb tense forms in English as well as other time expressions such as used to. For English learners, knowing how to use English tenses can be quite a challenge. Never fear.'s verb tense tutorial will teach you to think like a native speaker. Let's get started!

Acciaio e storia - Acciaio Arte Architettura Iron, copper and their alloys, have been used for thousands of years by man to model objects, jewels, weapons and, in recent times, bearing and architectural structures. My engineering education could perhaps explain what is about to follow. Iron, copper and their alloys, for example: brass, bronze, gold and, earlier still, wood and stone have been used for thousands of years by man to model objects, jewels, tools, weapons and, in recent times, bearing and architectural structures. However, unlike copper and gold, iron intended as a pure metal element cannot be found in nature. There are various ferrous minerals which, combined with carbon at high temperature as the result of a series of heating and mechanical percussion actions, form an iron and carbon alloy called steel. Ferdinando Bozza

STEM MI Champions: Leading Project-Based Learning / PBL Gallery Home | Getting Started | Modules | Resources | About Us View the work of teachers who developed and implemented PBL units/mini-units. Feel free to download and use the PBL as a template for your work with students. We appreciate your feedback. View additional middle school projects on the STEM-MI Champions Gallery page. Top 50 Sites & Apps for K-12 Education Games Game-based learning turns potentially tedious study time into an adventurous knowledge quest, complete with catchy soundtracks and digital rewards. It helps keep kids engaged with the subject matter and motivated to pursue greater expertise. Best of all, web- or app-based gameplay integrates easily into both online and in-person classes. With the demise of Flash at the end of 2020, many favorite educational game sites went under.

Project Planner Start planning your next PBL project with confidence, using this step-by-step form as your guide. Why is a project planner important? When you’re ready to design a project for your classroom, it’s helpful to have a framework to capture your ideas and organize your plans. A Gold Standard PBL unit has a lot of pieces to plan: your goals for student learning, entry event and driving question, major product(s) students will create, daily lessons, and more. It’s also a good idea for a school to use a common framework for PBL unit planning, so teachers can collaborate using the same language, and share projects more easily with colleagues. So we’ve created a Project Planner to support you in the planning process.

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