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The quiet place

The quiet place
communication with the quiet place will be operated via the [spacebar] keycommunication with the quiet place will be operated via your fingergently squeeze that key, nowgently touch the screen, now in order to get the most out of your experience please silence your phone, turn on your speakers and press the [f-11] key or [cmd+shift+f] on macin order to get the most out of your experience turn up the volume and rotate landscapeagain, press [spacebar] to continueagain, tap to continue seriously though, silence your phone. it's pointless otherwisedon't worry - this is *not* one of those places that scare the crap out of youdon't worry - this is *not* one of those places that scare the crap out of you welcome to the quiet placeagain, press [spacebar] to continue in the quiet place, there are no capsletters that are all big and yell at you also, there are no facebook notifications or twitter google+ foursquare email messenger etc wow have you ever noticed how many things require your attention? little

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FishIE Tank fish 1024 x 1002 window size The progress of insight map (Editor’s note: Introduce and define the Progress of Insight Map before describing it in detail.) The following is a description of how the Progress of Insight stages might be experienced by an idealized meditator. If the Progress of Insight were plotted on a graph, it would start out flat, rise until reaching a peak event, descend into a trough, stabilize, and then resolve. The Progress of Insight The opening act is the flat line at the left, understanding that the cycle moves from left to right. (As it is a cycle, this whole process might be more accurately represented as a circle, but I have deliberately chosen a linear graph for ease of understanding.)

Skeleton of the Week, May 13: St. Notburga in Eben, Austria St. Notburga is the most impressive articulated and dressed skeleton in Austria. She is the patron saint of the poor and domestic servants, and is displayed at the Chapel of St. I Like You! Cute Animated Alien (Flash) Press the red button to be liked! This little guy provides a great boost to your day! Over 3,000,000 people have visited this page!

When You’re Lonely By Leo Babauta Sometimes, when Eva and the kids are out of town, I get lonely. I’m so used to having people around me that being by myself becomes strange, quiet, empty. And this feeling of emptiness can be frightening. I know it’s fashionable to say that it’s wonderful to be cool with being alone, but for many people, it’s a depressing thing. Binary - it's digitalicious! How binary works: The binary number system (aka base 2) represents values using two symbols, typically 0 and 1. Computers call these bits. A bit is either off (0) or on (1). When arranged in sets of 8 bits (1 byte) 256 values can be represented (0-255). Using an ASCII chart, these values can be mapped to characters and text can be stored. It's not magic, it's just math!

Mindfulness Course Mindfulness is an integrative, mind-body approach to life that helps people relate effectively to their experiences. It involves paying attention to thoughts, feelings and body sensations in a way that can increase our awareness, help us manage difficult experiences, and create space for wise choices. Though rooted in ancient traditions of meditation, mindfulness has become the subject of increasing scientific attention in recent years, as a rapidly-expanding body of research is suggesting it can help people manage a range of physical and mental health problems, as well as promoting well-being generally. Research has consistently shown that programmes based on mindfulness (such as mindfulness-based stress reduction, and mindfulness-bsed cognitive therapy) can help people reduce their levels of stress, and mindfulness skills are now being used in medicine and mental health as well as in workplaces, schools and other community settings. What is mindfulness-based stress reduction?

Scales and emotions See also a post about making chords from scales. So maybe you want to write a song or an instrumental in a particular mood or style, and you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the scales. Here’s a handy guide to the commonly used scales in Western pop, rock, jazz, blues and so on. Click each image to play the scale right in your browser with the aQWERTYon. » U.S. Senate rushing through cyber-surveillance bill Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! Today the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee will secretly consider the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA), a bill that would enable companies to sign, seal, and deliver your personal information to the NSA. The draft bill allows companies to forward “cyber threat indicators” to the government, which are then distributed with every relevant agency (e.g. the NSA.)

The Fear of Being Alone ‘All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone.’ ~Blaise Pascal By Leo Babauta Forget About The Past, Learn How To Stay In The Moment Staying in the present takes a lot of practice. Often times, people are stuck in the past or caught up with the future. Not focusing on current problems or tasks at hand can lower productivity. Furthermore, it can dampen relationships and force you to think about things that are not happening in the present time. Leo Babauta offers a solution to this universal problem that we’ve all been stuck in before. He shines light on the benefits of staying in the moment.

Musical instrument plans for download New! 11 String Kantele This is great new addition for 2013 and adds an extra C# in the upper octave to give a full diatonic D scale, This is a versatile instrument for Strumming and picking and easy instrument to make. plans include 5 drawings in pdf format, stringing chart and notes, and pictures of completed instrument. Video on youtube of this instrument! Video here Best to Buy this in conjunction with the Kantele CD-Rom disc or Download (see below) TPP: Internet Freedom Activists Protest Secret Trade Agreement Being Negotiated This Week The U.S. content industry will try anything to preserve its profit margin and power over the creative content market at the expense of the Internet. They will use any tactic that circumvents democratic processes to make new rules for the Internet that favor their interests and not the interests of Internet users or the technical community that actually builds the Internet as we know it. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is yet another example of these tactics. The TPP is a secretive plurilateral agreement that includes provisions dealing with intellectual property, including online copyright enforcement, anti-circumvention measures, and Internet intermediary liability.

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